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deew (Dolby Encoding Engine Wrapper)

Dolby Encoding Engine Wrapper

deew: https://github.com/pcroland/deew
(Installation instructions on the github page.)
- handles Dolby's XML input fuckery in the background, giving you a proper CLI interface
- converts inputs to RF64 which DEE can use
  - bit depth, number of channels and other infos are parsed from the source
- an XML file will be generated for each input based on the settings
- the script utilizes thread pooling for batch encoding (see config)
- supports WSL path conversion for the Windows version of DEE (see config)
- in case of an invalid bitrate it will pick the closest allowed one
- automatic sample rate conversion using ffmpeg's soxr resampler in case of an unsupported sample rate
  - for DD/DDP/AC4 unsupported rates will be converted to 48 kHz
  - for TrueHD unsupported rates will be converted to 48 kHz if source sample rate is lower than 72 kHz, otherwise will be converted to 96 kHz
- automatic channel swapping for 7.1 sources (DEE swaps Ls Rs with Lrs Rrs for some reason)
- automatic dialnorm setting
- automatically compensates for DEE's 256 sample delay (DD and DDP encoding)
- checks if intermediate file is already created so you can encode different formats/bitrates using a single intermediate file, for example:
  "deew -f dd -b 448 -i input -k"
  "deew -f dd -b 640 -i input -k"
  "deew -f ddp -i input"
- works even with video inputs (first audio will be selected)
- fancy terminal output using rich
- versatile delay option that supports ms, s and also frame@fps formats
- parsing delay from filenames

> deew -h
deew 3.0.1

USAGE: deew [-h] [-v] [-i [INPUT ...]] [-ti INDEX] [-o DIRECTORY] [-f FORMAT]
            [-b BITRATE] [-dm CHANNELS] [-d DELAY] [-r DRC] [-dn DIALNORM]
            [-in INSTANCES] [-k] [-mo] [-fs] [-fb] [-lb] [-la] [-np] [-pl]
            [-cl] [-c] [-gc]

  -h, --help                  show this help message.
  -v, --version               show version.
  -i, --input [INPUT ...]     audio file(s) or folder(s)
  -ti, --track-index INDEX    default: 0
                              select audio track index of input(s)
  -o, --output DIRECTORY      default: current directory
                              specifies output directory
  -f, --format FORMAT         options: dd / ddp / ac4 / thd
                              default: ddp
  -b, --bitrate BITRATE       options: run -lb/--list-bitrates
                              default: run -c/--config
  -dm, --downmix CHANNELS     options: 1 / 2 / 6
                              specifies downmix, only works for DD/DDP
                              DD will be automatically downmixed to 5.1 in case of a 7.1 source
  -d, --delay DELAY           examples: -5.1ms, +1,52s, -24@pal, +10@24000/1001
                              default: 0ms or parsed from filename
                              specifies delay as ms, s or frame@FPS
                              FPS can be a number, division or ntsc / pal
                              you have to specify negative values as -d=-0ms
  -r, --drc DRC               options: film_light / film_standard / music_light / music_standard / speech
                              default: music_light (this is the closest to the missing none preset)
                              specifies drc profile
  -dn, --dialnorm DIALNORM    options: between -31 and 0 (in case of 0 DEE's measurement will be used)
                              default: 0
                              applied dialnorm value between
  -in, --instances INSTANCES  examples: 1, 4, 50%
                              default: 50%
                              specifies how many encodes can run at the same time
                              50% means 4 on a cpu with 8 threads
                              one DEE can use 2 threads so 50% can utilize all threads
                              (this option overrides the config's number)
  -k, --keeptemp              keep temp files
  -mo, --measure-only         kills DEE when the dialnorm gets written to the progress bar
                              this option overrides format with ddp
  -fs, --force-standard       force standard profile for 7.1 DDP encoding (384-1024 kbps)
  -fb, --force-bluray         force bluray profile for 7.1 DDP encoding (768-1664 kbps)
  -lb, --list-bitrates        list bitrates that DEE can do for DD and DDP encoding
  -la, --long-argument        print ffmpeg and DEE arguments for each input
  -np, --no-prompt            disables prompt
  -pl, --print-logos          show all logo variants you can set in the config
  -cl, --changelog            show changelog
  -c, --config                show config and config location(s)
  -gc, --generate-config      generate a new config

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