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50gb Blu-ray Blanks Expensive?


I'm probably one of the only people who still like to burn to disc and like putting by Blu-ray files onto disc but this is becoming very expensive as the price of blank 50gb media has become so expensive. I'm from the U.K and i personally like the Japan/China 50gb Verbatim Discs but I'm struggling to be able to afford these discs. Does anybody know of any other discs which are reliable and at a reasonable price. It seems that everyone is moving on to hard drives and being honest I don't blame them as the cost is alot more viable, its just I like my physical media too much.
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End price will depend quite tightly on country because of copyright levies.
For continental Western Europe I see 2,50 .. 4,00€ per disc ATM, some 1,80€.
I guess BD-R 50GB will always stay at a premium, me as quality addict seeing that with grief too.

One can read from those price tags that right from the beginning of 50GB BD-R
the film industry must have sent their lawyers against legislation forces to get exactly the desired result:
No matter if one is using that for content he owns:
Heavy levy for all. Because only with BD-R 50 one could copy movies 1:1.

People who want to use BD-R for data storage easily avoid the pressure and move to BD-R 25GB,
or recompress, but lose the 1:1 copy.
And one who wants to deliver quality from his own material ?

To get BD-R 128 GB one has to order from Japan and get ridiculously priced (~16€ each, add shipping, add local VAT)
de-cartridged SONY blanks that could not be sold otherwise. And no playability from Blu-ray/UHD Blu-ray disc players.

Even with BD-R 100GB blanks using only 2 layers of 3 (which would theoretically fit the BD-ROM 66GB bit length and track scheme)
reportedly only one of the few UHD players had reported success (half a year ago, I didn't read up recent attempts)

BTW, While dabbling with TL a tiny bit, TL, QL I wouldn't trust too much. The more layers, the more probabiblity of data loss.

Just for what it's worth: Just by chance in 2020 opened a pack of once, twice used PHILIPS DVD+RWs from ~2008,
only to find that 50% of these had badly visibly deteriorated on the index track:
Recording layer blooming out in 2..4mm rainbow circles...
Fortunately no data lost.
Still most of my work on DVD-R 4,7 GB, 8,5 GB and BD-R 25GB seem to be intact.

Some second source brands might be ok, but... Double Layer ?
Unreadable means total failure, you will regret it.
For BD-R 50GB production I only used Verbatim MKM (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media),
for DL/TL testing I just bit the bullet and use 2 Panasonic BD-RE 50GB and 1 Panasonic BD-RE 100GB.
You may want to fire up ImgBurn to read the read the manufacturer of your disc.

What countries are we about to compare ?
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neil wilkes
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The cost of blanks is indeed scandalous.
One of the problems I have run across with BD-RE is that the reflectivity on these is even worse than with regular BD-R discs, and I have seen time & again test discs failing when burned to 50Gb -RE media yet the same compile put to a regular BD-R 50 plays fine.
There are other problems too - If a title is to be replicated then the only sensible option is to get test pressings supplied otherwise you run a very real risk of replicating a batch of faulty discs as the image you will be burning to test media is not the same image that gets glass mastered at the factory because the replication master is AACS scrambled whereas your test version is not, so if the only testing being done is with the burned disc then you are literally not testing the image that gets replicated.
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Wow, I can get Verbatim 50GB 4X BD-R for $2.62 (USD) each?!

I was going to sympathize but prices seem to have come down a lot here. Sorry.
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Old 14th December 2020, 17:55   #5  |  Link
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Originally Posted by Asmodian View Post
Wow, I can get Verbatim 50GB 4X BD-R for $2.62 (USD) each?!

I was going to sympathize but prices seem to have come down a lot here. Sorry.
The prices are going the wrong way. And what is the MID? You could get real Made in Japan MEI MID (Panasonic) dual layer BD-R a few years ago for $2 a piece buying on a 50pk spindle.
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The price is scandalous, because in Europe they cost about 3x more than abroad

Otherwise, I assume nobody is old enough to remember the price of DVDR-DL or even the more outrageous prices of blank VHS cassettes. Geez, the price dropped to 2€/hour for BDR50 compared to 6€/hour of VHS (not to mention S-VHS or even D-VHS media )

Maybe they should pay us to buy from them...
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