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MeGUI Bug-Report Thread

This thread is intended to be a place for everyone to post their MeGUI-related bug reports, and is also intended to be a list of known bugs, so that the some bugs are not repeatedly reported. Naturally, as MeGUI is high-quality software, written by many skilled developers, this thread should not see much activity

Before posting here, please read the bug-reporting guidelines.

Follow these steps, and the process of finding and fixing the bug will become much speedier. Don't follow them, and you won't find much help here.
  1. Check the known bugs list (below) to see if your bug has already been reported. No point in filling up this thread if we already know about the bug
  2. POST YOUR LOGFILE. MeGUI writes lots of valuable information in the logfile. Try reading the log yourself, and see if you find the error, or any outrageous values (ones which are clearly wrong). If you can solve it based on that, good for you. Otherwise, it may help someone else solving your problem.
  3. Describe the simplest way to reproduce your problem. Imagine the people reading your instructions are idiots, so you have to tell them exactly what to do, in a fool-proof way.
    No-one is going to spend 2 days running 10 encodes, on the off-chance that at the end of them, they might crash. Work out how to cause your problem to happen again, and then it is much easier for the problem to be solved.
  4. If it is an obscure bug that happens only once in a while, and you can't work out when, try debugging it yourself:
  5. Too much information is better than too little. Don't make the developers pry the information out of you, as it is too much work for them, and they will just ignore you.
  6. If encoding/muxing doesn't start at all check your sources (e.g. open AviSynth script in a media player and VirtualDub, play the soundtrack in a media player, try playing the files to be muxed, etc.)
  7. Use a build from the latest series of MeGUI releases (at the moment, or later). Only bugs in this series will be documented, as all known bugs are fixed before going onto a new series.
  8. Don't post here if the problem is clearly not caused by MeGUI. If you aren't sure about which program caused the error, then there is a simple way of being pretty sure:

    If MeGUI crashed, then it is almost certainly causing the problem. If MeGUI stays active, but flags the job as an error, then look at the commandline in the MeGUI log. If there are any outrageous values in the commandline (especially negative/very low/very high bitrates), then the commandline MeGUI generated had a problem, and so it is MeGUI's fault. In almost any other situation, it is the fault of an external program, so it is not MeGUI's fault.
  9. Run your job commandline manually. If your commandline is "--bitrate 700 --level 1.3 --no-cabac --subme 6 --analyse p8x8,b8x8 --qpmin 22 --me umh --threads 2 --progress --no-psnr --output "c:\videos\video.mp4", start a commandprompt (start - run - type "cmd" without the "'s, and press enter), go to the path where you have your encoder (e.g. "cd c:\program files\ripping software\x264\"), then type the name of your encoder (e.g. x264.exe ) and paste the commandline and press enter. Alternatively, you can install the "open commandprompt here" powertoy and then you can just right click on your encoder folder in windows explorer, and select open commandprompt, type the name of your encoder and paste the commandline and press enter to get started right away.
Known bugs in series in builds or later
If a job (say, a mux job) errors out and 'Delete Intermediate Files' is checked, then those files will be deleted anyway, meaning there is no output whatsoever
Description: N/A
Status: Not yet solved.

Fatal error in some cases with the preview window in the AviSynth Script Creator
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...502#post795502
Status: Not yet solved

Queue sometimes does not proceed to next item, at random.
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...255#post798255
Status: sysKin is looking into it.

The matroska overhead calculation leads to undersized files
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...588#post809588
Status: Not yet solved

huffy mencoder commandlines have a -noodml which shouldn't be there

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