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Old 18th February 2009, 00:39   #1  |  Link
aka mappy
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how do you physically organise your backups?

For the past ages i've had my great workflow to backup things i own. Reencode everything to 700M, ASP or whatever i felt like at the time, burn to CD, file alphabetically in a box (in a different room to the original tapes and DVD's).

But CD's arn't really cost effective now. DVD's are cheaper per gig and they're in the same ball park as harddrives. I still have hundreds of perfectly organised backups, though, and for now my encodes have been clogging up my harddrive because i don't want to burn things off any more.. it'd be a huge hassle to migrate everything to a NAS, and it'd be worse to have two separate stores.

How do you guys store your backups? Have you ever migrated backup styles, organisation etc?..
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Old 18th February 2009, 02:57   #2  |  Link
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My way is simple.....

No physicall media. Windows Media Center for everything (Except some games).

Movies = wmv
Music = mp3
Pictures = jpg
TV shows = wtv (keep it original recorded)
Camcorder footage = wmv

I know it has its advantages, no media ,everything tagged and works great on media center but drawback is lossy compression, not a standard and not future proof.
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Old 18th February 2009, 15:29   #3  |  Link
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I don't see how it's not "future proof" if it lives on your computer. We have horrendous MPEG-1 and older streams from over a decade ago that still decode perfectly fine. Personally, I can decode those old streams perfectly fine on my vista machine no issues.

Hint: It doesn't matter if your movies are on the original DVD, a backup DVD, or on your computer. Each one is identically future proof. They all use some compression scheme, only difference being that your backup copies probably use a newer one like H.264.
You can't call your encoding speed slow until you start measuring in seconds per frame.
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Old 19th March 2009, 05:53   #4  |  Link
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Uhh I burn mine to DVD's...I use up quite a few but better safe than sorry imho
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Old 20th March 2009, 17:10   #5  |  Link
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I can remember when 8-tracks were quite popular. 5.25 inch floppy discs. I have nothing that will read them.

Don't count on being able to read/play your media in the future unless you actively manage it.
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Old 2nd April 2009, 12:26   #6  |  Link
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I like to keep my stuff native to the operating system (Windows in my case)

Movies/Tele (DVD) = Windows Media VC-1 Main
(Blu-Ray) = Windows Media VC-1 Advanced

Music = Mp3 (lame 3.97; 320kbps)

Photos = jpeg

All running from my local serv (networked to computers and streamed to tv)
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Old 2nd April 2009, 14:46   #7  |  Link
DJ Bobo
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Back in the days where DVD burners were not available or very expensive, I burned everything to CDs. When the prices for burners and DVDs dropped, I moved everything to DVD, unless it's a VCD or is small enough that it doesn't need moving to DVD.
Everything is kept in a 250-disc album. I try to keep everything in alphabetic order, but it doesn't always work
In the near future, may be in 3 years, when blu-ray burners and discs becomes cheap, I think I'll move everything to blu-ray.
NAS is no option for me: too expensive, fragile, bulky.

WMV is a big no no by the way. I would never backup something in that crappy proprietary format. Most of my stuff is in DivX ASP format, with AVC taking over slowly.
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Old 2nd April 2009, 16:13   #8  |  Link
mr soft
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Back in the days where DVD burners were not available or very expensive, I burned everything to CDs. When the prices for burners and DVDs dropped, I moved everything to DVD
Aw they were the days , bags of cds in the bin, with the mini-disks.

How do you guys store your backups
Depends how much Data you have.

2 Tera Pcie SSDs

When the SSD race is over and prices crash, These will be perfect.

Hard drive storage is by far the most convenient.

Im going to start to look into raid , as Im always forgetting if Ive backed up this or that archive to the external.
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Old 4th April 2009, 10:28   #9  |  Link
Old Batch Hacker
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Operating Systems et al. (2 PCs + 1 laptop)
Incremental - Daily (to USB WD Passports. We have 1 on each PC)
Full - Weekly (at the moment 1 Maxtor 1Tb)
Offsite - Monthly (CD/DVD - Goes back 10 years. It's a Tax Office thingy)

Videos - CD/DVD/whatever
Burn 1 copy. Hold the input on a HDD for, maybe, 2 months.
Else I don't bother. Original AND copy get trashed, I buy it again.
If I can buy a John Wayne movie 55 years after it was made, on DVD, then I'm not worried. Audio is different.

This is important. I have the originals. Dozens of 45s, 33s, a few 78s (which I cannot play),
S***loads of tapes and approx 500 CDs.

Scratches, pops & squeaks everywhere.

I got, about 5 years too late, into doing some sort of electronic backup.
A lot of the tapes gave me a lot of trouble (remember the 5 years?). I lost a large number of tracks. I always have 2 current copies of all our audio at all times, in MP3. 1 for the boss & 1 for me.
One is in insane encoding. One fast quality, to listen to. I can't really pick the difference in the car or on 2 channel stereo. Don't get me started on the number of audio backups.

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Old 6th April 2009, 10:31   #10  |  Link
uhm... ?
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I store all my backups on DVD/CD's, in IKEA's MALM. The discs are stored in double-sided ProSleeves. I've attached 4 simple divider boards into each drawer, so that it holds 5 columns of discs. This means that each drawer holds exactly 1000 discs perfectly

This is a very cost-effective storage solution. The Malm is available in different sizes, but the one I use has 3 drawers and costs ~€70. A 500-disc pack of ProSleeves is about €40. That's 10 eurocents per disc in total (plus the disc itself of course).

On the software side I use WhereIsIt. I just put an incremental disc number on the physical media, and then categorize it in WII (I store ALL backups this way; system backups, photos, original DVD's, DVD-backups etc). Simple and effective

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Old 6th April 2009, 17:59   #11  |  Link
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I'm leaning towards two hard drives with duplicate information. I've got way too much stuff for DVD's. I used to split TS files into DVD sized chunks with HJSplit and back them up to DVD. It was a huge pain calculating the exact amount and spreading the same episode onto multiple discs. Now I have a 1TB drive. Drag and drop. Hard drives make me a little nervous; hopefully solid state will fix that, but I'm considering another 1TB or larger drive to be used biweekly or monthly. I guess the less it is used, the longer it should last. And hopefully ten years from now there will be an affordable 100 exabyte drive!
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archiving, disc storage

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