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backup dual-layer DVD as 4.36 GB DVD with original menu

I looked into these
A place to get started (application links)

http://encode2mpeg.sourceforge.net/encode2mpeg.html says
does that mean create own menu or copy existing menu with original animation?

Part 4 - DVD-Video (MPEG-2) Ripping & Transcoding of Linux Audio/Video FAQ says
Originally Posted by KpeX View Post
2. How can I backup a DVD using fast (compressed-domain) transcoding, like DVDShrink?

StreamDVD is a native linux application for transcoding DVDs on the fly. Its advantages are that it does not require the dvd to be ripped, demultiplexed, transcoded, and remultiplexed, rather it reads directly from the DVD and writes a valid DVD vob to standard out that can be piped to dvdauthor. It also has a good quality accurate transcoding engine. Its disadvantages are that it does not handle full discs or menus, but does single titles only.
highlighting by me.

And furthermore
Originally Posted by KpeX View Post
3. How can I fully reencode a DVD, like DVD-RB under windows?

Unfortunately there is currently no full-disc DVD reencoder comparible to DVD-RB under linux.
I not know DVD-RB, but the post was written 16 years ago… is the there is currently no full-disc DVD reencoder part still accurate?


I searched the forum if the info about what I'm looking for was already provided, but I did not find anything (mainly I find backing up a DVD as in: ripping and converting the main movie or episodes only into a format not suitable for a stand-alone Video-DVD). Sorry if I still have missed a HOWTO that lists the solutions I'm looking for… I look for backup solution for complete DVDs incl. original menu.

I used to back up my DVDs via Windows solutions:
RipIt4Me and DVDDecrypter for copying and decrypting and
DVDShrink to shrink the result to fit on a 4.36 GB DVD.

What free (as in beer, preferable also as in freedom) solutions are there to accomplish the same in Linux?

By now, finally all my existing Windows cease to exist (by malfunctioning, not by me removing these: even when I do not like Windows very much I still paid for it so I would use it (only offline, and usually only for backing up vodeo-DVDs)… when it works), the most recent one I paid for was a Windows-7 - me thinking when the HDDRECOVERY partition holds these large original setup files with the original windows in it I could restore it via HDDRECOVERY partition, but alas! without windows on a bootable DVD (or maybe even CD?) only after its crash of its sda2 main partition I realized I could not, and the paid for w-7 system never came with such a DVD or CD to begin with.

Now I have some half-processed DVDs lying around on several external hard disks, all in its original sized but decrypted VOBs and IFOs and BUPs that I do not want to rip (copy and decrypt) again (especially since at least some of the original DVDs are more scratched now compared to years earlier when I ripped them) but process from the VOBs and IFOs to shrink to a 4.36 GB DVD with working original DVD menu, and then quite some as of yet still unripped and un-backuped DVDs to rip, decrypt, shrink and burn to 4.36 GB DVDs.

Solutions to only encode the main movie into a much smaller modern format e.g. libx264 I do have already, but what I want is preserving the working DVD menu and being able to replace some of the content (e.g. previews of other movies or some extras I am not interested with) with dummy files and choosing which audio to keep and which to abandon (e.g. only keep stereo, remove surround, or only keep one or two audio tracks while removing all others) to have the least compression for the main movie while still keeping the DVD menu intact, just like DVDShrink was able to do.
And choosing to compress the extras I want to keep with the highest level to have the least compression level for the main movie (or the episodes of a series)

For some movies that was not possible for the main movie being too large, so I had to re-edit the DVD to only having the movie on it without any menu, but with most DVDs I was able keeping the working menu and having not much compression artefacts added to the main movie.

Preferable solutions that work well with Openbox or XFCE, best without QT and without KDE dependencies, but I could also run KDE5 if there are superior solutions accomplishing my above goals for KDE only.
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backup dvd, linux, menus

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