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Zoom Player v19 release candidate 2 has been released

Zoom Player v19 release candidate 2 has been released


Changes in this beta:

* New feature!

+ Changed feature!

- Fixed feature!

* The hint pop-up that appears when hovering with the mouse
cursor over a skinned user interface button now includes the
keyboard macro used to activate the button.

* You can now rotate the playing video by 90 degree increments
using MPC-VR as the video renderer by pressing Shift+"R".

* Subtitle synchronization adjustments now works when using the
MPC-VR video renderer.

* New "fnMPCVRinfo" Zoom Player function to toggle MPC-VR's video
rendering information overlay. The new function is assigned by
default to the Ctrl+"J" keyboard macro.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / libVLC) to enable SHOUTcast
playback using the libVLC media engine. I do not recommend enabling this
setting, the way libVLC handles SHOUTcast playback is sub-par compared
to the default DirectShow media engine.

Watch me code this feature live:

* You can now press Ctrl+"C" with an IPTV EPG program selected to copy
the program name to the Windows Clipboard.

* New "Configure" button in the Advanced Options' Audio Renderer selection
dialog. Mainly useful when using the MPC Audio Renderer option.

+ The IPTV window's active stream list is now restored when re-opening.

+ The Open-Source media library YouTube plugins will notify you when
Zoom Player's YouTube API key quota has been reached.

Since YouTube is limiting API calls, you can work-around this issue by
creating a personal API key using the instructions in Zoom Player's blog:

+ The download tracking home theater interface keyboard macro has been
moved from Ctrl+"J" to Ctrl+"X".

+ The keyboard editor dialog now appears faster, resizes faster and you can
press a key combination to instantly find its current assignment or use
the search box to search by the feature description assigned to a key.

Watch me code this feature live:

+ The information dialog ("I" keyboard macro) now displays real-time video
rendering information when MPC-VR is used as the video renderer.

+ The information dialog ("I" keyboard macro) now prefixes a "~" symbol
before the frame rate (FPS) value when the frame rate is not properly
detected in the media file (can happen quite often with formats that
use variable frame rate).

- Adding new Chapters (bookmarks) for existing media files would add a
second "No title" ghost entry that did not function properly.

- When an IPTV playlist contained multiple streams using the exact same
name and ID, but with a different URL or Archive Catch-up source, playing
such a stream would highlight all the streams as "playing".

- Filenames with special characters did not open correctly when using
libVLC as the media engine.

- Setting the timeline to display the media's remaining time would result
in displaying odd values when streaming live content that doesn't update
the stream's duration. Now "??:??" is displayed instead.

- Fixed an issue that prevented the last play position being restored when
using libVLC as the media engine.

- Media Chapters were not loaded correctly in regions where the decimal
separator character is ",".

Watch me fix this feature live:

- Trying to play a bad file or URL using the libVLC media engine would not
fail properly, instead leaving the player in a sort of limbo state.

- When using the libVLC media engine with the "On Playlist Complete" setting
set to "Auto-Rewind", the media would start playing and did not pause at
the media's start as expected.

- The information dialog ("I" keyboard macro) did not show the correct
resolution with some clips when using MadVR or MPCV-VR as the video

- Fixed a case were closing and re-opening the IPTV dialog after playing
a channel would not highlight the correct channel if there were multiple
channels with the same name.

- Fixed a glitch that showed new an IPTV EPG/Playlist are ready to refresh
message and enabling the refresh button after initiating and completing
an update download from the options dialog.

- If two IPTV channels share the same channel name and EPG entry, playing
one of the entries could later highlight the identical program entry on
another channel as playing.

- Fixed a few cosmetic glitches in the default Charcoal skin.

Previous beta changes since the release of version 18:
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Zoom Player v19 release candidate 3 has been released.

Zoom Player v19 release candidate 3 has been released.


Changes in this beta:

* New feature!

+ Changed feature!

- Fixed feature!

* Added MPC Audio Decoder Smart Play profiles for many supported
audio Codecs.

* The media library YouTube plugins can now detect Live and Upcoming
videos and display this information on the thumbnail.

* The media library YouTube plugins now filter out private videos.

* In order to clear up some screen real estate, I added a new setting
(Adv. Options / Playback / IPTV) that hides the EPG program end time.
This setting is enabled by default, but can be disabled to restore the
previous program listing style.

+ Double clicking on a media library category in the media library
category editor no longer tries to configure the category, instead
Zoom Player now opens the media library within the clicked category,
allowing the category editor dialog to be used as a navigation hack
to quickly switch between categories.

+ Trying to open the media library category editor when the dialog was
already open but obscured now brings the editor window to the top.

+ Made a small user experience update to the IPTV advanced options
dialog page.

You can see me reworking the UI in this video:

+ Playing a media from the play history without clearing the playlist
now shifts the playlist track listing to make sure the newly played
item is visible.

+ You can now configure the media library's YouTube plugins to select
the number of entries to download at one time, either 25 or 50.
25 being the default value to preserve YouTube's API quota limitations.

- Fixed a freeze when trying to close the IPTV window while logos were
still being downloaded.

- The playlist's "Move to Top" and "Move to Bottom" functions did not
function well, clearing the currently playing media index and
introducing cosmetic glitches.

- Fixed MPC-VR rotation (Shift+"R") and debug info (Ctrl+"J") so it
now works with videos that do not contain subtitles.

You can see me live fixing the issue in this video:

- Wrote a work-around for a bug in the MPC Audio Renderer and
MPC Audio Decoder filters where their property pages appeared
in windows that did not show all the available controls.

You can see me live fixing the issue in this video:

- Under very rare conditions, the media library's highlight on the
active entry would not show for the right-most column.

- Loading an ".M3U" playlist would not always get the track's
title correctly.

- Rotating the video using MPC-VR resulted in a distorted aspect
ratio when Zoom Player was set to the Derived (Automatic) aspect

- Adding the multi-playlist feature actually broke the previously
active track from being restored with regular playlists.

- Using the media library category editor to add a broken link as a
YouTube playlist based category would create an "unknown" category
that didn't work. Now an error is returned in such cases.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the newly played playlist from entering
into view in the playlist editor window under some circumstances.

- Fixed a rare case that could have caused the skinned right-click
context menu to appear twice on screen with one of the menus
remaining stuck on screen.

- Enabling the stop button to close the playing media (local file or
stream) would not update the taskbar button hover controls.

- Even when fullscreen navigation safe mode was enabled, the Trash
icon was still visible in the playlist and file browser interfaces.

- Zoom Player behaved badly when trying to use libVLC to play
streams that are no longer available.

- Configuring the various media library YouTube plugins could cause
old setting to appear when trying to configure two different YouTube
plugins (e.g. "Channel" and "Trending") within the same session.

Previous beta changes since the release of version 18:

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Zoom Player v19 final has been released

A refreshed Zoom Player
Over the past year, I have been working hard to ensure Zoom Player maintains its crown as the most versatile Media Player and Home Theater PC software for Windows. I've kept in constant communication with Zoom Player's user base, and software enthusiasts from across the world to better understand which features would take Zoom Player to the next level. What quality of life improvements would help make Zoom Player friendlier and more efficient?

I listened
As an indie developer, I have to make hard choices regarding my time allocation to ensure the resources available to me are best allocated to the most requested features. I believe I succeeded with the releases of v18 and v19. Here are the biggest new features introduced since the release of v17.2.

IPTV and Electronic Program Guide
The most significant feature of v18 is the introduction of IPTV support, which establishes Zoom Player as the most advanced IPTV player available for Windows. IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is a digital television service delivered via the Internet. Unlike traditional broadcast and cable TV, IPTV transmits television content, including live TV and video on demand (VOD), over the Internet.

You can access Zoom Player's IPTV window either by clicking the new Custom Action button (see below) or by pressing Ctrl+G. Zoom Player provides free access to publicly available channels over IPTV. Additionally, you have the option to purchase access to commercial channels through an IPTV service provider of your choice. Full EPG (Electronic Program Guide) listings and Archive Program playback are supported, although they are not included with the free channels offered by default.

In version 19, I polished the IPTV interface by adding new features, implementing quality of life improvements and fixing bugs. Click here for more information on Zoom Player and IPTV.

Supporting Multiple Playlist
Another long-requested feature is support for multiple playlists, allowing you to instantly switch between multiple pre-loaded playlists. Multiple playlists are loaded in the background using highly optimized code, so even massive playlists containing thousands of entries should not have much of an impact on Zoom Player's performance. Simply press the new multi-playlist button on the playlist editor (top left corner) to add the current playlist, a playlist from a file, or to manage multiple playlists (remove, rename, reorder).

libVLC integration
Zoom Player has now integrated with libVLC, the media engine used by the VLC media player. This integration means that several new features that were unique to VLC are now available in Zoom Player, leveraging the reliability of VLC with Zoom Player's powerful and versatile user interface.

In theory, Zoom Player's default choice of Microsoft's DirectShow media engine is superior to libVLC in many ways. DirectShow is a lower-level implementation, allowing me to develop unique features that are impossible to do with libVLC. At the same time, due to its complexity, there may be cases where libVLC can be more reliable than DirectShow. By default, only Blu-ray discs use libVLC due to its support for playing Blu-ray discs with menus. However, since this is Zoom Player you are reading about, the ultimate choice of which engine to use is up to you!

You can enable libVLC specifically for Blu-ray discs, IPTV streaming, media playback (by file extension), and open-ended streaming (by URL, for example "youtube") under the new advanced options section (Adv. Options / Playback / libVLC). To use libVLC, you must either install the latest version of the 32-bit VLC player or install libVLC from the Install Center (it does not conflict with existing VLC installations). For more information on libVLC's integration click here.

Screen Casting
You can now use libVLC to cast the playing video to supported Chromecast-compatible devices. All you need to do is open "Adv. Options / Playback / libVLC" and scan for a Chromecast device. Any content played through the libVLC engine will now display on the selected device. Please consider that it can take a few seconds longer to open media files for casting. Alternatively, you can use the new Shift+"/" keyboard shortcut to scan and pick a casting device in real-time for the currently playing media.

The tiny user interface problem
This feature has been among the most frequently requested: Zoom Player's hand-drawn skins can now scale in resolution from 100% to 800% to easily support higher resolution displays. Please note, this feature may not be compatible with older skins, so make sure to use the latest skin version. With this new feature, you can simply open the skin selection dialog (by pressing "N") and select a zoom value that works best with your display.

Media library enhancements
I completely redesigned the media library's category editor. It should be easier to set up, and you can finally reorder the categories using multiple selection. The media library itself sports new sorting, filtering, info, and playback features along with updated YouTube plugins, making the media library friendlier and more powerful than ever.
More help

The right-click menu has been extended with a new "Help" section. The Help section provides quick access to the keyboard shortcut list and quick-use guides for most of Zoom Player's interfaces. Using the "F1" keyboard shortcut now opens the keyboard shortcut list instantly.

New Formats
Zoom Player's latest version supports playback of all the newest audio and video codecs (formats), including AV1 video, H.266/VVC video, and Opus audio.

MPC-VR : A new Video Renderer option
With the help of Chetan Ullal and his work on the MPC Subtitle Helper component, I was able to integrate the MPC-VR video rendering component for media playback. MPC-VR is actively developed, and includes some features MadVR lacks (certain Dolby HDR profiles).

Custom Action Button
The default Zoom Player skin now features a Custom Action button designed to resemble a starburst, located in the top-left corner of the player window. Within Zoom Player's options dialog, you can configure the specific action that triggers when pressing the Custom Action button. By default, clicking the button opens the new IPTV interface.

Wakeup on LAN
Zoom Player can now send Wake-on-LAN packets to your network-attached devices, enabling the automatic activation of remote PCs or network-attached storage devices based on conditions you specify, for example, on an initial run or when accessing the media library.

More Quality of Life changes
I made many more tweaks and fixes, making Zoom Player more intuitive and fun to use, read all about them in the complete change list.

Watch me code
I started documenting some of my coding sessions on YouTube, allowing you to follow me as I develop new features, try to optimize code and fix bugs.

Support my continued work on Zoom Player
Do you love my work on Zoom Player? If you feel I'm doing a good job, please support me on Patreon, you will gain my endless love for your kind heart and generosity.

Zoom Player version 19
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Zoom Player v19.5 beta 1 has been released.

Zoom Player v19.5 beta 1 has been released.


Changes in this beta:

* New feature!

+ Changed feature!

- Fixed feature!

* Added support for H.266/VVC, AV1 and Opus detection and icons to
the media library.

* Added a new setting (Adv. Options / System / Screen Saver & Capture)
that allows you to specify if screenshots should be saved in the same
folder as the video currently being played (Only applies to local

* Added a new setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Video / Aspect Ratio)
to reset the aspect ratio to "Derived" when opening a new media
(disabled by default).

* Added a new setting (Adv. Options / Playback / History) to automatically
restore the previously active video aspect ratio on replay (disabled by
default). This new feature will only work for videos that was previously
played by this version of Zoom Player (or newer) since previous versions
did not save the active aspect ratio.

* Added settings to control which Zoom Player function is triggered when
using the mouse wheel while holding either the Alt, Ctrl or Shift keys.

The default values are:
Mouse Wheel + Alt : Seek 5 seconds backwards/forwards
Mouse Wheel + Ctrl : Seek 20 seconds backwards/forwards
Mouse Wheel + Shift : Seek 120 seconds backwards/forwards
Watch me code it live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyEXJgvPv7c

* New IPTV Electronic Program Guide Grid. The EPG grid is an alternative
program guide view that lists the episode guide of multiple streams in
an easy to scroll and filter interface.

You can access the EPG grid by pressing the "#" button within the IPTV
window. The EPG grid does not rely on the stream list and can be used
without specifying any stream sources.

The EPG grid's look and feel can be fully customized through the
advanced options dialog under "Playback / IPTV".

* New IPTV global episode guide filter. The new global filter works
across all streams, filtering out streams that do not contain a
program containing the filtering text.

Global filtering is very useful when searching for a particular program
or live event across all available streams.

Please note that performing the initial global search triggers a one time
stream indexing operation that may a few minutes on some systems.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / IPTV) to control whether
global EPG filtering includes filtering using the program's description.
This setting can slow down filtering and is disabled by default.

* Per-EPG Time Shift support (Adv. Options / Playback / IPTV) has been
added. The time shift is applied to the entire EPG.

Please note :
If you previously set a time shift on a specific stream then both time
shifts are combined.

* In cases where you list an IPTV stream supporting archive playback but
the stream does not have an Episode Guide or the Episode Guide does
not cover the full archive period specified in the playlist, Zoom Player
now creates empty entries on the EPG listing panels to enable archive
playback covering the full archive period.

* IPTV playback of streams that require authentication using user-agent
or referrer are now supported. For compatibility, Zoom Player uses the
same "#EXTVLCOPT" playlist tag as VLC. This feature requires a version
of LAV Filters newer than 0.79.2 as it was introduced by LAV Filters
in a nightly build released after v0.79.2.

+ Cleaned up the Advanced Options dialog's Video Aspect Ratio section.

+ Cleaned up the Advanced Options dialog's Mouse Wheel section.
Watch me redesign it live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyEXJgvPv7c

+ Redesigned the chapter/bookmark editor to make it cleaner and easier to use.
Watch me redesign it live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyEXJgvPv7c

+ Enhanced the IPTV playlist parsing code to be more tolerant of badly
authored playlists.

- Any interface SFX played while a media was loaded using the DirectShow
media engine would break volume control until a new media was loaded.

- "SOON" and "LIVE" media library YouTube entries would disappear when
pressing the "Load More" option and then closing and reopening the
media library.

- Fixed a UTF8 encoding/decoding bug that failed to decode unicode
characters greater than U+010000 in the TCP/IP control API, causing
Zoom Player to not find files with these characters in the name.

- Loading a Zoom Player chapter file (".zpchp") did not sort the chapters by
position, instead showing them by the order they were listed in the file.
Watch me fix it live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyEXJgvPv7c

- Fixed a bug that prevented the source video resolution from being read
when using MPC-VR as the video renderer.
Watch me fix it live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyEXJgvPv7c

- Fixed a bug that prevented text input on the "Folder/Poster file mask"
and "Backdrop file mask" settings (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen
Navigation / Customization).

- Fixed a bug where IPTV stream's time-shift offset was not being saved
correctly if the stream only had a name and not an ID.

- The media library category editor should now restore the previously
selected category when closing and re-opening the dialog.

- Using the media library's "resume playback" feature did not add the
media's title (when available) to the playlist.

- Fixed a bug that could cause Zoom Player to freeze on exit when a
new IPTV playlist/EPG download has finished with no disk space to
extract it.

- Pressing "Play" from the control bar when using the libVLC engine for
playback could cause the control bar to appear hidden behind the video,
preventing access until the control bar was closed and reopened.

Previous beta changes since the release of version 19:
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