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Originally Posted by ksec View Post
VVC 1.0 was standardised in June 2020 at the time it was VTM 9. But in reality it was 2.0 in 2022 April with all compliance and standard test ready. Which at the time it was VTM 16.

I think FVC / ECM 11 right now is much closer to VTM 9 / VVC 1.0 stage. And in terms of Next Gen Codec, this is by far the earliest reach by historic standard. Part of me think that is due to COVID and researcher got insane productivity while being stuck at home.

I still remember I was impressed by VVC during VTM development, well turns out we squeeze another ~30% BD-Rate out of it within 2-3 years time.
Codec developers have been worried we're running out of ideas for decades. But it never quite seems to happen, thank goodness. And thank Moore's Law allowing us to keep on increasing decode compute requirements some and encode compute requirements a bunch.

But on the other hand it will likely be the first codec that requires hardware decoder to work.
You think? Not having a software decoder for testing would add a lot of friction. Hopefully at least it could be done in a GPU accelerated implementation so we can get work done before HW decoders are available.
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Intra Block Copy VVC errors have been corrected. Videos can be played.
Converting VTM videos requires adding framerate (-r). Video still stutters bit.
In function 'prepare_intra_edge_params_8',
    inlined from 'intra_pred_8' at extra/vvc_intra_template.c:627:5:
extra/vvc_intra_template.c:535:21: warning: writing 16 bytes into a region of size 0 [-Wstringop-overflow=]
  535 |             left[i] = top[i] = left[0];
      |             ~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
extra/vvc_intra_template.c: In function 'intra_pred_8':
extra/vvc_intra_template.c:625:21: note: at offset -105 into destination object 'edge' of size 3136
  625 |     IntraEdgeParams edge;
      |                     ^~~~

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Originally Posted by benwaggoner View Post

You think? Not having a software decoder for testing would add a lot of friction. Hopefully at least it could be done in a GPU accelerated implementation so we can get work done before HW decoders are available.
It is definitely the largest increase in terms of decoder complexity. At least not a viable options for vast majority of machines, especially Mobile Phones or Laptops. I dont think we will ever get a dav1d level decoder for VVC or FVC / H.267 ( FVC not being an official name ). And even if we assume we do get someone to write the insane amount of hand written assembly of dav1d. If we consider VVC being similar level of complexity as AV1. And we are looking at 8-10x decoding complexity of AV1 / VVC to FVC. You will need 8x more powerful computer to decode an FVC file with dav1d level of optimisation.

We are looking at an Apple M3 / or current Top Tier CPU from x86 to barely decode 1080P FVC files at 30fps with 100% CPU usage with an dav1d level of decoder ( Which we likely wont get ). I dont expect this level of CPU performance to filter through to the low end any time soon or even within next 10 years. And we haven't even talked about 4K.

So realistically any usage of FVC would requires dedicated hardware acceleration.

But Of course I hope I am utterly wrong.
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iso, itu, successor, vvc

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