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Old 20th January 2013, 21:00   #61  |  Link
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HDCD stores Data in subchannels, too

Hi there,

i always wondered why my backup of Kari Bemnes "Norwegian Moods" sounded much worse when burned from wavs i extracted with eac before from my original disc (HDCD, but not labeled as one). I found out why:
while looking through the internet collecting information about hdcd i found an article from a guy called _Ilya_:

"Data range from -30000 : 30000 is linear. Range above and below is non linear. Multiplier coefficients are recorded in sub-channel (part of audio CD format). Sub channel is not big enough to keep additional 4 bits, but it can keep multiplication coefficient.

In other words HDCD data format is a 2 pieswise interpolation to logarithmic scale. Full range is appropriate to 20 bit. Data precision at any point is 16 bit. (technology similar to voice A-law, M-law compression).

HDCD played on standard CD equipment will distort high levels.
HDCD played on separate transport and processor may be distorted because if sub channel is not transmitted, but processor is HDCD capable, processor will try to apply HDCD decoding because it will find HDCD patterns in upper levels, but without sub channel it does not know how to amplify it. The result is floating level (The same may be achieved if you copy HDCD using NERO but do not copy sub channel).
HDCD can not be saved in .wav because sub channel will be lost. HDCD processor will find patterns in peaks, led will flash."

I thought to myself, that would be an explanation why my copies sound so strange, lifeless.

I made a copy with clonecd, activating "read infos from subchannels" and made an image.

Before burning the image, i set the option "don't correct subchannel streams". Burned with Burning Speed 1x, because the subchannels don't have any crc correction, thought it would be safer that way.

And ... got an epiphany after inserting the fresh burned cd in my hdcd-player: I sounded exactly like the original. Finally. Now i know why. Have to rip my other hdcds again as an image with subchannel information.

Without the subchannel - Information it's quite possible you just get quasi 15 bit resolution in your 20 bit file with no dynamic expansion at all.
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Old 29th March 2013, 19:10   #62  |  Link
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Anyone have a batch file that will use hdcd.exe analyze each wav/flac in a folder and report the HDCD specifics (Peak extend, min gain, max gain, Transient filter) for each file?

My coding skills are nonexistant and doing it manually is tedious.

I'm currently using hdcd -a for each file and that gives me:

C:\Temp\MUSIC\Album>hdcd.exe -a 1.wav
HDCD Detected
Features Used:
Peak extend : Enabled permanently
Minimum gain : -4.0dB
Maximum gain : 0.0dB
Transient filter (Unsupported) : Never enabled

anyway to automate this?

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Old 19th April 2013, 01:28   #63  |  Link
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Originally Posted by TinTime View Post
:: Check files for HDCD encoding
:: Writes two text files to source directory - hdcd files.txt and non hdcd files.txt
@echo off

:: change these two
set eac3to=D:\Vtemp\programs\eac3to\eac3to.exe
set type=flac

:: set other variables and create new files
set sourcedir=%1
set sourcedir=%sourcedir:"= %
if "%sourcedir:~0,1%"==" " set sourcedir=%sourcedir:~1,-1%
echo HDCD files>"%sourcedir%\hdcd files.txt"
echo non HDCD files>"%sourcedir%\non hdcd files.txt"
if exist "%sourcedir%\eac3to.log" del "%sourcedir%\eac3to.log"

for /f "usebackq tokens=1 delims=" %%A in (`dir "%sourcedir%\*.%type%" /b /s /on`) do (
  call :sub1 "%%A"


exit /b 0


set inflac=%1

"%eac3to%" %inflac% -log="%sourcedir%\eac3to.log"

for /f "usebackq tokens=1-6 delims=," %%A in ("%sourcedir%\eac3to.log") do (
  if "%%A"=="FLAC" set hdcdcheck="%%D"

if "%hdcdcheck:~-6,-2%"=="HDCD" (
  echo %inflac%>>"%sourcedir%\hdcd files.txt"
) else (
  echo %inflac%>>"%sourcedir%\non hdcd files.txt"
del "%sourcedir%\eac3to.log"

exit /b 0
Windows 7 (x64)

I turned echo on and threw in some pauses.
I've set the eac3to path but dragging and dropping a single file shows...
E:\Music\Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist EP>for /F "usebackq tokens=1 delims=" %A in (`dir "E:\Music\Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist EP\01 - Mind Heist.flac\*.flac" /b /
/on`) do (call :sub1 "%A" )
File Not Found
Any idea what's going on?
Or can anyone change this to execute the CMD from the folder?
I don't like drag&drop operations.
I'd rather copy/move the .cmd around and have it execute in the folder with all the files in the same folder.
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Old 21st August 2017, 17:12   #64  |  Link
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newest versions:

filename SHA-1

hdcd-0.2-win32.zip A91E5D11C2C71F709C776A204688FB301EE82BCA


hdcd-0.2-x64.zip 75FBFA100A1E8D34C2D92BD3BA731622D46564AE


hdcd-0.2-dev.zip FF4D25E25576488F31130DCCB0C3755FD09C43C4


site (not sure how exposed OP wants it): hdcd dot cjkey dot org dot uk
Attached Files
File Type: zip hdcd-0.2-win32.zip (78.6 KB, 256 views)
File Type: zip hdcd-0.2-x64.zip (84.4 KB, 528 views)
File Type: zip hdcd-0.2-dev.zip (221.6 KB, 228 views)
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