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meGUI Producing 'chipmunk' Audio With Forced FFDShow Decoding


I'm new to the forums (posting anyway) and I've searched through but can't seem to find a solution to this problem. If someone else has already discussed this, please point me in the right direction but so far every article I've found discussing this is for other encoders and none of them mention FFDShow. I also couldn't find anything on Google either.

Here's what's happening:

I'm in the process of backing up my entire DVD collection to MP4 to stream through my XBox 360. I rip my DVDs, strip out the extra crap with Nero Recode, feed the VOB files to meGUI to produce the audio and d2v files, create the AviSYNTH scripts from the d2v files, encode the video, encode the audio and then mux them to get the final files. Pretty standard procedure.

I encode all the audio with Nero Digital but NDAAC is notorious for low volume output through meGUI but its the only audio format that will work (every other generates that lovely 'content may not be supported' error that makes me want to fly to Redmond and shoot Bill Gates in the head).

After reading through the forums, I figured out the only way to correct the low volume issue is to force decoding through DirectShow and adjust the volume to an output roughly x% of normal. If I don't do that I wind up with files that require the the volume on my receiver be above 70 to even here a little bit of the dialogue. That's a little loud and if I forget to turn it back down; the neighbors get really, really pissed when I turn on the XBox.

Of course, I have to produce two files for each encode, one with the original 5.1 audio and one with 2.1 because the XBox 360 only supports files with 2.1 audio for the time being and I hate having to transcode my files because Windows video stinks. So I produce the 2.1 by using the downmix option in the audio profile with downmix only occurring if the original audio is in 5.1; 2.1 audio is always left as original channel but forced through DirectShow to adjust the volume.

Up until last week; everything was working fine; files were coming out beautifully and life was good. On Wednesday, I installed the DivX and XviD Codecs and AutoGK to encode a couple of my friend's files to those formats for him (his computer is really slow so I offered to help him out with his backups).

On Friday I went back to meGUI, I queued up all the movies I had ready to convert (13 movies and 15 episodic shows). meGUI did its thing and video spit out, audio spit out and then I queued them all up to mux. When it was done, I started testing the files and much to my absolute horror I suddenly had Chip & Dale performing the audio tracks for ever single file I encoded: the audio was so fast, I couldn't understand it - for a 23 minute show, the entire audio track was played in about 4 minutes. I redid the audio again to the same result. I went into the audio profile and shut off the force FFDShow option (luckily it was the first thing I tried) and the audio came out fine. I was baffled and played around with the ffdshow settings and got it to work sometimes but only until I adjusted the audio and then it was back to the forest . . .

Yesterday I uninstalled every CODEC on my machine along with MeGUI, AviSYNTH, VirtualDub, AutoGK, DivX, XviD; the whole nine yards, hoping that would fix the problem. Afterwards, I reinstalled ONLY meGUI, AviSYNTH and ffdshow . . . and I still have the issue.

For information: Many of the posts I encountered regarding fast audio were asking whether or not the input audio was correct and I can assure you it is. When I was working on figuring out a good value to increase the volume to in ffdshow, I had to encode audio several times and I did it across four different movies to find a sweet spot for the volume increase and I never had this problem. The four films I used as my test bed are among the 13 that are now being lip-synced by rodents.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I might go about solving this? I've got 'D F G H J' embedded on my forehead from banging my head on my keyboard. I love my x264 encodes but I have to be able to raise the volume otherwise the files only work well on my computer which is in my office which is no where near my TV; streaming is the only way I can use them at this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many, many thanks for your time.


PS: If it matters; I'm running on a Windows XP x64 box; 8 GB of RAM; 7 TB of drive space and an nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card.
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Thanks . . .

I'll give it a shot; but I really would like to know what caused this.

I also figured out that I can convert the audio through foobar2000 without the soft audio problem that meGUI has. It adds another layer to the conversion process but it comes out sounding a thousand times better. If anyone wants instructions on how to do that; please let me know and I'll give you what I have.

In the meantime, anyone got any ideas why ffdshow is doing this to my audio?
When the Earth has been ravaged, and the animals are dying; a tribe of people from all races, creeds and colours will put their faith in deeds, not words, to make the land green again.
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