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bdsup2sub++ - convert and tweak bitmap subtitles.

Creating a new thread since I've taken over maintaining so that all the new versions can be tracked in the first post and not lost in the previous thread.

CLI syntax is:

BDSup2Sub++ 1.0.2 0xdeadbeef, mjuhasz, Adam T.
bdsup2sub++ [options] -o outfile infile

 -h, --help           	List options 
 --load-settings      	Set to load settings stored in INI file. 
 --resolution x       	Set resolution to 480, 576, 720 or 1080. Default: 576. 
                      	Supported values: keep, ntsc=480, pal=576, 1440x1080. 
 --fps-source x       	Synchronize source frame rate to <x>. Default: auto. 
                      	Supported values: 24p=23.976, 25p=25, 30p=29.967. 
 --fps-target x       	Convert the target frame rate to <x>. Default: keep. 
                      	Supported values: 24p=23.976, 25p=25, 30p=29.967. 
 --delay x            	Set delay in ms. Default: 0.0. 
 --filter x           	Set the filter to use for scaling. Default: bilinear. 
                      	Supported values: bilinear, triangle, bicubic, bell, 
                      	b-spline, hermite, lanczos3, mitchell. 
 --palette-mode x     	Palette mode: keep, create, dither. Default: create. 
 --minimum-time x     	Set the minimum display time in ms. Default: 500. 
 --merge-time x       	Set max time diff to merge subs in ms. Default: 200. 
 --move-in-ratio x    	Move captions from inside screen ratio <x>. 
 --move-out-ratio x   	Move captions from outside screen ratio <x>. 
 --move-y-origin x    	Move captions from the original vertical position. 
                      	Supported values: up, down. 
 --move-y-offset x    	Set optional +/- offset to move captions by. 
 --move-x x           	Move captions horizontally from specified position. 
                      	Supported values: left, right, center, origin. 
 --move-x-offset x    	Set optional +/- offset to move captions by. 
 --crop-y x           	Crop the upper/lower n lines. Default: 0 
 --alpha-crop x       	Set the alpha cropping threshold. Default: 10 
 --scale-x x          	Scale captions horizontally by factor. Default 1.0. 
 --scale-y x          	Scale captions vertically by factor. Default 1.0. 
 --no-export-palette  	Do not export palette file. 
 --export-palette     	Export target palette in PGCEdit format. 
 --forced-only        	Export only forced subtitles. 
 --force-all x        	Set or clear the forced flag for all subpictures. 
                      	Supported values: set/clear. 
 --swap               	Swap Cr/Cb components. 
 --no-fix-invisible   	Do not fix zero alpha frame palette. 
 --fix-invisible      	Fix zero alpha frame palette. 
 --no-verbose         	Switch off verbose console output mode. 
 --verbose            	Switch on verbose console output mode. 
 --log-to-stderr      	Switch to change progress output to standard error. 

Options only for SUB/IDX or SUP/IFO as target:
 --alpha-thr x        	Set alpha threshold 0..255. Default 80. 
 --med-low-thr x      	Set luminance low/med threshold 0..255. 
 --med-hi-thr x       	Set luminance med/hi threshold 0..255. 
 --language x         	Set language to <n>. Default: de (Vobsub Only). 
 --palette-file x     	Load palette file <n>. Overrides default palette. 

 -o x, --output x     	Specify output file. 

Wildcard support:
Use "*" for any character and "?" for one character in the source name
Use exactly one "*" in the target file name.
bdsup2sub++ --resolution 720 --fps-target 25p -o dvd_*.sub 'movie* 1?.sup'
Current version is v1.0.2 (2013/17/4):

Windows Binary:
v1.0.2: here.
git snapshot build: *to be added later*.

OS X 10.7+ binary:
v1.0.2: here.
git snapshot build: *to be added later*.

For Linux support:

Arch users can get bdsup2sub++ from AUR.

For any other distro, you'll have to ask for your repo maintainers for support. Currently, I don't have the time to maintain packages.

Github repository is here.

For all requests for bug fixes and enhancements made in this thread, it would also be helpful if you can also post them to the issue tracker as well.

When reporting a crash or a bug, please provide a sample file and steps that can consistently reproduce the issue.

Last edited by paradoxical; 17th April 2013 at 17:42. Reason: Added new Windows git snapshot build
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