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[VirtualDubMod] *** FAQ ***

Sources to check before asking questions or posting bug reports (all of these fall under forum rule 1):
  1. Read the help file that comes with VirtualDubMod.
  2. Read the changlog. The CVS changelog can be found here.
  3. Read this FAQ.
  4. Read the FAQ on our homepage.
  5. Check the trackers on our project page.
  6. The forums on the project page are considered closed, but nevertheless can be searched for info.
  7. Read the VirtualDub FAQ.
  8. Look on the VirtualDub homepage.
  9. Search this forum.
  10. Search the unofficial virtualdub forum.

What is VirtualDubMod?
VirtualDubMod was started as a unification of several popular modifications of the famous video editing software VirtualDub by Avery Lee (First 'members' were VirtualDubMPeg2, VirtualDubOGM and VirtualDubAVS). Since then many new features have been added and some new mods have been assimilated (e.g. VirtualDubNET).

Where can I get VirtualDubMod?
Via our Sourcefore project page.
Also have a look at our home page.
Keep in mind that you also need the dll package and, if you want syntax coloring for AVS scripts in the script editor, the AviSynth lexer.
If you download a CVS release be careful to get the latest one. All are kept in a single Sourcefore release and are sorted by name, not by release date.

What do I need to run VirtualDubMod?
Read this if VirtualDubMod doesn't run for some reason!
Get the latest release and unpack it somewhere on your HD.
Get the latest Dll pack and unpack it in the same directory.
If you don't have all the VirtualDub Dlls (sylia.dll, vdrslink.dll, etc.) get them (either coming from the official VirtualDub, or go get the latest special Dll pack with those files from SourceForge).

If you want AviSynth syntax coloring you also need AviSynthLexer.lexer. If you want syntax coloring for commands from external plug-ins you need AviSynth >= 2.5.2. The special one we provided for 2.5.1 therfore is no longer nesessary and will be removed soon.

I found a bug / I want to propose this feature. What should I do?
Read this.

Where can I find help about Sylia scripting?
Cyrius (suiryc) kindly compiled a short guide. This is now (since part of the VDubMod Help file.

How do I use 'Open via AviSynth'?
This allows you to open any AVISynth compatible video file by automatically generating a suitable script by a selectable template. These templates go into the 'templates' directory in your VirtualDub directory. Template syntax is the same as for AVISynthesizer (I included readme_AVISynthesizer.txt because as of this writing the AVISynthesizer homepage is not available). You can choose the default template shown in the open dialog by starting the template description with "Default" (note that the template filename has nothing to do with this).

This function has no intelligence whatsoever! You're responsible to choose the right template for the file (eg a SegmentedAVISource template for multi-segment avis or giving the right fps to DirectShowSource)

For this to work flawlessly you need AVISynth 2.05 and a correctly set plugin directory. (Create a registry key called "PluginDir" [or "PluginDir2_5 for AviSynth 2.5] in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Avisynth\)
A workaround if you don't want to do this is adding the needed LoadPlugin lines into the templates.

Does it sing, dance and whistle in the dark?
Ah........... No. But we are working on it, honestly! ;p
Sorry, we didn't make it for
VirtualDubMod [SourceForge : Tracker/DL] (FAQ, Some rules)
Be sure to also download the latest DLL package or get the all inclusive package!
Before you post questions, please read the VirtualDub and/or VirtualDubMod FAQ.
If you have a bug report or feature request for VirtualDubMod, be sure to read the rules first.
We give 100% of your donations to the Open Source community

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