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Old 26th September 2001, 13:21   #1  |  Link
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*** Very Small FAQ ***

Q: Where Can I download a new firmware to make my player region free ?
A: www.firmware.fr.st

Q: Do you have a link for the same thing but for Standalone player ?
A: www.dvd-area.com or (french) www.dvdalliance.net

Help me to update this FAQ plz =)

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Old 28th September 2001, 05:37   #2  |  Link
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thought I updated this list the other day, must have been a server blip. I'll update again.

Q: Can I play Divx on my Hollywood+ or Creative DXR3?
A: Download Divx+ software on Download page and make sure you have current H+ drivers.

Q: Why wont Divx+ work for me?
A: Try opening Divx+ then Real Magic DVD player and choose adjust borders. Then try again... and again. Don't even bother trying if you have WinXP. Check news://news.sigmadesigns.com

Q: Do I have to use the Real Magic DVD player with my Hollywood+ card?
A: No, the only alternative available is called Eugene's DVD player found on the Download page.

Q: Can I disable macrovision and/or region check on my Hollywood+?
A: Yes, with Eugene's DVD player.

edit: fixed the url, fixed it right
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Old 16th October 2001, 10:16   #3  |  Link
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divx+ ?

where can i find this divx + ?
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Old 17th October 2001, 07:40   #4  |  Link
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By luck, check the Doom9's softwares page
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Old 3rd January 2002, 07:31   #5  |  Link
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drivers and software

Where do I get the latest Hollywood Plus drivers?

Where do I get Creative PC-DVD ROM?

Where is Eugene's page?

Where can I find Divx+ player?

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Old 22nd January 2002, 19:38   #6  |  Link
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New Options

You now have new options if you are a Hollywood+ owner.

Q: What is the most advanced way to play DVD's using my Hollywood+?
A: Currenty Zoomplayer and the new H+ Directshow filter allows the most feature rich DVD Playback. Check here for more info.

Q: What about playing AVI's with AC3 audio using my H+?
A: This is now also possible using Zoomplayer and new directshow filters. Check here for more info.

Q: Can my H+ output AC3 from avi's using above methods?
A: Not yet but hopefully in the future. But you shouldn't worry if you have a digital output capable soundcard. Read macdaddy's method here.

(ps: thanks macdad, jake... oh and blight!)
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Old 24th January 2002, 03:55   #7  |  Link
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This info if fantastic...

Thanks for all the above...this goes a long way in helping me figure out how to play divx's on my (yet-to-be) new home theatre system.

With all this development on the Hollywood plus card, perhaps it's a must-have to output into my receiver....that remote looks mighty good though <grin>...

Question I have is, should I get a separate 5.1 receiver or an all-in-one DVD player/5.1 receiver. (Thinking of the Sony DAV500 system).

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Old 3rd May 2002, 20:24   #8  |  Link
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Seperate Components

I would definately use seperate components. Spend the extra money to get yourself what you really want!!!

Seperate components will always output BETTER than integrated. And when I say seperate I mean down to a seperate tuner for your amp. Not an amp with a built in tuner...

Hope that this helps

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Old 30th November 2004, 18:16   #9  |  Link
zilog jones
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www.dvd-area.com doesn't work any more - are there any more sites like this?
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Old 4th June 2006, 12:24   #10  |  Link
derek ss7
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can any one tell me why recorded tv programs to disk on my sony RDR HX900 dvd recorder will not play on my pc or any other dvd player they never reconise the disk, i know the disks are ok. is there any software out there that can help. thanks
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Old 4th June 2006, 17:14   #11  |  Link
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You may want to contact a forum moderator to request having this question moved to the proper forum in its own thread. You've not only posted it in a section completely unrelated to your problem, you've done so within a "sticky," and chances of anyone with helpful knowledge of seeing it here are almost nil.
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