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Problem with DGIndexNV - quits without prompt

Dear all,

I have a problem with DGIndexNV that, according to Donald Graft, he has not yet encountered elsewhere, and has a limited ability to spot due to differences in our graphic cards.

Follows a shortened sum-up for those impatient with my lengthy choice of pharsing:
h264 input causes DGIndexNV to quit.
Different sources for h264 content were tried with same results.
Different Decoding modes (CUDA/CUVID) have been tried, as well as Enabling/Disabling D3D.
Using D3D mode causes DGIndex to issue a "GPU decoder: Failed to create video decoder [100]" error instead of quitting.
MPEG2 processing works fine in default (CUDA) mode; Quits in CUVID mode.
[Original full-worded post follows.]
When trying to open any h264 content with DGIndexNV, the program quits. No error message, no error sound, no nothing. Simply quits.
MPEG2 content, however, works fine.

Originally I suspected that my GPU might not support CUDA, and so expected that the software might render useless with me - I'm using an NVidia 8400M G, and in the distant past I remember I've seen it under the "No CUDA" list, as opposed to the GS & GT models, as well as several lists where the G model isn't being listed at all. However, in a recent product page it is indeed listed as having 8 CUDA cores (as opposed to the GS & GT which have 16). So apparently it actually should work.

Upon playing with DGIndexNV's INI file, I noticed that this behaviour happens when Direct 3D is not being used (that is, the default settings of UseD3D=0). Upon changing it to to UseD3D=1 it still didn't work, but at least now I received the error message "GPU decoder: Failed to create video decoder [100]".
I noticed this error message was mentioned a few times in the grand DGAVCDecNV thread.

I also tried playing a bit with the [Decode_Modes] setting in the INI file, which defaults to 0,1,0 (AVC & VC1 decoding using CUVID, MPEG decoding using CUDA).
When changing all to 0 (all content using CUVID), and not using D3D, the same behaviour was introduced for MPEG2 content as well (DGIndexNV quits without prompt). When using CUDA, MPEG2 was read without problem with UseD3D at either 0 or 1.

I am not sure if either CUDA or CUVID is tied to using/not using D3D, regardless of the [UseD3D] settings - if CUDA defaults to it, this may explain the behaviour of MPEG2 processing. However, this does not change the initial problem: h264 content does not work, in all possible combinations of decoding engine and D3D modes.

Another thing I tried, was restoring an early state (Image) I've had of my PC, right after a clean install of Windows & system drivers (including the NVidia ones), before any additional software installation. Same behaviour occurred, which pretty much ruled out the explanation of "some later software installation mucking up something in the system".

The initial h264 stream I used was made by a Hauppauge HD-PVR; However I would not hold this information relevant, as the same behaviour occurs with any and all content attempted - including Elementary streams demuxed both from the .TS mentioned and from several online sources (YouTube clips, Vimeo clips, etc.)

I cannot really see why would the problem lie either with the Video stream or with DGIndexNV itself. I assume the problem may have something to do either with CUDA or CUVID (or both) in my system, but I have no idea how or where to look for a solution. I would appreciate any input from anyone, even if you have encountered a similar behavior without a solution.

-- Piggie

Technical information:
Windows XP SP3 32-bit (with DirectX 9.0)
Nvidia GeForce 8400M G with 512 MB, driver v266.58 (latest according GeForce site)
DGIndexNV v2041. Tried also v2015. Same results.
HD-PVR 1212 .TS stream @ PAL SD VBR peak 8.5Mbps, saved using rcTVCap
VideoReDo TVSuite H264 v4.20.7.635e used to cut the .TS sample
DGSplit v1.2 used to cut another .TS sample (by Donald Graft's request)
tsMuxer GUI v1.10.6 used to demux h264 elementary stream from .TS content
FLV Extract v1.6.2 used to demux h264 elementary stream from YouTube/Vimeo .flv content

[Cross-posted to videohelp.com forums after a few days from original posting date.]

Last edited by PigOnWing; 7th April 2012 at 14:08. Reason: Added a shortened sum-up at the beginning of the post; Added notification for cross-posting.
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8400M G does not have a VP engine, so it cannot work with DGNV tools.
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cuda, cuvid, dgavcindex, dgdecnv, dgindexnv

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