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single precision MVTools plugin (stable)

binary (x64 for winnt):https://github.com/IFeelBloated/vapo...eleases/tag/r9

source code: https://github.com/IFeelBloated/MVTools_SF/tree/master

I'm feeling super duper awesometastic cuz, yeah, I'm insane enough to learn C++ by hacking this big fat monster plugin

namespace: mvsf.xxx

anyways, a few things I gotta say here:
1. currently available functions: Super, Analyze, Recalculate, Compensate and Degrain1/2/3, didn't add flow functions yet cuz I got some doubts about truemotion
2. SAD, SCD stuff are floats now (default: thSAD=400.0 (200.0 for Recalculate and 10000.0 for Compensate), thSCD1=400.0, thSCD2=130.0)
3. "limit" in Degrain is float now, and with a range of 0.0 - 1.0, 0.0=no filtering, 1.0=no limit
4. "isse" is removed cuz, well, I mean over 80% of the sse code won't even work on uint16_t clips...
5. I ain't figured out how the hell that dct stuff actually works, so please don't use it (keep dct=0) for now
6. "Analyse" got a new name now! and it's called "Analyze" , I'm American and "analyse" always gets autocorrected and that's not nice, now it's "Analyze" so good news to Americans and Canadians, but the old "Analyse" still works for compatibility reasons and British blokes , so you got the freedom to choose "mvsf.Analyze" or "mvsf.Analyse" and both will work

1. Added SATD support (dct=5 works now)
2. Added mvsf.Finest (flow functions will be ready soon)

1. Fixed possible overflow in SATD
2. Removed SATD for 8x4 16x8 8x16 blocks, no one uses them anyways
3. Added SATD support to 32x32 blocks
4. SATD for 16x16 blocks is corrupted in the original vaporsynth port, fixed now

1. Added mvsf.FlowBlur (you got a full floating point QTGMC now, if you want to)
2. better SATD precision

1. Added mvsf.BlockFPS (someone, maybe, will ever use this thing?)

1. Fixed the crash of BlockFPS on GRAY clips

1. all 10 modes of dct are working now, "libfftw3f-3.dll" needs to be placed at the same folder with mvtools

1. Added mvsf.FlowFPS, wanna do some really fancy floating point precision slo-mo stuff? try it!
2. Added mvsf.FlowInter

1. Added mvsf.SCDetection

1. Added mvsf.Degrain4/5/6, these are the strict straight extensions of Degrain1/2/3, not like the approximate copycat python script

1. Binary Part: Extended Degrain to Degrain24 (24, it's my lucky number!)
2. Resurrected vmulti features from MVTools, implemented via a python module, "tr" works up to 24, guess no one will ever use a time radius > 24.... maybe?
3. Resurrected StoreVect and RestoreVect from MVTools, implemented via a python module

vmulti demos:
1. DegrainN
import vapoursynth as vs
import mvmulti
core = vs.get_core()
clp = xxx
sup = core.mvsf.Super(clp)
vec = mvmulti.Analyze(sup,tr=6,blksize=8,overlap=4)
vec = mvmulti.Recalculate(sup,vec,tr=6,blksize=4,overlap=2)
clp = mvmulti.DegrainN(clp, sup, vec, tr=6)
2. Compensate/Flow
import vapoursynth as vs
import mvmulti
core = vs.get_core()
clp = xxx
sup = core.mvsf.Super(clp)
vec = mvmulti.Analyze(sup,tr=6,blksize=8,overlap=4)
vec = mvmulti.Recalculate(sup,vec,tr=6,blksize=4,overlap=2)
clp = mvmulti.Compensate/Flow(clp, sup, vec, tr=6)
3.StoreVect (Return a vector clip that could be encoded by vspipe)
import vapoursynth as vs
import mvmulti
core = vs.get_core()
clp = xxx
sup = core.mvsf.Super(clp)
vec = mvmulti.Analyze(sup,tr=6,blksize=8,overlap=4)
vec = mvmulti.Recalculate(sup,vec,tr=6,blksize=4,overlap=2)
vec = mvmulti.StoreVect(vec,"D:/vec.txt")
vspipe.exe vec.vpy D:\vec.rgb

4.RestoreVect (Restore the encoded vector clip back to a standard vector clip)
import vapoursynth as vs
import mvmulti
core = vs.get_core()
vec = mvmulti.RestoreVect("D:/vec.rgb","D:/vec.txt")
this one is, like, kinda free from runtime problems, the binary works without msvcr dlls, and silenced a warning in Overlap.cpp

precision boost
1. SAD (float -> double)
2. SATD (int16_t -> double)
3. DCT (uint8_t -> even more precise than float)
and also features some cosmetic changes from @ jackoneill

A. Full Precision Boost
1. DCT (float -> double)
2. Motion Analysis (float -> double)
3. Super (float -> double)
4. Overlap (float -> double)
5. Variance (float -> double)
6. Degrain (float -> double)
and more...
basically everything works at double precision, rounded to single precision only at the final output stage
binary compiled with strict floating point model settings (100% same like how IEEE defined how floating point calculation works)
B. Bug Fixes
fixed a bug inherited from the avisynth plugin (bit shift operation on negative values, reported by @Are_ via runtime debugging)

libfftw3-3.dll (not libfftw3f-3.dll) needs to be placed at the same folder with the plugin!!!

A. Colorspace
all floating point colorspaces are supported now, GrayS, RGBS and YUV4xxPS (note that dct 1-4 on YUV clips might be kind of buggy, as chroma features a different range from luma, will be fixed in the next release)
B. Degrain
the stupid "thsadc" and "limitc" parameters got their asses canceled, "thsad" and "limit" have been made arrays
"plane" parameter won't do nothing on RGB and GRAY clips, all planes will be processed
C. stuff, here and there..
bug fixes shamelessly copied from @jackoneill

first stable release!!!
A. sanity check.
will raise an error if the input is not single precision fp or features varying dimensions
fixed dct stuff on YUV input

merged bug fixes from jackoneill's branch since his last release
currently no plan to add depanning stuff

A. BlockFPS
1. added support to overlap (merged from Fizick's master branch)
2. new modes, mode 6-8, occlusion mask weighted on SAD (merged from Fizick's master branch)
B. Compensate
1. new parameter "time", use it to do partial time compensation (merged from Fizick's master branch)
C. Bug Fixes
1. vector length was clamped to 127/pel on motion flow functions, now it's 2147483647/pel, practically unlimited (Fizick relaxed it to 32767/pel, I decided to do it more thoroughly)
D. Precision Boost
1. internal masking for motion flow (uint8_t -> double)
2. simpleresize for masks (uint8_t -> double)
floating point precision MMask should be super easy to implement now (all internal stuff are double already), but I didn't do it anyways like, yeah, I'm all fucked up lazy

New Filter
binary: added mvsf.Flow
mvmulti: added mvmulti.Flow

Bug Fixes
1. truemotion was corrupted(bug inherited from jackoneill's branch), fixed.
2. the SATD implementation was completely incorrect, did some research and rewrote that from the beginning, SATD works correctly now

new block sizes: 2x2, 64x64, 64x32, 128x128, 128x64, 256x256, 256x128
switched to fftw3.3.5

Bug Fix
fixed a clip length calculation bug in BlockFPS, reported by groucho86
New Feature
extended SATD to 64x64 128x128 and 256x256 blocks
replaced Hadamard ordered SATD with the Sequency ordered variant, levels faster..

New Feature
converted some ugly C89 style code to C++14 style

fixed an ancient memory leak in mvsf.Super
converted some weird C++98 code to C++14
If I got new ideas, will post here: https://github.com/IFeelBloated

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