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Getting a video into a format that QuickTime can play, as fast as possible.

I really, really like the UI of QuickTime Player X, particularly in OS X 10.9 before the whole UI went flat. As dumb as it sounds, I enjoy videos more when I'm watching them in QuickTime, and so that's what I want to do, whatever it takes.

Unfortunately for me, Apple sucks and QuickTime only supports a handful of codecs.

QuickTime 10.2 and below does support third party codecs, and while this version of QuickTime usually only runs on OS X 10.8, I have successfully ported it to OS X 10.9, which is what I'm running. This means I can use Perian (or FFusion) to open most formats supported by ffmpeg, but because Perian is based on libavcodec v52, it lacks support for the critical vp9 and hevc formats which are taking over the world! I've tried to update it to ffmpeg 2.1, but I've basically concluded this is outside of my abilities.

And so, what I want to do instead is create a "QuickTime Helper" app which takes an hevc video, converts it into a temporary format which QuickTime can play, and opens it in QuickTime, and I was wondering if anyone had pointers on how to make this process as fast as possible.

I need to transcode to a format:
  • Which is visually lossless (not necessarily mathematically lossless).
  • Which can be encoded very quickly (but very large file sizes are acceptable).
  • Which is supported by QuickTime, or for which there is a QuickTime Component which adds support.

The best codec I've found so far is utvideo. A QuickTime Component is available, and ffmpeg can transcode a 4K vp9 video at 100fps on my 4790K. This is impressive, but it still means ten minute video will take several minutes to "open".

I was looking at magicyuv, which also has a QuickTime component, but its third-party ffmpeg encoder is lousy (by which I mean slow), and without that I'm not sure how to actually transcode the video?

The best thing, though, would be if I could get QuickTime to open and start playing the video while it was still encoding. I noticed QuickTime will open .mpg files while they're being encoded, but it thinks the video is only as long as the amount that has been encoded so far, and it doesn't update the duration as more becomes available. If there was a way I could "trick" QuickTime into thinking the video was longer, that would be wonderful! Or maybe there's another way to do it?

Please let me know if there's anything else I can try, or other codecs I can look at. And, uh, thank you for joining me on my very weird endeavor!

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