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AOM ETA Timer still doenst working


is there any reason why the ETA Timer in Staxrip or Hybrid or anything else still dont working?

From what i heard the Code for Progress Indication is a mess. AOMenc cant handle VSPipe or something?

What can we do?

I also compiled AOM 3.5 or the new 3.6 with MSVC, still doenst working.

i want a progress bar with ETA like in x265, whats the Problem?

Its randomly working, a friend of mine used ffms2 source filter and it worked 1 time, again with the same source Filter ffms2 it wasnt working anymore.

i replaced aomenc 3.5 with 3.3 (patmans, msvc) one time, switched to ffms2 filter it was working, but also only 1 time. I tried it again after cleaning the Staxrip Temp folder, still doesnt working.

I dont think its a fault by Staxrip developer, Hybrid developer have the same Problem. I cant see ETA Unknown anymore.

I also tried using ffmpeg as pipe, same result, even with filters deactivated.


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Since I got a bit of time:

Progress indication only works for file input not pipe input, which is understandable since aomenc does not know how many frames will come through a pipe.
see: https://aomedia.googlesource.com/aom.../aomenc.c#2431

This, it has in common with most other encoders.
This has nothing to do with using filters or not.

What aomenc outputs are lines like this:
Pass 2/2 frame  135/110  1011230B 3714399 us 36.35 fps [ETA  unknown]
"frame 135/110" indicates that 135 frames were read and 110 were encoded.
"36.35 fps" indicates an fps
Alternatively, aomenc also sometimes outputs "36.35 fpm" which is frames per minute.

Since guis like StaxRip&co typically know the amount of frames they want to feed to aomenc, they in theory can easily calculate the eta and show it.
Problem is the progress indication (at least with the gcc build I usually use is) that:
a. they are really sporadic
b. the indicated fps / fpm doesn't really seem accurate and actually might only be an average fps over the last x frames (haven't seen any real documentation about this and I do not plan to search through their source code to find more info about it)
=> so with these type of data no gui can calculate an accurate eta

From what I see, you got the following options:

Cu Selur

Ps.: you could alternatively use ffmpeg with libaom support, this way you should get more usable out values, but you probably can't use all options aomenc offers.
Hybrid here in the forum, homepage

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Thanks for your Awnser.

ffmpeg, i think they are using libaom 2.0 or something, its incedibly slow, and eta isnt working there either when i use FFMPEG > AV1 in Staxrip.
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