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Ripping Q&A

1# Q: I have this disc XY that none of the ripping programs I tried could rip. Is this a new method of encryption?

A: There will never be a new encryption on DVDs. We have roughly a 100 million DVD capable devices worldwide, if not more. Now imagine making these superfluous... you simply cannot do that. The point of having a standard is that you can play anything anywhere or it wouldn't be a standard. The oldest 1st gen DVD players must be able to play every DVD that will ever be released. Of course, that's theoretical.. the oldest players may have problems with advanced discs because when they were manufactured nobody had ever created a complicated DVD project so there was no software out there to test the hardware. But rest assured.. DVD will always remain DVD and will always use the exact same technology.

2# Q: Which ripping program should I use?

A: Simple... DVD Decrypter (now that is has IFO parsing!)
From a non-bias point of view, you might also like to check out SmartRipper, vStrip (and its variants - ie. CladDVD (XP)).
Why not take a look at the following 'now outdated' ripper comparison: http://www.doom9.org/dvd_ripper_comparison.htm.
Flask and XMpeg have internal support for IFO parsing so an IFO parsing mode within the rippers should be avoided - although it is often better than the one implemented in the encoders!

3# Q: How to play DVDs from my HD?

A: http://www.doom9.org/mpg/hd-playback.htm

4# Q: How do I use vStrip?

A: Read this guide: http://www.doom9.org/vstrip.htm

5# Q: How to deal with multiangle or seamless branching titles?

A: All ifo parsing rippers (DVD Decrypter, SmartRipper, vStrip and cladDVD) can handle these titles properly.
Using DVD Decrypter's 'File Mode', by default all angles are kept. This is what you want when creating another DVD and undesireable when you create a movie only copy. In the latter case, you need to enable 'MultiAngle Processing' to get rid of all but one angle.

6# Q: Can I rip a DVD which zone does not match the zone of my DVD-ROM drive?

A: It depends. If the ripping program uses the ASPI method (instant) for retreiving the decryption key then the region of the disc and the drive must match (or the drive must be RPC-1 = regionfree). Only DVD Decrypter 3 and SmartRipper support the ASPI method. Both of these programs will use the normal 'Brute Force' cracking method (used by all the other decrypting tools) if the ASPI one fails.

7# Q: I ripped a DVD to my HD and like to burn it onto a DVD-R/W. How do I do that?

A: Read the DVD -> DVD-R/W guides: http://www.doom9.org/mpg/dvdr-guides.htm

8# Q: I get a "ASPI Initialization failed" or "no ASPI access to this drive" error when starting my ripping program. What can I do?

A: Install forceaspi, available on http://www.doom9.org/

9# Q: My drive rips really slow.

A: Certain drives like the Toshiba SD-M1512 are locked to 2x speed when dealing with CSS encrypted discs. In that case you can't do anything. Normally try to enable Ultra DMA in your BIOS and Windows (Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager, in W2k/XP the setting is in the IDE/ATAPI controller settings, in W9x/ME it's part of the DVD drive settings). If that doesn't help try to reconnect your IDE devices differently. The DVD-ROM should be master and if possible have its own IDE channel.

10# Q: I get an out of disc space error when really there is lots of free space - what's wrong?

A: Drives formatted as FAT/FAT32 are limited in the fact that the maximum supported file size is 4GB. When merging files, this can be an issue. NTFS does not suffer from this limitation. NTFS is only available (for local discs) under Windows NT / 2000 / XP. You can however 'map' to an networked NTFS drive from a Windows 95 / 98 / Me machine just fine.

11# Q: DVD Decrypter shows 'No Devices Found' but I get NO ASPI errors in the log - what's wrong?

A: If you are running Windows NT/2000/.NET, get the WNASPI32.DLL file from ahead's (Creators of Nero Burning Rom) website (http://www.ahead.de) and copy it to your winnt\system32 - windows\system32 folder. The Adaptec ASPI layer seems to have problems with XP. This includes the new 4.7 version - infact, I've found that to be the worst yet!
For the web's most comprehensive collection of DVD backup guides go to www.doom9.org

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