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Old 7th December 2005, 21:29   #1  |  Link
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SST Fixer v1.0 (Fixes importing subtitles when still using ReAuthorist v1.0.0)

I completely forgot about posting my quick&dirty tool which solves subtitle-importing-problems.

Reading d0ORk's message about it, kinda reminded me about my promise to influenza that I would post it

For people who don't exactly know what it is :

People still using ReAuthorist after DoItFast4U will encounter problems if they install ScenAid (later versions), because -although D3s7's superb new VSRip.exe and more importantly VSConv.exe are much better than the old ones- the old VSRip.exe and VSConv.exe will be overwritten with the new versions found in ScenAid.

Again : This overwriting is basically a good thing, because the new versions kick ass. Only problem for ReAuthorist users is that when they hit "Author It!" in ReAuthorist after encoding the video, it will poop out a Scenarist script on which Scenarist will trip and throw you error-messages like :

Info -----------------------------------------
Info Start Importing
Info ------ Reading script ------
Info Importing Data
Info Importing VTS01\VTS__01_P01.16~9_1
Info Importing VTS01\VTS__01_P01-80-448K-[0MS]-CH6ENGLISH
Info Importing VTS01\VTS__01_P01-89-1536K-[0MS]-CH5ENGLISH
Info Importing def_subtitle_01
Info Importing def_subtitle_01st1
Info Importing VTS_01_VSUB_P1A1-00-Dansk_0001_v001_c001.bmp (0 2 718 569) (3163 3
Error Data file(T:\RIPFolder\VTS01\SUBS\VTS_01_VSUB_P1A1-00\VTS_01_VSUB_P1A1-00-Dansk_0001_v001_c001.bmp (0 2 718 569) (3163 3163)) does not exist in VTS_01_VSUB_P1A1-00-Dansk
Error Importing failed

This is where this tool comes in handy to save you "alot" of time editing the SST-files manually.

First : Go in DoItFast4U! to the Global Options -> Post Processing -> Launch External App and make sure you don't Launch nor Open ReAuthorist automatically. We're going to start ReAuthorist manually from now on to make sure everything goes ok the first time.

When DoItFast4U! finishes you fire up this tool and browse to the Working Directory (the same one as you use in DoItFast4U) and just hit scan. It will find all the .sst's under that directory and fix them all for you (if necessary - if it doesn't have to fix anything it simply won't do anything to the sst-file).

After that you can start ReAuthorist and let it work it's magic. After the encoding step you can now safely hit "Author It!" in ReAuthorist and you don't have to worry anymore about these subtitle-import issues.

The link to this tool :


(rar-file is ~224kb)


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Old 8th December 2005, 01:15   #2  |  Link
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Thanks Orion|69

I'm sure this will come in handy for some
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Old 8th December 2005, 16:17   #3  |  Link
Dutch strain
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Thank you. I would still encourage people to use scenaid btw because it can handle more complex structures.
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Old 14th January 2006, 07:22   #4  |  Link
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Thank you for posting this fixer! I am now I guess "old school" and still use RA out of habit.... Guess I should dive into Scenaid a bit more....

Anyway, it fixed my problem, you rock!

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Old 23rd October 2006, 14:59   #5  |  Link
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sstfixer error

Hi orion,thx for sstfixer,but now that i have tested it, i have to say that it has a problem.After scaning the "subs" directory the original subtitles were fixed,but the one i've created with maestroSBT was corrupted,i mean,all that remained from it was some numbers!!do you want me to send you the files to check it yourself??
Also, i would like to suggest (if you're still developing this prg) a "do you want to fix this file(s)?" button and an option to backup the original files prior to fixing them.Thank you very much.
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Old 20th January 2007, 06:36   #6  |  Link
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Visiting the forum since a while I stumbled on your question.
If this is a persistent annoyance for you and you still need a fix : lemme know.
Since a hdd-crash I dont exactly have the original source left of the tool, but I'm sure I could cook it up again pretty quickly, since it's pretty basic.
I agree that backing up the original files would have been the way to go - completely agree.. being lazy or unable to put myself in another user's shoes has always been my problem

The tool was originally intended for pure rips using basic tools and without adding other subs and such, so I'm sure it would choke on stuff like that.. the tool was merely intended to be a bridge from the old way of ripping to the new, being the scenaid-way, which is the superior way of ripping.

By now I'm sure u have a workaround anyway

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