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Visual Color Correction App

// Update:
New Version 0.4.7 is uploaded here: (still Beta)
7z = 1.700 KB
zip = 1.900 KB

more Infos
end Update //


I have written an App that should make ColorCorrection a bit easier.
Screenshots are added to the post.

The App has a Readmefile that tells how to install. (simple unzip, but needs VB6 Runtime and registered dll for used Controls)
A (currently short) Help is inside the app.
It supports KeyboardShortcuts for the most common Tasks, so it could be fast and simple in use. ( also intuitive I hope, but this can be discussed ;-) )

It is written in (old) Visual Basic 6, because this is the only programming language I know, (besides PHP, what is a script language). For all AviSynth-Editing I use AvsP and like it very very much. To "colorcorrect a bunch of DV-Captures" is not a very convenient Task in a TextEditor, e.g. if you do it with ColorYUV. So I have started writing the vcc4avs. It would be very useful to have this feature directly into AvsP, there for I will ask the author (qwerpoi) if he can support COM-Interface by AvsP-Macro. It is not my intention to create a new AVS-Editor, but also I cannot contribute to the AvsP-Project because I don't know Python or any other then VB. Maybe the COM-Interface is a practical way.

Following a copy/paste from the Helpfile:


vcc4avs = Visual Color Correction for AviSynth

STATE: first TEST !!

Most of the planned functionality is implemented, but not at finished state. Also some parts are not functional or be in a very basic state. (like the output, this currently is only presented in a Textbox for copy and paste)

Current Overview:

It can visual show videostream and lets you define color correction for your AviSynthfiles.

Currently supported ColorFunction is 'ColorYUV' (also with the new Plugin ColorKeyFrame of Fizick! Great Tool, even simple handling with my vcc4avs ;-) ). If Testphase is over, I will add the functions 'Tweak' and 'RGB_Adjust' too.

It allows define Clipsections/KeyFrames.

It allows seeking with Sliders or Keys, (see KeyboardShortcuts).

In EditMode (CorrectionControl) it presents ColorInformation of selected Pixel and it's immediate neighbours.

Simply toggle between PreviewModes by Keypress, e.g. for ColorYUV: P = Preview, A = Analyze, Y = ShowYUV, with SHIFT and P,A,Y the uncorrected SourceStraem is shown. Pixelinfos in ColorInspectorWindow is updated automaticaly for last selected Pixel.

Supported Colormodes for ColorInfos are RGB, YUV and HSB.

For a first start, please have a look to KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Section of this help and than play around a bit and let me know what you think about it.


If you currently don't know ColorKeyFrame Plugin, see this Thread, get it and test it.

@Fizick: it is awesome! :-)

What to tell more? - The app saves configuration into ini file. Nothing is written to Registry. It can be started from USB-Stick too, because it handles/store config for different PCs identified by "Computername" in the inifile.

You should try it out ;-)

Attached Images

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Looks very promising from the screenshots. I'll give it a go soon.
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Old 3rd May 2007, 05:05   #3  |  Link
AviSynth plugger
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I tryed it a little.
Quick mouse clicks on navigation buttons (>, >>, ...) sometimes does not works or works not properly. Probably some delays?
My Avisynth plugins are now at http://avisynth.org.ru and mirror at http://avisynth.nl/users/fizick
I usually do not provide a technical support in private messages.
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Hi Fizick,

Originally Posted by Fizick View Post
I tryed it a little.
Quick mouse clicks on navigation buttons (>, >>, ...) sometimes does not works or works not properly. Probably some delays?
Yes, currently I do seeking with timer-intervalls: KeyDown define a delay/intervall and steps to go fw/bw, timer runs until KeyUp. For the slow functions it is a delay of 200 ms.

(Seems you are in hurry )


PS: I can change it in that way, that at least always _one_ cicle will run _directly_ at ButtonDown, and after that the Timer is started.

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New Release, V 0.4.7


here are an intermediate Update of vcc4avsp: Version 0.4.7
Links for Download are at first Post of thread.

There are some changes made. First, the App will be written as a Plugin for AvsP, using PIPE-Technique. (And therefor, the name now is vcc4avsp.)
You can start vcc4avsp from within AvsP by macro. (Macrofile is included in ZIP, also ReadMe.txt)
Infos about Plugins with AvsP: one,two, three, four, five.

To embedd it into other Editors, you also can start it by passing a sourcefilename as commandline param. The generated Code then is copied to the Windows-Clipboard.

The current Version has some fixes and minor changes.
A Backup/History functionality is included now, based on avs-Sourcefilenames. (If you load same AVS-File again into vcc4avsp, you also may load an earlier ClipList from a Dropdownlist.)

ColorCorrectionMethod Tweak is included now. In next Version also Levels and RGBAdjust will be added.

Big Plan:
Not to use MCI for Videodisplay anymore. Maybe I have found a very kind helper, who helps me to embedd AviSynth-DLL-Functions into VB6, so we can extract and display Frames directly from it. This will use less Memory and speed up things.

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Old 16th May 2009, 21:14   #6  |  Link
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i have trouble setting up the path in the py file, the help file was confusing.
Here is the only time I didn't get an error, but nothing happen after I run it from the macro in AvsP

# Set this to the full qualified path, _with_ trailing slash, and use slashes, not backslashes, e.g.:
AVSP_PLUGINS_PATH = 'C:/Program Files/AvsP/plugins/'

#FullPath to vcc4avsp.exe, e.g. with DOUBLE-BACKSLASHES or SINGLE-SLASHES
exefile = AVSP_PLUGINS_PATH + 'vcc4avsp.exe'
how should it be done correct?
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