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Old 10th August 2003, 01:00   #21  |  Link
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Welcome to the forum, your views are valued. The distro war did not manifest itself as many observers predicted. Perhaps that is because nobody gives a damn. In my narrow view Linux is too dependant on wine. Stop whining just do.

It sounds an obvious requirement but how many people bother to check if their hardware is supported by linux drivers. I recently bought an ATI video product my self and did not even bother to check the linux driver situation! I must be mad and my psychiatrists agree with me.
Don't buy stuff unless it has linux support.
It is too damn hot
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Old 11th August 2003, 16:15   #22  |  Link
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Thanks, phro, for your suggestions, and welcome to Doom9's forum!

(I wish I had time to work on this ... now it looks like October before I'll be able to spend much time on it.)
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Old 14th August 2003, 04:03   #23  |  Link
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i'm sure you guys have gotton most of the input you need on this, but here's my 2 cents. I think i would be a great idea to have a basic faq on like seting up your DVD drive, what dvd software there is, how to use the different prgms, how to use WINE *succesfully*, things like that. I'm relativly new to linux, but with windows and Xvid i know a whole lot. So i'll be glad to help where i can. But as far a general faq i think thats been done over and over agian. since this is doom9.org i think it should focus mainly on the dvd backup aspecs.
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Old 14th August 2003, 15:33   #24  |  Link
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Old 19th August 2003, 19:25   #25  |  Link
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I don't recommend the isolinux website as a source for details about Linux distributions; instead http://distrowatch.planetmirror.com/ is the place to go.

I've been using Linux for over a year now (college Unix background). The "best" Linux distribution I've found so far is Yoper (www.yoper.com). It's the fastest one to run and install and the forums are very helpful and free. At this point I would NEVER go back to "winders" since I now see it as a toy.

The options to encode video are more robust in Linux. Yes, it requires some learning, but you can't beat mplayer/mencoder/transcode. Why use the spyware DivX5 crap when you can use LAVC (divx playback compatible)? I have extensive knowledge about DVD conversions under Linux and it can ALL be done using only one script! You just kick the script off; there's no dorking around with 5 non-automated, winders programs to get a good encode. It's kind of like having an extended AVIsynth that does it ALL. Anyway, I'll be glad to help anyone trying to eventually free themselves from the M$ domination
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Old 20th August 2003, 04:24   #26  |  Link
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Welcome to the forum, Greensh, and thank you for your very informative post!

I'd love to pick your brain ... as soon as I have some time.
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Old 27th August 2003, 12:32   #27  |  Link
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"...I don't recommend the isolinux website as a source for details about Linux distributions; instead http://distrowatch.planetmirror.com/ is the place to go..."

Another source is(was) my University, always updated:


I"m just a couple of days only in Linux world, got a lot to learn...
Proxima Estacion, EsPeRanZa...
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Old 28th August 2003, 16:16   #28  |  Link
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Wow! Thanks so much for hosting such a great site... this is very valuable since other links can be too congested at times. My friend and I greatly appreciate the BEOS as well... he's been wanting to try running it for awhile now and we didn't know these were available. Maybe you can host the Yoper images as well; I still feel it's the best Linux there is and I'm enjoying kde 3.1.3! It took me 20 minutes to install it this week.
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Old 23rd October 2003, 03:49   #29  |  Link
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No one mentioned where to get all the good stuff i see! Anyway, I think this site is in order for this thread - http://plf.zarb.org/


PS. If I remember anymore off the top of my head, I'll post them. i used to have them all on Becky's, but that board is no more. I used to mod on that board and miss it much!

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Old 23rd October 2003, 19:08   #30  |  Link
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Thanks. I still haven't had much time to work at this, but still want to complete it.
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Old 13th November 2003, 17:20   #31  |  Link
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This is such a great resource waiting to happen. I see all kinds of excellent technical advice being dispensed in the win32 sections, it'd be great to get that information flowing for the linux folks too. Maybe we could get a list of questions for this FAQ started, then we could submit answers and all jggimi would have to do is put 'em together in one spot.
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Old 13th November 2003, 18:31   #32  |  Link
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Great idea! I've gone back through the this thread, and after reviewing comments and suggestions:
  • I'm of the opinion that the FAQ should stay away from the "New to Linux" areas entirely, and just provide links to recommended Linux Newbie websites elsewhere, and other resources such as the book/CD recommendatation that mtc recommended. That would eliminate duplicating other's work. And it eliminates the whole area of religeous discussions of distributions, problems with disk partitioning and installation, and the like. There is no end to newbie problems, and therefore, no end to good suggestions, and tips. But there are better places to go for that sort of help. All we need do is point to them.
  • That leaves possible sections on A/V players, MPEG-1/2 tools, MPEG-4 tools, DVB tools (if Joe wants to write it up), Wine, and perhaps sections on ripping / burning.
For example:
Newbie Questions:

Q1: Where do I go for information and help?
A1: Here are some resources that members recommend, organized by area of interest:

....(a list of subject areas and links or other resources follow that short A1)....

A/V Players:

Q2: ...
So Q2 would start the next section. Thoughts?
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Old 22nd November 2003, 19:31   #33  |  Link
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i am also part of the crowd who has had it with windows and really only keeps it for games and encoding -since i dont know how to encode on my linux box :/

it would be great if someone with experience on encoding on linux (like greensh ) would write a guide on what tools he uses and how. this would be more of guide for people that know how to encode but want to start doing it on linux. it doesnt need to be very complicated or in depth but it will get the ball rolling and people with less time (like Anacondo ) could add to it. as people use the guide problems will pop up etc and imo it would make this forum more active and hopefully will lead to improved guides, recommendations, hints.

i am sure that there are a lot of people who use linux to encode but just dont have the time/motivation to do a guide by themselves but would be willing to make improvements to a guide and help people out

just my 2c
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Old 23rd November 2003, 14:28   #34  |  Link
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How about adding this section to the FAQ ?

Are there guides for dvd backup using Linux ?

Yes, the following guides are available:

DVD ripping and transcoding under linux

Mencoder guide

Linux digital fansubbing guide

The first one was what I used to learn dvd backup in linux. The only difference I have with it is I think newbies shouldn't use quantiser settings. Although it doesn't mention newer tools like avidemux it's still pretty useful for beginners.
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Old 15th December 2003, 16:31   #35  |  Link
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Your distro:

In linux there are many distro's. See them as OS's who are almost the same. I will review some of the most important (to me):

Fedora Core: The free variant of Red Hat. Try this if you like Red Hat. Easy to set up. Everything is easy. Only the rpm system is not that good IMHO. Great for a desktop user. (Never tried it)

SuSe: This linux version seems to be IMHO the best of the 3 great distro's. Most stable, efficient, and with the best package manager YAST. (Never tried it)

Mandrake: It seems that Mandrake aims to be the newbie distro. It is IMHO the best newbie distro. In fact, when I tried it, I threw it after a month away it was too easy.

Debian: I like this distro. Seems to be very stable (even Sid, aka unstable) and has a VERY good package management system. Though the packages are outdated for the stable, testing and even sid (XFree 4.2). Definetly worth trying if want to get your hands dirty

Slackware: This distro seems to have some myths around it. It is fast, stable but hard. It has actually NO package management system.
If you have the time try it. I didn't like it for a minute.

Arch linux: This is a generaly unknown distro and has quite some potential, a debian-like packagemanager (pacman), fast (i686-based, can only be run ppro and higher), it is however a bit buggy cause of it short existance, however I see this one having a larger user base than slack and debian. Try this one if your not new to linux, it is a bit hard for newbies.

Gentoo: My distro. Why? I like its packagemanager (portage), it is extremely fast, very stable. It has the latest packages, you only have to compile it all from source. I'd recommend it to everyone. It is the best distro I used. Try this one.

There are also the live cd's like Knoppix and Gnoppix or Movix, but those are not the ones you want on your hard-drive. I would personally start with mandrake. learn some linux.

if you like setting up linux and have time:
Get a debian/slack. Try to set it up *exactly* the way you want it. If you have succeeded and you want something else go for Arch. Then make up your mind which of these tree is the best for you. If you haven't found your flavour (or want a bleeding edge system, like me) get yourself a gentoo.

if you don't have time or don't like setting up linux:
Go for SuSe. I have seen several users who are happy about SuSe because it works. Fedora has flaws. Mandrake also.

*note: There are rumors of people who can't play Xvid or DivX files with Mandrake/SuSe/Red Hat/Fedora Core because of legale reasons. The distro's changed the source. (this is also why I am gentoo)

Some players to check out:
-Ogle (I use this for my DVD's)
-Mplayer (For any other movie)
-Xine (don't use this software, seems to do the same as Mplayer.)

Now some basic tools: (incomplete, i know)
-Mencode (like Mplayer)
-cinerella (seems to be quite hard but powerful)

installing from source:
be root.
this is easy. make a directory for the built.
>mkdir test
change to it
>cd test
if source package is tar.gz
>tar -xzvf /path/to/package
if source package is tar.bz(2)
>tar -xjvf /path/to/package
Now you should read the documentation but who does that. Default you do:
>make install

and you got your package. RPM an DEB are distro specific. read your distro's documention for installation of binaries.

I hope I have helped some people in changing to linux. Have fun. That is what linux is all about. Make sure you learn the command line.

Have fun.

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Old 28th December 2003, 14:50   #36  |  Link
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i think its worth doing a remaster'd livecd with knoppix with all the tools needed to "backup" a dvd, its very possible and easy to install the live cd as a normal distro. it would be good starting point to get people to at least use some of the tools without worrying about how to install the tools. and if people like it, then can go off and learn how to install it from scratch and what not.
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Old 31st December 2003, 01:13   #37  |  Link
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i have a few suggestions as well:

** concerning an mpeg-4 related part of the FAQ:
i believe the main focus should be on xvid and ffmpeg since they are both open source software licensed under the GPL, thus fitting better into the concept of Free Software which GNU (and therefore GNU/Linux) stands for

maybe another FAQ could be made addressing settings specific to these codecs especially since ffmpeg doesn't come for windows (right?) and xvid seems to have a slightly different configuration for linux (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?threadid=67510)

** concerning the applications used for encoding:
well at the moment i'm only aware of 'mencoder' and 'transcode'
i think some quick guides to these two great tools should be at least linked to the FAQ, a quick comparison would also be a good idea, something like:
mencoder --> pros & cons
transcode --> pros & cons

links to the most popular frontends for the two would be a great thing for newbies

(i'm kinda new to transcode and i haven't really used mencoder)

i'm also willing to do a greek translation of the FAQ for the greek doom9 forum

btw i'm gonna try my luck in the xvid forum for the settings thing jggimi, no need to move the thread

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Old 9th February 2004, 22:52   #38  |  Link
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Hi there.

I would like to pitch in. I love and have been promoting Linux for a while now.
I've used Xine, Mplayer and DVD::RIP successfully (well, after upgrading to Mandrake 9.2 I lost DVD::RIP, but I'm not giving up).
I had some trouble with Transcode, but I still think it's the most powerful video tool in Linux.
XCDRoast is my burner of choice and Grip is my audio tool.

So, if anyone needs some help with guides and stuff, I would like to help. It's time to give something back. The only thing I ask for is deadlines not too tight. I can only spend so much time on it, but I'll get it done.

Thank you.
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Old 12th February 2004, 14:37   #39  |  Link
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I just wish I had time to work on this. I've been swamped with work the past few months, and, well, I expected to begin work in September. We're well past that now.

Swamped with work = good for me. Bad for the forum.
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Old 29th February 2004, 17:42   #40  |  Link
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Great Idea

Having just converted to Linux I need all the help I can get.
Have to agree with a few of the other posts about keeping it AV related, afterall there are so many 'linux how-to' sites out there that it can become confusing. This site is THE site to go for AV related matters.
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