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Originally Posted by clsid View Post
I will not implement any new functionality. So please do NOT post any feature requests in this topic or on Github.
MPC-HC 2.2.1
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Originally Posted by Mick_Mc View Post
Thanks for the response. I think I need to explain this differently because I don't want MPC keeping a history.

Why can't we have "Remember position of previously viewed files" without having to keep a public history of every file we view in MPC? I know you have to store the file path with the position so MPC will know which positions go with which files. But that's got nothing to do whether we want a history list to be displayed when File > Recent is selected.

Because I'm only concerned with accidentally hitting Page Up or Page Down, I also don't want MPC to remember filenames or positions on exit. Once I exit MPC, I want it to forget that it ever viewed any files. The history list is completely separate from what I've asked for and why I asked for it.
There are several ways for you to workaround this.

First, if you find yourself accidentally hitting a key that does something annoying like Page Up/Down is for you, you can disable that key from doing anything in MPC-HC options -> Player -> Keys. You could also just change it so that a "normal" keypress does nothing but a CTRL+Keypress does work. Either would fix your problem of pressing the key inadvertantely.

Second option: in MPC-HC options -> Player check "Store settings in .ini file" so MPC-HC will keep all of its settings (and history) in an mpc-hc64.ini in its program folder. Then enable all history settings and keep a copy of your mpc-hc64.ini file somewhere with all history removed. Now, every time you are done "editing" in MPC-HC just overwrite the mpc-hc64.ini file with your saved backup copy, and "poof" all history is gone. You could make this process "1-button" easy with a simple batch file. If it sounds like it would work for you I would help you create it (if you are not computer & batch file savvy).
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Old 1st April 2024, 19:13   #2203  |  Link
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Please do NOT post any feature requests in this topic or on Github. I am not interested in your requests and I will NOT implement them. The developers themselves solely decide which functionality is added.
MPC-HC 2.2.1
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Posts deleted by rule 4 violation. Please by nice with other users.

The developper choice is clear, the users choice is use or not MPC-HC like it is.
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I've moved the discussion of color calibration and renderers, which really isn't about MPC-HC at all after all, to a new thread: https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=185452

Meanwhile, I'm pissed off. This is the third time in two weeks this thread's gone off the rails, after a warning without strikes already. I don't know how much more clear it has to be, stop antagonizing clsid for not bowing to your whims. Accept their somewhat brusque style as a consequence of asking to add to their own workload, rather than thinking it's a personal attack on you that they just don't want to do what you think they should, and will tell you very directly. Breathe, people, it's a media player, not an excuse to wade into battle. Fortunately, most of you don't need to hear this, but those who do know who they are.

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