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DumpHD - a HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Decrypter

I was quite happy that i finally could watch my HD-DVDs on my 30" Dual-Link Display with the help of BackupHDDVD. After looking into the code i was quite unhappy that it can not decrypt everything correctly and i didn't like to see it corrupting NAV_PCKs. I checked the MODs that appeared and again was not satisfied that they don't address these things. In my eyes they looked like cosmetics for the proof-of-concept code.

So i started developing my own program, hopefully beeing more use-of-concept. It uses the same approach as BackupHDDVD and uses the same key database format. My goal is to backup a HD-DVD without any traces of AACS. Because i don't have the HD-DVD spec it will take some time to reach it, there are still some things i have to figure out.

Key features so far:

- Dual-Core supported decryption of EVO / M2TS files (for harddisk to harddisk speed records ;o))
- Support for every pack type of an EVO (including in-place decryption of ADV_PCKs, excluding Sequence Key Sections)
- Decryption of every ARF protection type
- Multiple files (currently CLI only) or complete disc mode
- Usage of a key database to get the decryption keys or direct retrieval of the keys off the source disc
- Supports HD-DVDs for Standard / Advanced Content (but not both on the same disc), Blu-Ray ROM BDMV
- Experimental Blu-Ray Recordable support (with multiple CPS Units, BDMV, BDAV with Aux Directories and Thumbnails)
- Automatic BD+ removal using the BDVM Debugger or manually by supplying a correct Conversion Table (currently CLI only)
- Streaming output of EVO / M2TS files to stdout
- Very much console output for free ;o)

Since version 0.4 DumpHD can retrieve the required keys off the disc itself by using the aacskeys library.
Since version 0.6 DumpHD can remove BD+ automatically by using BDVM Debugger.

A tutorial on how to use DumpHD if automatic key retrieval does not work can be found here and here, for manual BD+ removal here.

I will keep updating this post to point the download links to the current version. The tar.gz and the zip have the same content.

Current version: 0.61
Release date: 2009-06-03

Download links:
DumpHD 0.61 (zip)
DumpHD 0.61 (tar.gz)

Support utilities
aacskeys 0.4.0c (2009-08-30) (Homepage):
aacskeys 0.4.0c (zip)
aacskeys 0.4.0c (tar.gz)

BDVM Debugger 0.1.5 (2008-12-15) (Homepage)
BDVM Debugger 0.1.5

DumpVID 0.4a (2009-07-15):
DumpVID 0.4a

DumpBN 0.31 (from BackupBDAV 0.50):
DumpBN 0.31 (RapidShare)
DumpBN 0.31 (SendSpace)

ConvTableView 0.3 (2009-01-13):
ConvTableView 0.3 (zip)
ConvTableView 0.3 (tar.gz)

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