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The hunt for the perfect mp4->mp4 folder-by-folder batch encoder

I've got a whole load of videos from a Samsung HMX-H100P HD camera which outputs mp4 video.

The bitrate is pretty high and I'd like to batch transcode to mp4, but with a better algorithm, giving it overnight to take it's time, do high profile, slow passes, exhaustive motion search etc.

I've been using the excellent Avidemux for now, as it seems to be about 3x faster than anything else I've found, producing videos around 1/3 the filesize, especially good at compressing vbr when the main element of the picture is stationary. I've just compressed 2m29s of video at 167Mb of someone talking, to 61Mb, and I really can't see the difference. No artefacting etc. Compression is: video: MP4 AVC (x264) CRF single pass, Q24 with AAC (FAAC) audio at 96kb.

Trouble is, it doesn't do batch, and nothing else I've tried comes close in terms of speed or quality - xilisoft doesn't like my GPU, Handbrake seems slow, Miro encoder doesn't really have any options etc, and they all seem to want to output to an output folder, not the input folder or a sub-folder thereof.

All I want to do is be able to drag or select whole folders of files and say "convert those with these settings and output to the same or a sub-folder and rename the output files, and do that for each folder".

It's so easy with still images - there have been things like Irfanview which have done that for years, but for mp4, I seem to have drawn a blank. Any ideas greatly appreciated - even if it's command line, but I'd prefer not

The other idea would be to use my GPU, or buy a new one if it was really going to speed things up. My specs are as below - I thought the Xilisoft one would work for my Radeon 4350 but it says I need to update my driver - even though I'm on the latest driver...

Driver Packaging Version 8.92-111109a-129966C-ATI
Catalyst Version 11.12
Provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2D Driver Version
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
AMD VISION Engine Control Center Version 2011.1109.2212.39826

Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 940 Processor
Board: Manufacturer BIOSTAR Group
Model TA790GX 128M
Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM
System type 64-bit operating system
Number of processor cores 4

Someone's bound to say/ask it so I'll pre-empt:

My backup's getting pretty full now.

Yes, I know I shouldn't transcode source material before I use it, but all the important stuff is "original" - I'm talking about stuff like 20 minutes of not much happening, just in case I might want to use it in the future. I'm keeping the original important stuff as it came off the camera.

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Avidemux does indeed have a batch processing capability.
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Thanks, IG!

I remember trying Avidemux command line batch processing about a year ago, and getting absolutely nowhere with it. This time, I thought I would persist a little more.

Two things I found: the avidemux_cli file didn't work for me then, and it doesn't work for me now - just miles of errors streaming by, no files ever get encoded.

Running "normal" avidemux via a script CAN be done, but the Wiki is out of date - to encode, you have to remove var app = new Avidemux(); from the script file.

I've not found a way of "silencing" the GUI, so when a pop up pops up I still need to act on it, but this is better than one by one!

Oh, and finally, something I learnt the hard way: the nightly builds of Avidemux do not like to re-encode an mp4 already encoded with Avidemux.
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