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Old 21st March 2007, 11:07   #41  |  Link
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Originally Posted by Leak View Post

Could you explain that one further? I really doubt reading the registry is noticeably faster than reading a miniscule file from disc...
I've noticed the slowness when using the .ini as well. I'm not sure what is causing the slowness but it's pretty annoying. The slowness I experience is in running MPC or it trying to save its settings. Just gets really slow.

Using the registry instead of the .ini I have never experienced the problem.
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Old 21st March 2007, 12:25   #42  |  Link
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I thought wtf too, so I tried it and watched with process monitor. Opening MPC performs synchronous I/O hundreds of times because of a naive system. Reg keys are made to be opened, locked, read, unlocked, and closed thousands of times a second with no problem, but doing that with real files gets you in trouble. Every operation, like opening a file, causes dozens more reads plus a single write. If it was asynch I/O it probably wouldn't be a problem, but MFC is so amazingly inept that it doesn't. CMPlayerCApp::Settings::UpdateData would all have to be rewritten to use a custom ini/registry handler to fix that, unless there's a way to override MFC functions.
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Old 21st March 2007, 18:25   #43  |  Link
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I noticed that using the .ini can cause some incompatibilities sometimes. Once, I could open a divX file with almost all players, but MPC couldn't. After trying a lot of things I discovered that the .ini was the problem. So I deleted it and everything goes fine.
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Old 22nd March 2007, 20:08   #44  |  Link
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small improvement in the internal subtitle engine

Can somebody make a patch that MPC's internal subtitle engine can remember the last chosen "language" (like VSFilter or DirectVobSub) ?


Now, it always select the first in alphabetical order (eng), and drives me totally crazy
(Why don't I use VSFilter? Because I'm using RGB output of ffdshow that flips the picture, but not always: just if a subtitle is present)

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Old 23rd March 2007, 12:46   #45  |  Link
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One little request: The built in AC3/DTS file source filter tries to handle E-AC3 but fails. It would be great if that could be fixed. I can see 2 possible fixes:

(1) Just tell the filter to not handle E-AC3. Or:
(2) Add E-AC3 support to the filter.

FWIW, orbitlee has made a mod which enables E-AC3 support. Here's the download with source code:


He didn't get AC3/DTS to work properly after the mod, though, so he disabled AC3/DTS in his modded filter now.
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Old 23rd March 2007, 17:52   #46  |  Link
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Originally Posted by thuan View Post
I don't like the ini options because it's slower. With registry options you can back up your settings too. Just go to HKCU\Software\Gabest and back up the whole thing. As B.F. said MPC is useless without external codec not like mplayer or kmplayer and most of the included is useless for me anyway beside those used for DVD decoding. I don't care about the binary size but I just see those filters as "eyesore".
and it's harder to back up an ini file?

I'm grateful someone is still updating MPC. Let them use their time putting in things people want and supporting the new codecs rather than making special builds for various groups.

You're of course welcome to make your own minimal build of MPC if you're technically inclined.
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Old 24th March 2007, 00:06   #47  |  Link
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I usually just use a mplayerc.exe file. Can someone tell me what these .patch and .ax files are and where do i put them or how do i use them? I just have them all in the same folder as mplayerc.exe right now.
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Old 24th March 2007, 00:10   #48  |  Link
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Originally Posted by trueimage View Post
I usually just use a mplayerc.exe file. Can someone tell me what these .patch and .ax files are and where do i put them or how do i use them? I just have them all in the same folder as mplayerc.exe right now.
.ax files are DirectShow filters. You can register them with the command "regsvr32 file.ax" and unregister with "regsvr32 /u file.ax". After a filter has been registered, DirectShow players can use them. AFAIK you won't need to use those .ax files at all, in case you using MPC. That's because those are just 'external' versions of MPC's built-in filters. The external filters are there, so other DirectShow players, such as WMPlayer, can use MPC's filters too. MPC itself won't need any of those .ax files.

.patch files are used to "patch" source code files. This way you don't need to download the complete source codes. You just apply the .patch files to the 'official' source codes and you get the fixed version. If you don't compile MPC yourself, then those files won't be of any interest for you. The .patch files are *not* intended to patch the compiled (.exe) file!

Just download mplayerc.exe and you have all you need:
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Old 24th March 2007, 08:46   #49  |  Link
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My english is not the best, I might have missed it in this thread, or in another somewhere...

Why did you decide to create a modified version?

a) Gabest is not (very) active anymore? (like Milan)

b) You wanted to include libavcodec?

Please point me to the thread where you explained your reasons, people in the german doom9/Gleitz board are wondering too.

A possible reason why INI files are "slower": Parsing for possible chapters.

The Registry is already hierarchical.

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Old 24th March 2007, 11:20   #50  |  Link
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Originally Posted by LigH View Post
My english is not the best, I might have missed it in this thread, or in another somewhere...

Why did you decide to create a modified version?
I guess he mostly did it because there's a handful of patches to MPC floating around on the web and the last MPC release was ages ago...

Where did you get the idea he was going to include libavcodec, though? ffdshow does that very well already, but I can't see ffdshow getting integrated into MPC...
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Old 24th March 2007, 14:02   #51  |  Link
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Originally Posted by drevil_xxl View Post
Originally Posted by MatMaul View Post
hello !

I have a problem with this MPC build.
when I want to play an ac3 file, it doesn't play : ligos MPEG splitter is charged as filter (??) and ffdshow (which is my ac3 decoder) isn't charged.
With last celtic_druid build, no problem, ffdshow is charged and the file is playing fine.
I''ll compile soon a new build.
Any news ?
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Old 24th March 2007, 14:41   #52  |  Link
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Gabest is to busy with his regular work at the moment to work on MPC.

This build of MPC is not really a modified version. It is a plain SVN build (rev.611) with a handful of small patches thrown in. A few patches to update some of the external libs and a few small bugfixes.

Don't expect any developments. However, anyone is free to submit patches to fix/improve things in MPC.
MPC-HC 2.2.1
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Old 25th March 2007, 11:14   #53  |  Link
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New unicode mpc build:
updated dtsac3source

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Old 25th March 2007, 12:11   #54  |  Link
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Thank you for your works
mirrored here
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Old 25th March 2007, 12:20   #55  |  Link
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thanks, it works fine !
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Old 26th March 2007, 12:46   #56  |  Link
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@ drevil_xxl:
Can you do a little modification and do a new build?

The modification resides simply in adding to the dialogs of this window (on the "Browse" buttons)

Adding the ".avs" to the filters of "Open" dialog,
and ".ac3" to the "Dub" open dialog.

It's really a 2 min modification but it would be REALLY useful.

Thank you very much.

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Old 30th March 2007, 23:32   #57  |  Link
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What exactly does YUV mixing in the VMR setting do? It doesn't have a tooltip over it explaining what it is.
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Old 31st March 2007, 05:47   #58  |  Link
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There's some speedup by doing certain operations in YUV prior to conversion to RGB instead of afterward, since there's less data involved. There are a lot of restrictions on this mode, but for the most part they don't impact MPC, which only uses one output stream anyway. The main restriction you'd care about is that it doesn't work with ffdshow's queuing.

For more information: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms788177.aspx
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Old 5th April 2007, 15:13   #59  |  Link
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full screen problem

other applications can cause mpc to quit from full screen. can someone fix this?
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Old 11th April 2007, 22:01   #60  |  Link
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im giving this prgram a go as i am finding that all windows wmp are slow and mem hugry as is powerdvd 7.3 - thing is can you open a dvd from the hard drive like you could with powerdvd ? folder -> audio_ts video_ts ? also how do you get nvidia puervide dvd decoder to work woth mpc ?

sorry if this has been covered before
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dxva, h264, home cinema, media player classic, mpc-hc

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