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Announcing Zoom Player v8.6.1 final

Zoom Player v8.6.1 has gone final!

1. New 'Slate' fullscreen navigation style and default background images.
2. A new scheduling interface.
3. Enhanced fullscreen navigation usability.
4. Support for Color Controls using MadVR.
5. Enhanced API for remote scheduling and playlist creation.
6. Improved detection of multi-part media files and image sequences.
7. Enhanced support for partially downloaded media files.
8. Many bug fixes.

Zoom Player MAX
Zoom Player PRO
Zoom Player FREE

Change list since v8.6 beta 4 (for the full change list since v8.5, click here):
* New Media Scheduler interface, accessible through the right-click
context menu or by clicking Alt+Ctrl+"S".
The scheduler lets you set times & dates for specific media or entire
playlists to begin and stop playing automatically.

* The keyboard arrows can now be assigned two new functions:
1. Zoom In/Out (previous Zoom option was only based on Axis)
2. Long Seek forward/backward.

The default values for the arrow functions have been reset, If you have
previously set a non-default value to the arrow keys, make sure to
re-apply your settings.

* New "exScheduler" function, allowing you to enable or disable the

* New "exPlaylistMode" function used to specify the
'On Playlist Complete' mode.

* New "exPartLoader" function used to specify the
'Multi-Part file loader' mode.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / History) that controls the
number of seconds to seek back when restoring media position on replay.
For example, when playing a media file to position "1:10:12", setting
the seek back value to "2" seconds, replaying the same media file
resumes playback at position "1:10:10".

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio) that specifies the
Audio re-synchronization step accuracy in ms. Previously, the value
was hard coded to 25ms.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio) that specifies the
Initial Audio re-synchronization offset value. This means that
every media with decoded audio will start playing with the specified
audio re-synchronization offset value.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Controls) that determines
whether clicking the next/previous track buttons (or functions) while
in Fast Forward or Rewind mode performs a forward/backward seek action
instead of next/previous track.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Controls) that controls
whether using the "Stop" function causes Zoom Player close the graph
(the new default) or just stop the graph (previous default).

* When using a custom right-click menu script, you can now pass the
currently playing file name and path to an external application, for
example "MediaInfo".

* New Skin Script variables that specifies the GoTo fullscreen navigation
interface's text size and position.

* Two new functions (Alt+Shift+"T" and Alt+Shift+"R") for increasing and
decreasing the Derived aspect ratio width.

* It is now possible to create a non-square scroll widget for the
fullscreen navigation interfaces.

* The internal JPEG decoder is now based on GDI+ requiring "gdiplus.dll"
installed on your system. The "gdiplus.dll" file comes pre-installed
with Windows XP onwards and is available for download for Windows 98/ME

As a bonus, Zoom Player can now display JPEG image files encoded with the
CYMK color-space (used in printing).

* New Zoom Player API Command (#6020) that saves a remotely created playlist
to a local file.
All paths are relative to the 'Share Path' parameter specified using
the "/SharePath" command line.

* New Zoom Player API Command (#6030) that sends a specified local playlist
file (only when using the parameter).
All paths are relative to the 'Share Path' parameter specified using
the "/SharePath" command line.

* Two new Zoom Player API Events (#6100 and #6101) that trigger when a
scheduled entry is about to begin playing and when that entry ends

* New Zoom Player API Command (#6110) that returns an event with same
number indicating the current Scheduler state (Disabled/Inactive/Active).

* New Zoom Player API Command (#6120) that returns an event with same
number listing the current schedule list. The format is identical to
the local "zplayer.schedule" file, except using the "|" character to
separate schedule entries.

* New Zoom Player API Command (#6130) that specifies a new schedule list.
The new list overwrites the currently active schedule.
This command returns an event with same number, listing the number of
schedule entries received.

* The fullscreen background color (set under "Interface / Display") is
now used to fill the black-bar area in video renderers that support it:
1. Standard Overlay
2. Overlay Mixer
3. Haali Video Renderer
4. MadVR

+ The Internet Radio Station database has been cleaned up and the
fullscreen station navigation interface has been enhanced to
highlight the audio format and bitrate of each station.

A small side-effect of the station database clean-up is
stations you may have previously set as favorites may no
longer exist.

+ The 'Multi-Part file loader' Automatic mode now supports image formats
and requires less character matches to identify parts.
In addition, file names comprised of only numbers are now auto-loaded
with no requirement of a minimum number of characters to make a match.

For example, opening "1.mp3" would automatically open "2.mp3", "3.mp3"
and so forth.

Multi-Digit numbered file names such as "0001.mp3" and "0002.mp3" are
supported as well.

+ When overriding the playlist colors, the entry number is now colored
using the 'Playlist font color' value instead of remaining in a fixed

+ API message #6010 will now return a code once processing has finished.

+ The "Auto-Hide the Control Bar while paused" setting has changed to
"Auto-Hide the Control Bar while stopped or paused".

+ The Source filter name now appears under the 'Filter Properties' sub-menu.

+ You can now move error dialogs using the mouse cursor.
And the error dialogs can not appear partially offscreen anymore.

+ Several options dialog entries have been updated to reflect third
party technology changes, for example MadVR now supports color control.

+ The options page's information dialogs now appear in list format
with a scroll-bar instead of trying to fit all the text into one
big dialog.

- An exploit that could cause arbitrary code execution when loading
a specially crafted JPEG file has been fixed.

We would like to thank security researcher 'Debasish Mandal' for
notifying us of the exploit.

- The fullscreen navigation skin loading code now falls back to the
default navigation style if the previously selected navigation skin
file no longer exists.

- Looping videos in EVR no longer blink black between loops.

- The subtitle selection dialog would erroneously show the currently
visible subtitle as "Disabled" even though subtitles were showing
under certain circumstances.

- Under some circumstances, saving a playlist would have caused the path
prompt window to appear behind the main Zoom Player window, making it
appear as if Zoom Player is frozen.

- The "Player should stay on top of other applications when switching to
Audio Mode" setting caused a crash when exiting Zoom Player in Audio mode
and then launching Zoom Player with an audio file. Another glitch with
this setting caused the Equalizer and Playlist editor dialogs to appear
corrupted on initial load.

- The Command & Control API message #5130 used to execute navigation
functions did not work as planned when an anti-repeat rate was enabled
and possibly in other circumstances.

- Fixed a crash when Zooming to a resolution over 8192x8192. 8192x8192
is now the maximum zoom-in resolution.

- Fixed an icon-cache bug that kept displaying old cached icons even after
switching to a new fullscreen navigation style.

- Fixed a crash when using an invalid parameter value in a custom
context menu file.

- Fixed a potential crash when closing Zoom Player under certain

- Fixed an bug that could wipe the play history cache under certain
rare circumstances.

- Fixed a 'Focus' error dialog that would trigger when opening a
skinned right-click context menu and then the window that was
hidden. For example, opening the Control Bar's context menu and
then having the control bar automatically disappear while the
context menu remained visible, followed by pressing escape to
close the context menu.

- Fixed issues playing Icecast URLs from the Xiph database.

- In some cases, streaming radio stations would incorrectly open
using the Windows Media Player's ActiveX component instead of
using DirectShow, leading to bad performance and at times
GUI corruption.

- Saving playlists with relative or no path now saves the active
playlist entry with a relative or no path (previously the entire
path was saved for the active playlist entry).

- Using the options dialog's search function with a non-English
language pack would display some of the section names as garbled text.

- When the "Override the active skin's Action OSD display", "Don't Skin the
OSD Background" and "Transparent Background" settings were enabled while
the "Outline Font" setting was disabled, the pop-up OSD messages would
appear with a font outline using the background color if Anti-Aliased
windows fonts (cleartype) were enabled.

- When using MadVR to render OSD elements and having the action OSD
set to "Don't Skin the OSD Background" and "Transparent Background" and
if the background color was set to black, the pop-up OSD would not appear
(MadVR doesn't allow 'black' to be used as a background color).

- When using MadVR with automatic subtitle stream selection enabled, in
some cases, playback would pause at the beginning of the media instead
of playing the media straight away.

- Chapter content embedded in media files would appear truncated if
the chapter's title contained a quote character.

- Running "DefaultSettings.exe" would wipe the registry key that
provides the Zoom Player uninstaller with the location of the data
directory, preventing a clean uninstall.

This issue is now resolved by re-creating the registry key on the
next Zoom Player run (previously the key was only created during
the installation process).

- While in fullscreen, Zooming out to the point where the video area
becomes very small truncated the pop-up OSD actions.

- When using the function selection dialog's search function, pressing
ENTER would not loop to the top of the list when repeating the search.

- With the "Save Position" checkbox enabled on the skin selection dialog,
the maximized window state did not properly save the original window
size and position after exiting Zoom Player.

- Using Zoom Player on a monitor with a negative virtual position value
caused some dialogs not to center properly.

- Uninstall now removes the 'zpshlext.dll' file from the installation
directory when running under a 32bit version of windows.
Yaron Gur
Zoom Player . Lead Developer
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