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Did you know MPC-HC has an Edit list Editor? I didn't until stumbling on it just now.
This might be useful as a quick and dirty way to mark the interesting sections of a
large quantity of raw footage: a basic shot logger.

Here's how it works (AFAICT, from browsing the source code and good old trial and error)
  • Set up some hotkeys (there are no menu items). Options, Player, Keys: scroll down.
  • For example, I set mine up like this:
  • - Ctrl+F12: Toggle EDL Window
  • - Ctrl+F9: EDL new clip
  • - Ctrl+F10: EDL set In
  • - Ctrl+F11: EDL set Out
  • - Ctrl+Shift+F12: EDL save
  • Open a movie. Press Ctrl+F12 to show the Edit list Editor.
  • Drag the Editor to a position you like - docked or undocked.
  • Press Ctrl+F9 to create a new clip (edit list event)
  • Press Ctrl+F10 to mark In. You can press it multiple times while finding the right frame.
  • Optional, press Ctrl+F11 to mark Out.
  • Press Ctrl+F9 to start another clip (event). If you didn't mark Out, an Out is added automatically.
  • Repeat as needed. An EDL is built, looking like the screenshot.
  • Ignore the nonfunctional GUI controls, such as User, Hot Folder and the Name column.
    This feature is not completely coded. It does work though.
  • Save the list with Ctrl+Shift+F12 and close MPC-HC (the file is not created until MPC-HC is closed) *
  • A new file should appear in the movie folder, named <movie file>.edl
  • Open this file in a text editor. You get a list of times like this:
00:00:01,971    00:00:04,422            
00:00:06,881    00:00:08,211            
00:00:08,643    00:00:09,628            
00:00:10,181    00:00:10,991            
00:00:15,019    00:00:19,057
If you need frame numbers, you can get them using a spreadsheet etc. (frame=time*fps)

Test thoroughly before using this for anything important! And don't blame me if anything goes wrong!
Tested in MPC-HC version 1.7.10 64-bit. Since this is an undocumented feature, it may come and go in various builds.

* I'm not really sure when and where (temp folder?) the EDL file is written, but this is how it appears.

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Thank you, raffriff ! Maybe good for placing chapter points when browsing footage for DVD authoring.
Did that come with ffmpeg supporting edit lists ?

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It has nothing to do with mp4/mov edits lists.
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Old 19th October 2016, 03:09   #4  |  Link
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I had to Google for it, but MOV edit lists are very different; they're embedded, a bit like like metadata.

Edit Decision Lists on the other hand, are usually plain text:

What MPC-HC has is not currently an EDL editor. It's a note-taker only.

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