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I'm afraid we've to stop
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Official AutoGK FAQ (last modified on 18 May 2007)





Main AutoGK download mirrors are protected from direct linking via "referrers" feature, so if you're getting an error saying something like "You don't have permission to access XXX..." make sure you enable referrers propagation in you browser/firewall/download manager.

1. Input to AutoGK

AutoGK accepts input files with the following extensions: MPG, MPEG, VOB, VRO, M2V, DAT, IFO, TS, TP, TRP, M2T, AVI. In terms of formats it suppors mpeg1, mpeg2, transport streams, vobs from DVDs and practically any codec in AVI file. For restriction on AVI input see question 5.12. One special mode that AutoGK has starting from version 2.15 is IFO file input that replaced "DVD mode" from older version. Now all you have to do is to point AutoGK to IFO file and it will pick up vobs that has the same VTS number (i.e. VTS_??_?.vob files, so you can't point it to global video_ts.ifo file).

2. Audio

2.1 [obsolete]

2.2 [obsolete]

2.3 How is first audio encoded in Auto mode?
- it's VBR 128Kbps if target size is 700Mb or less, in all others cases it's original AC3/DTS/MPA track. LPCM tracks are always converted to VBR MP3: 128kbps for 1CD or less, 192kbps for more that 1CD.

2.4 How is second audio encoded?
- in Auto mode it's VBR 128Kbps, in all others it's the same as first one.

2.5 which VBR mode is used for encoding?
- it's ABR via "--alt-preset" option of LAME

2.6 [obsolete]

2.7 AutoGK says it cannot find audio
- first check if audio was demuxed in agk_tmp dir, if yes then most likely audio encoding is failed: check azid/normalize/lame steps on input audio individually to find the problem.

2.8 Can AutoGK perform mono MP3 encoding?
- Yes. If it finds that only 1 channel is used from stream info file then audio source is treated as mono automatically, however you can force mono encoding for any track by using ".mono" hidden option (CTRL-F9). AutoGK automatically divides given bitrate by two for mono encoding, so you don't have to do that explicitly.

2.9 Can AutoGK perform DTS transcoding/muxing?
- Starting with version 1.78, yes. If you'd like to keep DTS sound in AVI (its pretty large even compared to AC3) you'll need AC3Filter 1.01RC5 or latest ffdshow playback filters to be able to decode audio.

2.10 Can AutoGK just mux mp2(mpa) tracks from MPEG video files?
- Yes, starting with version 2.12

2.11 [Obsolete]

2.12 I can't hear audio when playing final AVI. Why?
- if its AC3/DTS sound track then you need latest AC3Filter or ffdshow to decode it. AutoGK installer doesn't have those filters.

2.13 Audio level of resulting AVI is too low. What can I do?
- if its MP3 sound track then there is nothing more you can do as considerable level of boosting is already applied during encoding process. If its AC3/DTS then make sure you maximized boosting inside AC3Filter during playback (as AC3/DTS tracks are original DVD tracks and cannot be boosted).

3. Subtitles

3.1 Why is WinRAR needed for external subtitles?
- To make them smaller they have to be compressed. The only supported by VobSub archive is RAR. No other archive programs apart from WinRAR can compress into RAR format.

3.2 I can't see second subtitle whle second audio option is there. Why?
- external subtitle option in the advanced options is not set

3.3 If movie is automatically split into several parts will external subtitles be split as well?
- yes

3.4 Subtitles are out of synch/absent. What's wrong?
- Angle and PGC file naming probably was not used AutoGK has not idea about what was ripped. Of course sometimes DVD can be badly mastered, in which case you have to manually deal with them. Also subs will not be shown properly if you selected only several chapters/cells from PGC as VobSub only works with the whole vobset. As of version 2.12 AutoGK presents a choice of PGCs/Angles to the user upon parsing of IFO file - make sure to select the correct ones. If you don't use subs then selection is not used and you don;t have to select the correct PGC/Angle.

3.5 [obsolete]

3.6 When doing a preview of a movie I see double subs. What's wrong?
- nothing is wrong and movie will turn up ok. It's just internal and external subs are being displayed at the same time.

3.7 Where is "all subtitles" option?
- make sure "external subs" option is selected in advanced options (you need to reload input source to see "all subs" option after you enabled external subs)

3.8 I have my own text/vobsub subs for the movie. Can I burn them into AVI?
- Yes, CTRL-F8

4. Video/Codec

4.1 Which resolution is used in different output size modes?
- for Maximum Quality and Quality-based encoding it's the source width (unless custom settings are used in advanced options). For Target Size mode - resolution will depend on compressibility of the source.

4.2 Can I adjust codec settings within or outside of AutoGK?
- no, it is believed that AutoGK uses best speed/quality settings

4.3 Which codecs are supported?
- At the moment the only supported codecs are: XviD 1.1.x+, DivX 5.2.1 Pro and DivX 6.0.3+ (as of 2.25). If you're using MTK/Sigma compatibility option then you HAVE to use XviD build supplied with AutoGK, otherwise you may use potentially any build of XviD 1.x. (alternatively you can get xvidvfw.dll from Celtic_Druid to use with latest XviD build here )

4.4 Can you I use cartoon mode of XviD 1.x ?
- Yes, use ".cartoon" hidden option (CTRL-F9).

4.5 Can I use DivX non-pro free edition?
- No, as AutoGK requires b-frames feature to be enabled in the codec

4.6 Can I manually crop video?
- Sort of. Starting with version 1.86 its possible via ".autocrop" hidden option (CTRL-F9). Just set threshold to 0 and then use "Force cropping of" option.

4.7 If I don't know which chipset my standalone uses - what is the safest option to choose?
- ESS option is the most compatible one

5. General

5.1 Do you support Hyperthreaded/dual CPUs ?
- yes, AutoGK has no problems running on those CPUs (although encoding is NOT done by AutoGK directly, so the whole process may not run faster on such CPUs - codecs have to support that natively).

5.2. I have an old PC and AutoGK fails to work/start on it. Is there anything that can be done about it?
- AutoGK requires MMX-enabled CPU, nothing can be done to remove that requirement.

5.3 Will you make a CLI version of AutoGK?
- no

5.4 What kind of input sources does AutoGK support?
- mpeg2 sources (including vobs and transport streams), AVI sources (starting with version 2.00, providing that your OS can decode them via DShow), mpeg1 sources (starting with version 2.12).

5.5 Will you support OGM/MKV/MP4?
- may be at some point in the future. For sure if one of the formats gets accepted by hardware manufactures.

5.6 Can I edit a job once it is in the queue ?
- No. You can easily delete and recreate it though.

5.7 How can I set hidden options?
- CTRL-F9 (starting with version 1.86)

5.8 What do checkboxes do in the job queue?
- if item is not checked encoder will skip to the next item in the queue (its dynamic and status of checkboxes is verified after the end of each job).

5.9 What is the difference between DVD and File Mode (and where is DVD mode anyway)?
- A of version 2.15 there is no DVD mode anymore. If you select IFO file then it will be parsed and choice of audio/subs will be presented for selected PGC/Angle. If you just select VOB files then no subs choice will be available and only audio type and track number will be presented.

5.10 [obsolete]

5.11 Is it possible to show duration of a movie selected from IFO file?
- yes, started with version 2.12

5.12 What are limitations/features of AVI input mode?
- your OS has to be able to decode input AVI via Dshow (note sometimes decoder, for instance ffdshow, has problems with certain type of video, so you have to change it. See here for example problem: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=92047)
- no denoising is done for AVI mode except for DV sources
- no cropping is done for AVI mode apart from the one needed to keep AR (if you need it then enable it via hidden options)
- DV sources are detected via "dv" string in 4cc and appropriate AR resizing is performed (AR is 1.095 or 0.909). Original AR option won't work for such sources.
- only DV type 2 files are supported
- Analysis step is only performed for DV source (for deinterlacing)
- BFF is assumed for DV sources
- input audio can be PCM(always encoded)/MPA(kept/encoded)/MP3(always kept)/AC3(encoded/kept)/DTS(encoded/kept)
- if your DV source is 16:9 then you need to enable this AR in hidden options as AutoGK can't detect that.
- mp3 re-encoding is not possible due to LAME crashing on most mp3 sources
- sometimes LAME has issues with 11KHz PCM input audio, so it might need to be processed manually.
6. Encoding process

6.1 [obsolete]

6.2 When splitting into 2/3CDs I get a small (2-4Mb) additional chunk.
- it happens because key frame was found too distant from 700Mb border and AutoGK cannot split dynamically into 701/702 Mb chunks. This happens sometimes. May be in the future I'll make more intelligent split procedure.

6.3 I used to use old XviD and now I switched to XviD 1.0.x. Since then I _always_ have _very_ undersized/oversized files. What's the problem?
- old XviD has to be uninstalled properly, i.e. just installing new 1.0.x over it is not a proper way. Try uninstalling old one, then reinstalling new one.

6.4 When analysing source AutoGK found it to be hybrid and resulting AVI was jerky. Is there anything that can be done?
- if its really hybrid then AutoGK did it best. If it was detected falsely as hybrid you can force normal IVTC procedure by using ".ivtc" hidden option (CTRL-F9). Alternatively if the source was actually pure NTSC then you can force deinterlacing process via “.deinterlace” hidden option.

6.5 If I know exactly frame number for end credits start can I supply this info to AutoGK ?
- if you are using XviD 1.x you can use ".credits" hidden option (CTRL-F9). Note that starting frame is coming from input source (i.e. before IVTC etc) and AutoGK automatically adjust it if FPS changing operation is performed during encoding.

6.6 How can I select only subset of input VOBs? (i.e. remove credits for instance)
- There is no direct way of doing that but this can be done:
1) start the job
2) when DGIndex launched restore it from taskbar and hit Esc
3) go to agk_tmp folder (in output dir) and delete demuxed audio file(s) (i.e. AC3/MPA/WAV)
4) select subset you need
5) "save as" and overwrite partially created D2V file
6) encoding will proceed as usual

6.7 I got exception "Open AVI filed" right after comp test.
- have a look here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=76335 (short answer - you probably have to run /autogk/vdubmod/aviproxy/proxyoff.reg file)

6.8 I got exception "Range check error".
- have a look here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=75949

6.9 Why there is no "pause" button?
- Its not possible to pause execution of external programs as AutoGK just launches lots of external applications.

6.10 My DVD looks to be mastered incorrectly (4:3 vs 16:9). Can I change AR somehow in AutoGK?
- Yes, see hidden options via CTRL-F9

6.11 I want AutoGK to not split 1400/2100Mb files.
- make sure you select custom size like 1399 or 1401 and not exact 1400Mb

6.12 How can I add more than one file to encode in File mode?
- just put them in one directory and name them *_1.*; *_2.* etc. They will be picked up automatically. This only works for mpeg1, mpeg2 and vob files but not for AVI files.

6.13 During analysis step when looking for hybrid thresholds suddenly the following popup appears: "Debugger detected - please close it down and restart! Windows NT users: please note that having the WinICE/SoftIce service installed means that you are running a debugger". What is this?
- AutoGK has internal debugger running during that analysis step. Many programs mainly trials/shareware) have internal protection against debuggers to prevent modification of binary code. So all you have to do is to find such program that is running on your PC and exit it before AutoGK starts encoding.

6.14 I set XviD target size to be XXX and get in the end YYY. It doesn't happen with DivX. What's the problem?
- see Q 6.3 first. Even if that doesn't apply to you - still consider reinstalling XviD as size problems are usually due to messed up codec configuration in the system.

6.15. I get "EXCEPTION: Bad index file" error. What's wrong?
- Most likely you are trying to process unsupported input file. See Q 5.4

6.16 I get the following error in VDubMod during encoding: "FastWriteStream: couldn't open "xxxx.avi":".
- see here to find the answer (you have to disable your symantec antivirus...)
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Auto Gordian Knot: Website and download, tutorial, FAQ

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Change log history

[04/04/05] - added Q 5.11
[04/06/05] - added Q 6.16
[12/06/05] - Updated Q 6.6, 5.10
[06/08/05] - Removed 2.1, 2.2, 2.6, 5.10, 6.1. Updated 2.3, 2.7, 2.10, 4.3, 5.1, 5.4, 5.11. Added 5.12.
[21/08/05] - Updated 3.4, 5.9, 5.12, 6.12. Added new section 1.
[25/09/05] - Updated 4.3. Added 4.7
[10/12/05] - Updated 4.3
[15/08/06] - Clarified development status (top lines) - jggimi
[07/05/07] - added BigDid's "MORE FAQ"
[16/05/07] - edits to BigDid's section
[18/05/07] - edits to BigDid's section
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Gordian Knot: website, download
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Official AutoGK FAQ (last modified on 18 May 2007)

2. Audio

2.5.1 when I choose "Output Audio type" as either "Auto" or "VBR MP3 128 kbps" my resulting avi is showing a bitrate of 108 kbps
- This is a known feature (not bug) of the Lame-mp3 3.97 rev when encoding with ABR (noted as VBR in AGK). The idea is you get a CBR 128Kbp/s quality at less bitrate. You need to raise the bitrate to 144 to get +/- 128 (and so forth for upper bitrates)

2.14 My audio(s) are out of synch with the video
Different possibilities:
* If the DVD source is not protected (older DVD without the recent strong protections), use this tool in re-author mode and feed the resulting as input file for AutoGK
* If the DVD source is strongly protected use a recent decrypting tool (See the decrypting section for different tools and How-to).
* If your source is not a DVD or if you need to re-synch afterward (courtesy of setarip_old):
Load the file into VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod, or NanDub.
Set BOTH "Video"(VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod and NanDub) and "Audio" (VirtualDub and NanDub - VirtualDubMOD>"Streams>"Stream list") to "Direct Stream Copy".
A) If the difference between audio and video is constant throughout the video:
*From the "Audio" dropdown menu, select "Interleaving" (For VirtualDubMOD, rightclick on the listed audiostream and then
select "Interleaving")
* Under "Audio skew correction", set an appropriate number of milliseconds (positive or negative) in the box labelled "Delay
audio track by"
* Save with a new filename
B) If the difference increases as the movie plays:
* From under the "Video" dropdown menu, select "Framerate" - and select "Change so video and audio durations match"
* Save with a new filename

2.15 I have a « audio1 is corrupted » when encoding audio to 144-CBR-mp3
- It may have to do with 16/32 khz steps in CBR; you can retry encoding to 160 or 128 MP3 CBR

4. Video/Codec

4.3.1 Is Divx6.x codec supported? .....
- DivX 6.5 Pro and older are supported

4.3.2 Is Xvid 1.2x supported?
- Yes, the Xvid 1.2 build by Celtic_Druid from the svn is included in the Autogk 2.40 install.
- If you want to change your xvid rev, be sure to follow the FAQ 6.3 recommendations

4.4.1 What are good settings for anims?
- Use the ESS option for anims, it forces the use of the H263 CQM/Matrix which has good results. You can also force a lower resolution (fixed or maximum width) to get 70% or more at the comp test, which gives an overall better quality for anims

4.6.1 How can I retain original proportions?
- In the hidden options, check "Tune auto crop parameters," set Threshold to 0, and set all cropping to 0

4.8 In the Quality 1pass, what are the correspondances between quality percentage and DRF?
- See table below for average results; due to B-frames usage, it is difficult to get accurate results between 80 and 100%
2.5   = 80 %
2.67  = 75 %
2.99  = 67 %
3.51  = 57 %
4.0   = 50 %
5. General

5.7.1 I cannot set the hidden options with Ctrl/F9
- You need to have a video loaded (in the « Input file » box) for this to work

5.7.2 I have the hidden options panel open, now what?
- Use the tutorial at the « HIDDEN OPTIONS » paragraph http://www.autogk.me.uk/modules.php?name=TutorialEN

5.12.1 I cannot choose a mp3 audio source as original ...
- See FAQ 5,12. Workaround: encode the video only, extract the audio from source and mux in final encoded file. Some tips in the above More FAQ 2,14

5.12.2 How can I know what type of AVI file, type of mpeg file my source file is, or what type of codec?
By using « GSpot » and looking in the « container » part, it will report file type; for the codec look in the « codec » part.

5.13 I cannot (properly) install AutoGK in VISTA
- Use the Administrator mode: right click on AutoGK shortcut -> properties -> compatibility -> "run program as administrator"
/or go into the CTRL+F9 options and disable color correction in the global options

5.14 What are the options available when installing or made global (active for each encoding) and how to change or disable them?
- Available when installing:
.compatibilty – contains ESS or MTK - can be changed or disabled in hidden options (CTRL/F9)
.versioncheck and/or .versioncheckstable – no change possible – delete the file in the X:\Program Files\AutoGK directory (X being the drive/partition where Agk is installed)
- Global options:

For details see the tutorial, chapter "hidden options"

5.15 Can I change/update some of the installed components?
- To be done at your own risk, nobody can be held responsible for damages occuring after changes etc...
* Xvid can be updated to the latest 1.2 SVN, see FAQ 4.3
* DgIndex 1.49 final not recommended yet (the number of frames is miscounted which throws off comptest) [Len0x]

6. Encoding process

6.3.1 I used Xvid 1.x rev and I installed Xvid 1.y rev (or codec pack) on top of it, I have problems like undersized/oversized etc...
- same as in FAQ 6.3: do a clean uninstall by de-installing the Xvid 1.x codec(or codec pack) and verifying there is no trace in the registry. When done, make a clean install of the Xvid 1.y and absolutely no codec pack if you want to be safe.
- If no luck for a codec pack removal, clean uninstall AutoGK and Codec(s), make a clean re-install of AGK and the Xvid or Divx codec only; nothing more, nothing less

6.11.1 How to split manually or aftwerwards an AVI file?
- Use VDUBMOD /save as /segment output size /limit size 700Mb

6.16.1 - In addition to 6.16 clues, Norton Internet Security 2006 is problematic and is to be replaced by Norton Internet Security 2007 (free upgrade)

6.17 My computer freezes or restart during an encoding process,
- Is it an overclocked PC?
A/ If not-> see posts related to hardware malfunction in the software/hardware section: http://forum.doom9.org/forumdisplay.php?f=16
B/ If yes -> Goto stock speed
At stock speed, is encoding OK?
Yes -> diminish overclock until stable
No -> see A/


7.1 What matrixes (CQM) does AutoGK uses?
- in the ESS mode, it uses the H.263 and MPEG standard MPEG4 matrixes
- in the MTK or normal mode, it uses the Jawor1CD CQM (soft matrix) or the Sharktooth Eqm_V2 (sharp matrix) whenever possible.

7.2 How can I tell, afterwards, if the ESS option was used?
- You cannot get, afterwards, an info with "made by AGK with the ESS option" but you can guess correctly.
Use avinaptic http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=123076 on the problematic avi. If it tells you in the -generic info- made with "VirtualDubMod 2178...)", that rev is used by AGK.
It will also tell you in the -About mpeg4 encoding- the quant type (Cqm) used; if "H263" appears, the ESS option was used.

7.3 AutoGK is slow(er) now,
- If you have checked the « accurate » box in the hidden options « Correct Color if needed », it will slow down an old/slow machine
- If it occurs during the analysis pass, it is a normal behavior for an AVI source; for another source you may want to raise the thread priority of « VirtualDubMod »
Having a problem with AutoGK? Read & use the FAQ & MORE FAQ first
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MORE FAQ log history

[07/05/2007] First release with
- complements to Official FAQ 2.5.1-4.3.1-4.3.2-4.4.1-4.6.1-5.7.1-5.7.2-5.12.1-5.12.2-6.3.1-6.11.1
- additions 2.14-2.15-4.8-5.13-5.14-5.15-6.17-7.1-7.2-7.3
-Reworded 2.14
-Update for 4.3.1
Added 6.16.1
Corrected 5.15
Having a problem with AutoGK? Read & use the FAQ & MORE FAQ first
Want to exchange on AutoGK? try doom10.org
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