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BAKAPROXY - Is this yours ?

Just curious, [been some time since you posted]
Is this your rendition, and if so, why, oh, why, aint us XP'ers
able to use/try it ? [EDIT: BAKA-Encoder]


Not on-line since about january I think [Oops. last year] , but I wanna an answer !
[looked quite good, until the OS requirements thing - I dont like to use s/w that does not run on all my machines]

RSVP, post haste

PM sent [hope that means e-mail sent, too].

EDIT: I nearly dowloaded it earlier today, until the OS requirements came to light, at which point I closed the page, then I again came across the 'Baka' type name, hence the query.

[EDIT: I dont use e-mail [very often, - I go for months (actually quite a few sometimes {years ago, I always used to get my hotmail acc closed between every visit, I used to visit and never have any e-mail at all
because I had not visted frequently enough, or at all, it really avoided junk mail quite effectively, but I did miss the odd em I might have wished to receive) without even a vist], but if someone
were to send a contact EM on my or his/her behalf, I would not at all be against it.]

EDIT: M$ Hotmail used to close your Acc due to Lack Of Use, and if no-one had 'claimed' your user name (with a differing password), then you could just carry on as normal (account re-opened), although
all e-mails between temp closure and re-newal were down the carsey.
EDIT: Carsey, below

EDIT: Tried the x64 version Baka Encoder on W7.
Simple interface, but needs more knobs to twiddle.

I'm kinda curious as to why default Preview and Normal presets seems to use -placebo [easiliy changed I guess]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Baka Encoder configuration file reference can be found at http://vtt.to/baka%20encoder%20configuration%20reference -->
<baka_encoder logging="0">
		<preset name="preview" suffix="_preview" on="1">
			<hint quality="7" compression="14" speed="6" streaming="1"/>
			<audio format="aac" cmd="-br 60000"/>
			<video format="avc" bit_depth="8" passes_count="2" base_bitrate="0" max_bitrate="0" max_width="480" max_height="360" resizing_method="spline"
				cmd="--preset placebo --no-mbtree --ratetol 100.0 --keyint 60 --ref 3 --bitrate 500 --level 4.1 --vbv-bufsize 50000 --vbv-maxrate 62500"/>
			<muxing format="mp4" cmd="--optimize-pd"/>
		<preset name="normal" suffix="_normal" on="1">
			<hint quality="11" compression="9" speed="3" streaming="1"/>
			<audio format="aac" cmd="-q 0.6"/>
			<video format="avc" bit_depth="8" passes_count="2" base_bitrate="1500" max_bitrate="3500" max_width="1280" max_height="960" resizing_method="spline"
				cmd="--preset placebo --no-mbtree --ratetol 100.0 --keyint 60 --ref 4 --level 4.1 --vbv-bufsize 50000 --vbv-maxrate 62500"/>
			<muxing format="mp4" cmd="--optimize-pd"/>
		<preset name="normal h265" suffix="_normal.h265" on="1">
			<hint quality="12" compression="9" speed="1" streaming="0"/>
			<audio format="aac" cmd="-q 0.6"/>
			<video format="hevc" bit_depth="8" passes_count="2" base_bitrate="1200" max_bitrate="10000" max_width="1280" max_height="960" resizing_method="spline"
				cmd="--preset slow --bframes 4 --ref 4"/>
			<muxing format="mp4" cmd=""/>
		<preset name="deluxe" suffix="_deluxe" on="0">
			<hint quality="14" compression="5" speed="4" streaming="0"/>
			<audio format="aac" cmd="-q 1.0"/>
			<video format="avc" bit_depth="10" passes_count="1" base_bitrate="0" max_bitrate="0" max_width="0" max_height="0" resizing_method=""
				cmd="--crf 12 --preset placebo --no-mbtree --deblock 0:-1"/>
			<muxing format="mp4" cmd=""/>
		<preset name="deluxe h265" suffix="_deluxe.h265" on="0">
			<hint quality="15" compression="7" speed="1" streaming="0"/>
			<audio format="aac" cmd="-q 1.0"/>
			<video format="hevc" bit_depth="10" passes_count="1" base_bitrate="0" max_bitrate="0" max_width="0" max_height="0" resizing_method=""
				cmd="--crf 12 --preset slow"/>
			<muxing format="mp4" cmd=""/>
		<preset name="express" suffix="_express" on="0">
			<hint quality="7" compression="7" speed="10" streaming="0"/>
			<audio format="aac" cmd="-q 0.5"/>
			<video format="avc" bit_depth="8" passes_count="1" base_bitrate="1500" max_bitrate="5000" max_width="0" max_height="0" resizing_method=""
				cmd="--preset fast --deblock 1:0 --bframes 4 --b-adapt 1 --rc-lookahead 36 --ref 3 --level 4.1 --vbv-bufsize 50000 --vbv-maxrate 62500"/>
			<muxing format="mp4" cmd=""/>
		<preset name="lossless" suffix="_lossless" on="0" console="0">
			<hint quality="16" compression="3" speed="8" streaming="0"/>
			<audio format="aac" cmd="-q 1.0"/>
			<video format="avc" bit_depth="8" passes_count="1" base_bitrate="0" max_bitrate="0" max_width="0" max_height="0" resizing_method="spline"
				cmd="--crf 0 --preset placebo --log-level none --quiet"/>
			<muxing format="mp4" cmd=""/>

EDIT: The only mention of Baka encoder on-site:
Originally Posted by lemaireus View Post
@Atak: I save on both HDDs and DVDs, but size is a significant issue for me given that I'm already using about 22TBs of HDD space (not counting the DVDs). And I guess the (low) bitrate factor becomes even more prominent with HEVC. Is a pause button feasible at all without creating too many programming difficulties? Baka encoder GUI offers the pause button so it appears to be a workable option, and it sounds like a feature that could come in handy for any number of reasons.
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