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Old 17th August 2012, 21:41   #1  |  Link
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Closed to the source encode


I want to encode DVD source using x264

I'm not interested in fast encode, device compatibility or anything else, i only want to have a backup rip of some DVDs, as closed to the source as possible

I encoded the 2 dvds of the Evangelion DTS Edition, getting very very good rips of 772MB (1441kbps) for Death(True)^2 and 1.03GB (1680kbps) for Air - magokoro Wo Kimi Ni

I tried to compare the original and the encoded one and seems that my rip is better than the original

I used this avs script

QTGMC(Preset="Slow", EdiThreads=2, SourceMatch=3, MatchPreset2="Slow", Lossless=2)
and this cmd for the x264 [2208JEEB High 10]

--preset placebo --tune animation --qp 31 --deblock 0:0 --keyint infinite --min-keyint 1 --open-gop \
--bframes 6 --ref 6 --qpmin 1 --ipratio 1 --pbratio 1 --merange 32 --me umh --subme 10 --output
Is this a good configuration for mine target?? Or there's a better/faster one??

Thanks in advance for attention

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Old 17th August 2012, 22:14   #2  |  Link
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1.) Are you sure the movie should be deinterlaced instead of IVTC'ed?
2.) Use --crf, not --qp. Why use --ipratio 1 --pbratio 1 etc.?

That forum is only visible to members, btw, so no one is going to see what you wrote there.
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Old 17th August 2012, 23:11   #3  |  Link
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1)Oh, i copied the script for the interlaced source
Since i started making rip i never met IVTC'ed source

2)Because --crf compress more on the complex frame and less on simple ones, while --qp compress all the frame in the same way giving a constant quality over all the clip [at least i understood this]
--ipratio/pbratio for the same reason

But if there're other reason of why i should use crf instead of qp tell me, i made different research before posting here and it's possible that i misunderstood something

What do you mean whit etc??
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Old 17th August 2012, 23:12   #4  |  Link
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The forum is only visible to members because it's a torrent download site... you highly risk to have this thread closed.

Anyway, how you can think to have a subjective "better" results than the original if:
- You're basically doing nothing at a filter level (i.e denoising)
- You're wrongly deinterlacing a source that have a simple soft-europulldown applied.

The max you can get actually is the exactly same quality as the original (with x264 in lossless mode) OR, going lossy, you can aim to a transparent-looking encode (using CRF or a 2pass). Both statements are valid if QTGMC doesn't screw anything...

Oh and by the way, thanks for sharing the ISOs of two of my works to the tntvillage "community".
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Old 17th August 2012, 23:50   #5  |  Link
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I eliminated that link

QTGMC and the x264 deblocking already made a moderate denoising, then is useless to use a denoiser filter

oh FUU~, i rechecked the source, it have 12frames interlaced and 12frames progressive
I fall in error due to the MeGui autoanalysis and mine wrong visual checking in VLC [whit deinterlacer disabled]

Lossless mode and 2pass are [in mine opinion] useless for this kind of job, lossless create too big files, 2pass waste too much time

How i said in my previous post, why should i use crf instead of qp??

In all mine and other users test, QTGMC have always had better results insted of yadif or other deinterlacer, why are you saying this??

Maybe you're greeting the wrong person, MonoS is now a collective on TNT, i only write release and follow the forum, there're other 4 person that upload things
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