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*SOLVED* DGIndexNV __del__ dont work

*SOLVED* , see post #4.

What am I doing wrong with the __del__ template macro ?

I use the __del__ template macro all of the time in DGIndex and works ok, but in DGIndexNV, I have not (I think) had it ever work as desired.

Here is a template [or at least the start of it]

VideoFileName   ="__vid__"
AudioFileName   ="__aud__"
AudioDelay      =Value("__del__")  # this works fine in DgIndex

# below just testing if works
TEST_DEL  = "__del__"
TEST_CROP = "__crop__"
TEST_H2S  = """__h2s__"""    # EDIT: Fixed, Enclosed in Triple dQuotes, as h2s macro can contain double quotes
VideoFileName   ="D:\___BLURAY\T\Inch.dgi"
AudioFileName   ="D:\___BLURAY\T\Inch_track2_eng_DELAY 3003ms.dts"
AudioDelay      =Value("__del__")  # dont work in DgIndexNV - should be Value("3.003")

# below just testing if everything works
TEST_DEL  = "__del__"
TEST_CROP = ",ct=24,cb=24,cl=0,cr=0"
TEST_H2S  = """mode="pq",white=2000,black=0,gamma=0.42,r=1.00,g=1.00,b=1.00,tm=1.00,roll=0.70""" # EDIT: Fixed, Enclosed in Triple dQuotes, as h2s macro can contain double quotes
Above, did crop internal to DGIndexNV,
and also did the "Enable HDR to SDR" thingy.

What terrible sin did I commit.

EDIT: I can easily extract delay from the audio file name if necessary.


Template Settings

DGIndexNV can automatically generate an Avisynth/Vapoursynth script for serving your project. It requires you to specify a template file, such as the following Avisynth one (operation is analogous for Vapoursynth):


This is any normal AVS script, except that the DGI file name is replaced with __vid__ (that's two underscores before "vid" and two after). When DGIndexNV creates the AVS script, it replaces __vid__ with the correct DGI file name.

To select and enable a template, use the Settings/Template Settings button to open a dialog that allows you to set your template file as the active template file. After performing a Save Project operation, DGIndexNV uses this file as a template and inserts the right file name whenever it sees __vid__.

You may also use the __aud__ specifier to generate the audio file name. Note that if you are generating more than one audio file, this specifier will refer to the first audio file that is opened. Therefore, to be sure to get the desired audio file, process just one audio stream.

You may also use the __del__ specifier to generate the delay value for use in DelayAudio(__del__).

You may also use the __crop__ specifier to allow the Cropping Tool to export cropping values to the Avisynth script. Important note: for proper operation, the __crop__ macro must NOT be preceded by a comma in the template file, e.g., DGSource("__vid__"__crop__).

You may also use the __h2s__ specifier to generate parameters for HDR to SDR conversion as defined in the HDR to SDR dialog. This typically for DGHDRtoSDR() invocation.

DGIndexNV creates the script file only if it does not already exist or if the 'Overwrite existing script' box is checked. The script file is created in the same directory as the DGI file.

The Template Serttings dialog box displays the current active template folder and the current active template file.

If the 'Enable template' box is unchecked, the template file will not be created.

After a template directory is specified, the template file drop-down box will list all AVS/VPY files in that directory. You may select one of these listed files to specify that file as your active template file.

The option settings are stored in the INI file and so are retained across DGIndexNV invocations.
EDIT: DGIndexNV latest v242, x64.
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