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Old 15th May 2010, 12:55   #1  |  Link
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Help with BDN File Format


I have a set of Blu-Ray subtitles as an xml file, i can see that the subs begin in the TextReference field but only af 5 characters of 10 hex numbers, the 10 numbers keep changing, and I cannot see what they are. The text are encoded as ascii after.

I am unable to find anything on the net about it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<BDN Version="0.93" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="BD-03-006-0093b BDN File Format.xsd">
  <Name Title="BDNMaker" Content=""/>
  <Language Code="eng"/>
  <Format VideoFormat="1080p" FrameRate="23.976" DropFrame="False"/>
  <Events CharacterCode="1" FirstEventInTC="00:01:42:16" LastEventOutTC="01:31:58:11" NumberofEvents="635" Type="Text"/>
	  <Palette PaletteID="1" ColorMode="RGB" >
	    <Entry Index="0" R_Y="254" G_Cr="254" B_Cb="254" A_T="254"/>
	    <Entry Index="1" R_Y="0" G_Cr="0" B_Cb="0" A_T="254"/>
	    <Entry Index="2" R_Y="127" G_Cr="0" B_Cb="0" A_T="0"/>
  <Fonts> <Font FontID="0" FontFile="arial.otf"/> </Fonts>
		<Region RegionStyleID="0">
		<RegionStyle RegionHorizontalPosition="0" RegionVerticalPosition="0" RegionHeight="1078" RegionWidth="1918" RegionPaletteID="1" BackgroundPaletteEntryID="2"/>
		<TextBox TextBoxHorizontalPosition="160" TextBoxVerticalPosition="0" TextBoxHeight="900" TextBoxWidth="1600" TextFlow="1" TextHorizontalAlignment="2" TextVerticalAlignment="3"/>
		<LineSpace LineSpace="65"/>
		<FontInfo FontID="0" FontSize="60" FontStyle="5" FontOutlinePaletteEntryID="1" FontPaletteEntryID="0" FontOutlineThickness="3"/>
    <Event InTC="00:01:42:16" OutTC="00:01:44:20" forced="False">
      <Text RegionStyleID="0" TextReference="0001">00221b011f4920776173206f727068616e656420617420616e206561726c79206167652e</Text>
    <Event InTC="00:01:45:03" OutTC="00:01:47:17" forced="False">
      <Text RegionStyleID="0" TextReference="0002">00341b010e4920686164206e6f206e616d652c1B0A001b011d736f2070656f706c652063616c6c6564206d65204e616d656c6573732e</Text>
    <Event InTC="00:01:48:11" OutTC="00:01:51:01" forced="False">
      <Text RegionStyleID="0" TextReference="0003">00301b010f4265696e672061206e6f626f64792c1B0A001b01184920737475646965642073776f7264736d616e736869702e</Text>
    <Event InTC="00:01:51:13" OutTC="00:01:52:08" forced="False">
      <Text RegionStyleID="0" TextReference="0004">001d1b011a4166746572203130207965617273206f66207072616374696365</Text>
    <Event InTC="00:01:52:12" OutTC="00:01:54:12" forced="False">
      <Text RegionStyleID="0" TextReference="0005">001d1b011a49206163717569726564206120756e6971756520736b696c6c2e</Text>
    <Event InTC="00:01:55:12" OutTC="00:01:57:07" forced="False">
      <Text RegionStyleID="0" TextReference="0006">00231b0120546865204b696e67206f662051696e206861732073756d6d6f6e6564206d652e</Text>
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Old 15th May 2010, 14:39   #2  |  Link
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see this:


don't know if it helps
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Old 15th May 2010, 16:05   #3  |  Link
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These all indicate the use of PNG files, this is different as the text is in there instead.
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Old 16th May 2010, 02:48   #4  |  Link
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Yes, these are textST files, not the regular PG files.
Lemony Pro can generate these with both reference text and converted hex?, but never cared about much how the conversion worked.
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Old 16th May 2010, 10:28   #5  |  Link
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Okay, thanks for that.
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