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MPEG4 Modifier v1.4.4 Released (Updated 2007-Jan-13)

This program modifies a MPEG4 video (XviD, DivX) without re-encoding (aspect ratio, userdata, packed bitstream removal, and interlaced field order). The video must be in an AVI container. There is also a command line version sharing most of the same features which even runs in other OSes with Mono.

IMPORTANT: As of version 1.4.0, requires the .NET Framework 2.0. Versions 1.3.4 and earlier require the .NET Framework 1.1 or newer.

NOTE: Aspect ratio modification works by changing a flag in the VOL headers, which is ignored by most decoders.


  • Fixed a few small issues that prevented DivX subtitles from working.
  • Added *.divx to the supported extension list in the file dialogs.
  • A default file name is now provided when saving.
  • Doesn't remove delay frames anymore, this caused synch problems with joined videos.
  • FourCC and user data information are now shown in the "Video Info" text.
  • It's now possible to pack videos containing drop frames.
  • Fixed several problems with OpenDML reading/writing (writing bad OpenDML index entries, out of memory exception or unnecessary reading when loading, incomplete loading of files with damaged/missing index).
  • Fixed some problems with packing which also required corrections to the timestamp calculation code.
  • If you try to load a non-MPEG4 video, the error message now displays which codec the file uses.
  • Better default directories for load/save file dialogs.
  • AVI handling code completely rewritten, supports OpenDML and incomplete files (rebuilds the index including keyframe flags).
  • Ability to add/readd packed bitstream.
  • Optimized some parts, runs significantly faster.
  • Added Cancel button on load/save progress window.
  • Doesn't freeze explorer while loading a file after dropping onto the source textbox.
  • Updated code to take advantage of C# 2.0 features, and lots of cleanup.
  • Re-added support for files with packed bitstream containing real N-VOPs (apparently the XviD 1.1 betas do this)
  • Fixed bug when unpacking files with missing N-VOPs (caused by cutting/joining)
  • Removed support for files with packed bitstream containing real N-VOPs to simplify code
  • New feature: Video Info now shows how many warp points are actually used (for example, DivX indicates 2 warp points in the VOL, but the 2nd one is never used)
  • Added detection for corrupt RIFF chunk sizes
  • Fixed byte order problem in AVI index on big endian systems (for command line unpacker running on OS X)
  • Added percent in titlebar of progress window
  • Added 1.85:1 display aspect ratio
  • Fixed saving AVIs with no index
  • Fixed small cosmetic issues in main window
  • New feature: option to automatically change user data when unpacking
  • Fixed bugs with 'rec ' list indexing
  • Added progress bar during load and save
  • A file can be loaded from the command line, or by dropping it on the AVI Source text box
  • Error checking is less strict (no more "No dummy N-VOP found for packed frame" and "Invalid VOL" errors)
  • Files are closed sooner, and output file is deleted if an error occurs during save
  • Other code improvements and clean-up
  • New feature: modification of field order for interlaced videos
  • New feature: video information (i.e. whether or not QPel/GMC were used, stats for how many I/B/P/S/N-VOPs were used, list of VOP type and timestamp for each frame, etc.)
  • Packed bitstream removal can now tell the difference between dummy N-VOPs and real N-VOPs (though I'm told no encoder currently writes real N-VOPs in a packed bitstream)
  • New feature: packed bitstream removal
  • New feature: userdata modification
  • Recognizes frames written in '00db' chunks
1.0.0 (Changes over the "rp.exe" preview):
  • Has a proper GUI
  • Warns if the AVI is OpenDML
  • Reads the frame width/height from the video (for DAR->PAR calculation)
  • Writes dwSuggestedBufferSize in the video stream header (it wrote 0 before)
  • Supports 'rec ' lists
  • Code has been restructured

Download: Binary | Source

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