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VirtualDub 1.6.6 released

Change log

Build 23486 (1.6.6, experimental): [May 29, 2005]
   [features added]
   * Added an option in Options > Preferences > AVI to force sector alignment
     for large uncompressed frames. This can resolve compatibility problems
     with some uncompressed hardware video playback units.

   [bugs fixed]
   * Capture: Video/audio format and compression and video frame rate now
     autosave on disconnect.
   * Capture: Fixed some cases where the Raw Audio Format dialog didn't
     highlight the currently selected PCM format.
   * Capture: Noise reduction threshold was not restored properly.
   * Capture: Renamed Peak Meter back to Volume Meter and restored V
   * Frame byte size was being computed improperly for YCbCr AVIs.
   * Fixed broken MJPEG video decoding at bottom-right corner on streams that
     have restart markers.
   * Reworked MJPEG field ordering detection to be consistent with DirectShow
     MJPEG decoder. If this is reversed for your files, enable "swap fields"
     in AVI extended open options.
   * Scene detection was busted for 16-bit RGB (very rare case).
   * Minor status updating features, such as the current position nub moving
     during input preview, were broken after running a job that ended in an
   * (AMD64 only) Scene detection is now implemented.
   * (AMD64 only) Enabled some video filters that had scalar implementations:
     flipv, fliph, deinterlace, rotate, and HSV.
   * Save Image Sequence dialog didn't show the "add as job" button as checked,
     even if it was saved as such from the last time.
   * Fixed minor bugs in various image converters and improved accuracy of a
     few YCbCr-to-RGB converters.
   * Fixed UYVY/YUY2-to-RGB converters not interpolating chroma properly.
   * Fixed YVU9 chroma planes being swapped on write to disk and enabled YVU9
     for direct input.

   [regressions fixed]
   * App would sometimes exit after stopping frameserver.
   * Frameserver sent garbage data if the video filter chain changed the frame
   * Fixed a regression in video codec negotiation for MS MPEG-4 V3 variants
     where a different but compatible codec was not properly detected.
   * Doing a paste with no selection caused one frame to be deleted before
     doing the paste.
   * Write open failures were being reported again when the target file
     couldn't be opened a second time in fast I/O mode, which happens
     sometimes with emulators or remote drives. The slower fallback has been
   * Running out of disk space at the very end of a render operation was
     sometimes reported as an I/O error rather than a write error.
   * Sampling in filter preview could fail if the timeline had been edited.
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guada 2
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Virtualdub 1.6.7 experimental

New version

Build 23538 (1.6.7, experimental): [June 12, 2005]
[features added]
* Script: Added support for cast expressions to int/long/double.
* Video direct-stream path now treats zero-byte (drop) frames as non- essential. A video stream that has been spaced with drop frames to a higher frame rate can now be cleanly converted down as well.

[bugs fixed]
* Fixed crash when decoding audio from broken or mismatched DV frame.
* Hierarchical AVI index blocks were being placed outside of RIFF chunks. No known actual incompatibility cases (yet).
* Fixed occasional crash when using lowpass or highpass filters with a large tap count.
* Fixed crash on attempting to abort a render when an error had already occurred.
* Fixed "cut off audio stream when video stream ends" sometimes being active even after being disabled.
* Fixed audio stream being shortened slightly when using audio compression.
* Capture: Fixed crash in volume meter code triggered by load of DLLs that whack the floating-point control word.
* Capture: Fixed crash on exit in DirectShow layer caused by shutting down COM too early.

[regressions fixed]
* Script: Fixed "method not found" errors loading .vcfs caused by failure to convert longs to ints.

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