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2nd December 2004, 23:29

I am trying to extract the CC stream from the "The L Word" DVD and are having all kind of sync problems.

First I tried to extract the Closed Captions using the VobSub v2.23. The Closed Caption stream is extracted fine but the captions are kind of running and way out of sync. Also at couple of places the caption are wrong when compared to the original CC stream on the DVD.

Then I tried using the GraphEdit method described by McPoddle (the CC GURU, I bow you, please help me) as per the instruction given at


The above method works flawlessly except I was only able to extract the 1st VTS which had only 1 PGC in it. When I try to use the same method on the 2nd VTS which has 2 PGCs in it, all I see is a blank screen in the preview. I even tried to separate the PGCs using stream processing with DVD Decryptor v3.5.1 and that did not work as well.

Please can someone help me. I sent an email to Gabest but never hear back from him.

Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch in advance,

18th December 2004, 00:16
I'm not sure if it's more accurate, but you can try Gabest's VSRip program, available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/. The other option I would suggest is General Parser (written by Takaaki Oka)--rip the movie from the DVD as a single (huge) file, then use GP to extract the captions. General Parser doesn't seem to have a regular web page, so download it from http://www.geocities.com/mcpoodle43/SCC_TOOLS/GeneralParser.zip, then download http://www.geocities.com/mcpoodle43/SCC_TOOLS/CCExtract.gp, http://www.geocities.com/mcpoodle43/SCC_TOOLS/CCExtract_VES.gp and http://www.geocities.com/mcpoodle43/SCC_TOOLS/CCExtract.bdl.

Unzip GeneralParser.zip into C:\Program Files (it will create the subdirectory "General Parser" and put everything under that), then create a shortcut to C:\Program Files\General Parser\bin\gp.exe. Copy the *.gp files into C:\Program Files\General Parser\projects\MPEG\video, and copy CCExtract.bdl into C:\Program Files\General Parser\source\MPEG.

Lauch General Parser, then select Open Project from the File menu and select C:\Program Files\General Parser\projects\MPEG\video\CCExtract.gp. Then select Open Bitsteam from the File menu and select your ripped MPEG file. Change the number "10000000" at the bottom of the screen to "10000000000" (three more zeroes)--this is to ensure that the program will process all of the MPEG file. Select Restart and Save Output As from the file menu, and set the name of the .bin file you want to create. Go through the dialogs that follows, accepting the default values. The file will then be processed and the .bin file created. You can then run RAW2SCC on this file to get a caption file for use in Scenarist or Maestro. The complete instructions for all of this is located at http://www.geocities.com/mcpoodle43/SCC_TOOLS/DOCS/SCC_TOOLS.HTML#CCExtract, including tips for what do do if you run into problems.

E-mail me if you're still having problems.

--McPoodle43 at geocities dot com

29th December 2004, 15:15

Sorry for the delay because of these holidays. I am back now where I left. I was having some more problems and I tried to send you an email at mcpoodle43 at geocities dot com but I got delivery failure error. I don't know what's the problem at your end but here's the email I sent you.

I have extracted a closed caption stream using the graphedit method.
The movie is of progressive type with 2:3 pull down sequence in the
MPEG. When I run the RAW2SCC tool to convert the extracted BIN file to SCC the closed caption stream is out of sync. Looks like the closed caption stream needs a pulldown as well. How can I do it using any of your tools? Please help.

Basically I think the extracted BIN file from the graphedit has 23.97
frame rate but for scenarist I need 29.97 bitrate. So I need to
slowdown the captions i.e if a caption is currently at 01:00:00.00 I
need them to be over 1 hour. I don't know the exact math here but it
should come past 1 hour marker.

If I run the following command

raw2scc -f23.97 -tn <infile> <outfile>

I actually speed up the sequence instead of slowing down i.e. the
caption that is coming at 01:00:00.00 now comes at say 59:00:00.00
instead of 01:01:00 (I made up these numbers just to explain to you.
These are not the exact numbers as I don't know the exact formula to
calculate them).

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

31st December 2004, 01:39
It's my fault on the e-mail address, it should be yahoo, not geocities.

I ran raw2scc on the same .bin file twice, once without a an -f argument, and once with "-f23.97". The first caption of the first file started at 00:01:22:24, while the first caption of the second file started at 00:01:43:13, so it looks as though it's working correctly. Try e-mailing me the bin file and let me know where one of the later captions should be, and I'll see what I can do.

--McPoodle 43 at yahoo dot com

8th January 2005, 15:22
FWIW & all that, haven't had to do much worrying about the fps by trying to stick to time based text sub formats (at least till the last conversion) - an hour is still an hour no matter how many frames it takes to get there.

I have had problems with the .srt files from vsrip, but converting the cc.raw files using McPoodle's great tools works fine.

If I remember correctly, if you want to feed a string of vobs to graph edit, you need to create a list (Smartrip I think does it for you, but it's just a simple text list). This gets opened by the i-media multiple mpeg2 source filter.

Also, if you watch both subs and cc at the same time (not crazy but checking timing), have come across some really, really poorly timed cc data right on the DVD.

12th January 2005, 21:53
Amit and I worked out a solution to his problem by e-mail.

For whatever reason, Scenarist was treating the captions like they were exactly 30 fps, instead of 29.976 fps. I modified the CCADJ tool to be able to stretch and compress captions. The command line used was as follows:

CCADJ -m0.9992 VTS_01_1.scc VTS_01_1_fixed.scc

This sped up the captions just enough to fix the framerate problem. The revised version of CCADJ is available at http://www.geocities.com/mcpoodle43/SCC_TOOLS/ccadj.exe, in case anyone else has a similar problem (or perhaps wants to convert NTSC captions into PAL subtitles using CCASDI).