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Big 3 Tools: Applications

'Big 3' is a suite of tools that helps you achieve a high quality, complete backup, and have a high level of control over the process.
The following is a listing of the Links to Important threads for Tools involved with The BIG 3 along with a link to download the tool.


Demuxing / Preparation Step:

NuMenu4u Scenarist/Muxman

NuMenu4u Scenarist/Muxman Homepage
*NuMenu4u reencodes DVD menus to smaller size so more room is available for the main movie. Also supports asset removal. Menu button editing. Sound reencoding. More... Must use tool!*
WWW.DOITFAST4U.COM(currently down, but download is available on ScenAid.com, along with Paypal link!)
*Doitfast4u prepares your assets for encoding and the next steps*

Encoding Step

Some insight into interlaced encoding with BatchCCEWS

BatchCCEWS at SourceForge.org
*BatchCCEWS uses cce and HCENC to reencode your video to a smaller size while maintaining high quality. Other encoders are supported as well.



ScenAid Homepage
*ScenAid creates the script to import into Scenarist. It also has a multitude of customizable options. Gives the ability to remove assets. Has video preview. Has built in ifo update routine*


BatchUpdateIFO beta
*BatchUpdateIFO updates the data from your newly authored Scenarist files to your Origional DVD files so that they playback correctly. It allows processing multiple IFO files at once*

Recent IfoUpdate Thread

*IfoUpdate and ImgTool Classic are both available in doom9 downloads
*IFOUpdate updates the data from your newly authored Scenarist files to your Origional DVD files so that they playback correctly*
*IMGTool creates an image of your DVD to burn with DVDDecrypter or other DVD burning applications*

*Here is a special post from a grateful BIG 3 user
Happy Customer
...yeah...but...why on earth would I compare apples with apples?

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Big 3 Tools: Guides and FAQs

this thread is intended to be used as a 'one stop reference shop' for all guides, and tips & tricks related to 'the Big 3' method of DVD backup.
as further problems are resolved, and additional old threads found that are relevant, appropriate links will be added to this thread.
please do not post any questions here.

while every endeavour is made by the moderators of this forum to maintain a friendly, informative environment that focuses on the use and development of the tools used in the Big 3 process, at times forum members stray from this path.
here is a friendly reminder of posts that we do NOT want to see in this forum:
There is no trolling and 'what is best' threads allowed in this forum

the guides


Big 3 DVD Backup Guide, New Revision

Big 3 Duplicate Vobid Guide

Big 3 guide using ReAuthorist

Guide: DVD-9 to DVD-5 Multi-PGC "Full Copy" Instructions by Trilight

An easier way to do the IFOUpdate step - By Eyes`Only

Descriptions of the items in your work directory

button over video:

Button Over Video in the Matrix with Scenarist by SeYtoN
*which uses the Matrix as an example*

Button over video guide by Influenza
*which uses Snatch and Stuart Little 2 as the examples*

Infinifilm/BoV Guide by OxP

A Beginners Guide to Buttom Over Video by jel
*which uses Spiderman as the example

tips and tricks


Eyes`Only's Knowledge Base
this should be your first specialised search area when you encounter an issue with the 'Big 3' method.

also i highly recommend you use the SEARCH BUTTON, as chances are, any error you encounter has been discussed many times before.

Scenarist Error Faq

How to change subtitle colors in scenarist for an entire track

How to make big3 readable by DVDShrink thread/discussion.

VOBU 0.4 second errors FAQ thread.

Scenarist+Nforce+ASPI = Solution found! (a possible solution to the age-old nforce v's scenarist problem)

Error The Subpicture Attribute(Language and so on) For Letter Box in PGC<VTS_*_PGC_*pgc>:Stream<*>:Title<VTS*_Title*> is different from The Reference PGC<VTS_*_PGC_*pgc>
Part 1 (make sure they have the same amount of subtitle streams):
If you click the 'Track Editor' tab and then the VTS_*_PGC_* you'll most likely see that it has less subtitle tracks then VTS_*_PGC_*. I usually just copy a subtitle track from another PGC (preferable an empty subtitle)
Right click the subtitle you want to copy and choose copy then go to VTS_*_PGC_* and right click underneath the last subtitle and choose paste.
Part 2 (edit subtitle streams):
When done press the 'Scenario Editor' tab and find VTS*_Title* and press the grey box under it that has PGC written on it (and VTS_*_PGC_*pgc written under it). Now you should have some info in the 'Property Browser' (lower middle "window" of Scenarist). Double click 'Subpicture Attribute'. Double click all of the 'PGC Sub-Picture Attr #' and make sure they look the same as they are for PGC*.

button over video:
this is a collection of BoV titles that have been discussed in the forum. many of the threads also contain problems and solutions which are applicable to other BoV titles and should be used as an initial reference whenever trying BoV.

the hulk ..... PAL
“the hulk button over video 'addendum to the guides'
“Hulk and possible dupe pgc?”

charlies angels 2, full throttle....PAL:
“Scenarist doesnt create buttons...pls help!”

“Daredevil and the Big3”

spiderman related articles:
an interesting thread on animated sub-pics
and another one:

the matrix:
“The Matrix R2 Pal Problem !!! (cells and scenarist)”
“Compile time error in scenarist (Interval between HLI error)”
“Button over video for Matrix R1 problem”
“Matrix White Rabbit Tutorial?”

resident evil
“doing my first button over video DVD: Resident Evil Deluxe Edition R2:”
which has an excellent troubleshooting session courtesy of influenza.

spirited away
“Backup of Spirited Away...multiangle”
which also includes discussion of 'snatch' and 'amelie'

tip to using menuedit to find your button commands
Mount your .iso image in daemon tools, and using windows explorer, open the VIDEO_TS folder and simply copy the .vob files you need to your hard drive and 'point' menuedit to these files.
tip to finding button commands using Vobedit – See OxPs Infinifilm Guide
To find the LBA number you need to locate in Vobedit, fire up Ifoedit and open the VTS_* ifo (that contains the BoV), scroll down to PGC_* and double click on one of the chapter points that define the button commands(eg button 1 is located at chapter 2, button 2 is located at chapter 3, etc), a preview window will pop-up, so scroll through it a bit, then scroll back to the beginning. You should now see a number in the preview panel which should correspond to the LBA number – write it down. Load up the VTS_*_*.vob in Vobedit and scroll down till you find this number (or close to it – it should be labeled as a nav pack), highlight it, and select the button box (bottom/middle of Vobedit Window), and scroll down till you find your button commands.

tip to fixing subpic durations to comply with BoV
go to the 'track editor' window, select VTS_*_PGC* and open it to look at the subtitle streams. you should easily spot the 'forced subs' that define the locations of the buttons (if you dont know what your looking at, go check out SeYtoNs Matrix guide). select each subpic and take note of the times, then adjust the ones that dont match to the LONGEST time (they may only be out by a frame but its enough to cause issues).you can also try manually adjusting the sst files for each substream. while you are doing this copy and paste a blank (not your button subpicture) forced subpic to any dummied subpicture streams.

'no valid sub-pic' error
if at any time during your button creation process you get an error 'no valid sub-pic' go back into the track editor window, find the offending 'forced subpic' right click and select 'Align Subpicture'. also check duration & start/end times of all forced subpics for that button.

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