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***read this now - Q&A -DVD2SVCD Official Q&A ***

Please make a contribution to show your appreciation and to encourage further development.

Note: New Q&As always at the bottom of the doc


This is a "Living Q & A" for DVD2SVCD. It will be updated constantly based upon your questions and other information coming in. Please ask questions as a reply to this post but change the subject line to something appropriate that indicates your question. Post questions *ONLY* after reading the Q&A from top to bottom. Those questions can/will/may be answered by one of many experienced users including the author of the program, aka "DVD2SVCD". Those questions and answers will be, from time to time, moved up into the following Q&A Post.

For the record: The author of this program does not encourage or condone the use of DVD2SVCD for anything other than the legitimate backing up of DVDs that are legally purchased.

Current maintainers (as of Jul 8, 2001) of this Q&A are DVD2SVCD**, DDogg*, MrBass* & Mozart*. (*) have no official affiliation with the author(**), or the program (DVD2SVCD) other than as a volunteer helpers.

If any of you see a post with a good question and answer you think would be a good addition just reply with a link to point to it and we will pick it up. Plz, occasionally take a few seconds and help out with this!

Problem Reports
Secondary (if primary bounces):
Problem Reports

Please respect the fact that the author likes to write code, not email

Hang Out DOOM9s DVD2SVCD Forum - Anything you need to know about ALL aspects of the video backup scene, and a huge software library and forum, can be found on the DOOM9 web-site

Minimum System Requirements - PIII or Athlon. 128 ram barely functions. 256 ram, 384 is better. Be aware CCE 2.5 is very particular on what processors it supports. Go to the Cinema Craft Website for more information. PIIs are not supported.

DVD2SVCD Website and Archives
DVD2SVCD Homepage or try DVD2SVCD Homepage (direct)

If you don't get the bundle remember and get the additional software also found on DVD2SVCD's homepage

From the author:
The only reason that dvd2svcd works as it does and perhaps makes your life a bit easier, is because dvd2svcd is standing on the Shoulders of Giants. Without people like Maven, Jakei, Brent Beyeler, Midas, Hard Code, Wimpy, Hiroyuki Hori, MPEG2Dec author (?), Custom Technology, Enreach, Ben Rudiak-Gould, Edwin Van Eggelen, Avery Lee, Herbert Valerio Riedel, Nautilus, Wizard, Dividee, shh, DSPguru and people like Doom9 and his loyal forum members (doom9.net), DVD2SVCD would be nothing. Thank the above programmers, they're the real brains. Special thanks to Dividee for helping find the subtitle bug.

Doom9 DVD2SVCD Guide

Quick DVD2SVCD References slapped together by mrbass.
Updated to 1.0.4 Build 2. Thanks to Schultz for hosting.
Newbie Reference
Advanced Reference

Newbie FAQ read if your new to SVCD creation or DVD2SVCD.


Q1: What is DVD2SVCD? What exactly is it used for?
A: DVD2SVCD automates the complex multiple steps, and the very latest techniques, to backup DVDs to CDRs for later playing on a standalone DVD player (that supports playing VCD/SVCDs). DVD2SVCD supports all steps from extracting the video information from the DVD, to the final creation of ready to burn to CDR .bin/.cue format files (CDrwin/Fireburer/Nero).
Difficult requirements like multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles are all automated for the less experienced user.
DVD2SVCD even has a NTSC to PAL conversion feature

Q2: What commercial software is required?
A: Cinema Craft Encoder version 2.50 and only 2.50, the reason that it must be this old version is that it's the latest version that supports .AVS script files. The quality of this version is equal to the latter versions.

Q3: Are all Cinema Craft encoding modes supported?
A: Yes, all modes for 1 pass VBR, VBR multipass and, now CBR are supported

Q4: How long does the whole process take?
A: DVD2SVCD uses the latest AviSynthMMX/Mpeg2Dec YUV2 frame serving techniques. This is presently the fastest method available. The process will generally run between .65 and 1.00 realtime depending on processor speed. Normally most users use three passes to get "like DVD" results. So, three times your machine's realtime capability will have you ready to burn your cdrs.
Example: An 850 Athlon consistently shows .67-.85 RT. This varies with the aspect ratio of the disk being backed up, but normally, completes the 3 pass process in 7 to 12 hours. CBR mode is single pass. It can encode as fast or faster than real-time on a 1.4+ mhz machine but most agree quality will be slightly less than multipass unless the bitrate is very high. DVD2SVCD works while you sleep

Q5: Will using DVD2SVCD cure my Fast Forward and seeking problems in my standalone DVD player?
A: Assuming these functions are properly implemented in your standalone player (not all are done correctly) the final CDR should play fine and all, or most, of the features you were having problems with should work correctly. VCDImager and VCDXBuild (both supported in DVD2SVCD) do a good job in following the proper specifications. Many of you using Nero to directly create your SVCDs that have had problems may find your problems have vanished. Example: On DDogg's Apex-703, FForward (2,4,8X), FReverse, slow frame, seeking, repeat AB segment, and time indicator now work perfectly, with no problems, for the first time, thus preventing the aformentioned Apex-703 from being thrown against the wall and dying an untimely death. :-)

Q6: Why should I not use my computer for other things during an encoding session with DVD2SVCD?
A: Q6 is no longer relevant and therefore removed

Q7: My SVCD won't play right on my PC. Is something wrong with the my encode?
A: Probably not. Always burn a copy and try on your standlone player before becoming concerned. Less experienced users may not have the correct playback filters on their PC. One indicator of the problem is when the audio seems out of sync by a large margin on NTSC backups.
Try installing PowerDVD or WinDVD, and then test playback. Special filters are installed with these products that allow NTSC svcds with the pulldown flag set to play correctly using software playback on your PC.

Q8: Why won't vStrip start ripping?
A: You probably haven't installed proper ASPI drivers. You can find the ASPI drivers further down on this page.

Q9: I donít want to use your average bitrate calculation, how do I override it to use my own?
A: Just type in the same average bitrate you want to use in both "Max. avg. box" and "Min. avg. box" in the Bitrate Tab. This is not recommended unless you are experienced and have a special need, or you are using CBR, in which case you will need the use of a bitrate calculator to arrive at the value to put in the min and max value boxes.

Q10: The colors of the subtitles isnít right, what can I do about that?
A: When the Subtitle preview window is shown you have a column called Palette. Press the button in that column to change the Palette.

Q11: I donít want any Subtitles in the first stream of my SVCD but I want it to start from stream 2. How can I do that?
A: Also in the subtitle preview window. In the row where the "Subtitle Stream No." is 1 press the Dropdown button and select "Deselect". It is also in that column you can switch or add subtitle streams. It's the button to the right in the "Subtitle Stream No." column. You get this when the subtitle window (preview) pops up.

Q12: I have encoded a PAL movie but the encoded movie is filled with interlaced lines. What can be done about that?
A: Some PAL movies are Telecined (especially in Australia) and there has to be performed a 2:2 pulldown. Just select "PAL Telecined (interlaced)" in the Conversion tab, however, mostly you don't have to worry about interlaced movies, as they usually plays perfectly using a standalone player + tv, the interlaced lines will only occur on the pc.

Q13: The aspect ratio of the encoded video looks wrong. How do I fix that?
A: I use the information from the VOB file to preset the Aspect Ratio, but unfortunately the VOB file is sometimes wrong. You can change to the right Aspect Ratio in the Conversion tab (4:3 or 16:9).
It is highly recommended you verify the Aspect Ratio before beginning the process by reading the specs of the DVD on the jacket or online like Amazon.com. More experienced users can rip a short vob chapter section and open with DVD2AVI, previewing and noting the aspect ration in the stats window.

Q14: I read the above but still can't find out the aspect ratio. What should I do?
A: Check the pause checkbox in the dvd2avi tab. When DVD2SVCD is paused, open windows explorer, go to the directory you specified for your output and find the two AVS files there. One will end in 4:3 and the other 16:9. Double click on one and play in media player to see which one looks correct. Then resume the encoding process and quickly go to the conversion tab in DVD2SVCD and select the appropriate ratio that you determined to be correct.

Q15: How does your Audio Selection work?
A: In the Audio Tab you can select up to 2 audio streams. If dvd2svcd canít find Priority Audio 1 it will look for the audio stream youíve selected in priority 2. Besides that it also selects the AC3 stream which has the most channels to get the best surround quality.

Q16: I have pre Beta 12 RC1. It takes a lot of time to downmix the ac3 stream to wav because azid reports downmix overflow and restarts. Any solution?
A: Q16 is no longer relevant and therefore removed

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Q17: I have Beta 12 RC1 or higher. It takes a lot of time to downmix the ac3 stream to wav. Any solution?
A: Starting with RC1 Beta 12 a auto gain function was added. One complete prepass is needed to create a reference log from which an accurate required gain is calculated. This is a good use of time and so should always be used. If accurate gain is not important to you, deactivate auto gain and put a number between 5 and 3 in the value box. This will save you the few minutes of the prepass at the cost of dead accurate gain.

Q18: Do I have to use downsampling and convert 48 to 44.1?
A: Not at all. In fact, downsample only if: your standalone is weird and will not play 48k audio or you do not know the stanalone it will be played upon. Or, you have an old PC sound card that will not play 48k. It will not make the audio file much smaller and downsampling takes a *large* amount of time to do at the higher quality levels. In most all situations it is not needed.

Q19: "vStrip gets only 4 out of 5 vobs??.."
A: vStrip does it's own cutting at 1024 kb, that means that you cannot compare it to what other rippers do. To check if it has done the job correctly, load the vobfiles into dvd2avi, and move the slider at the bottom to the end and see if it doesn't indeed have it all ripped.

Q20: How does the DVD2SVCD calculate bitrates?
A: The standard settings in the bitrate tab is made so that the calculation is as near as possible to fill 2 or 3 cd's all depending on the length of the movie.
[i]Needs to be updated[i]

Q21: I have encoded a movie with subtitles, but no subtitles are shown when I play the movie. Why?
A: The subtitles only work on Standalone DVD Players that supports SVCD Subtitles. As of now there is no Software players that supports SVCD Subtitles. So if you really wants subtitles you have to select permanent subtitles.

Q22: I've created a SVCD with subtitles, but the subtitles do not appear to play correctly in my standalone player.
A: First, verify your standalone player supports subtitles. Download this sample known to work correctly, burn to CDR and verify whether it plays correctly. If it does play correctly but the output made with DVD2SVCD does not play correctly, please provide further feedback.

Q23: RMS800 - "DVD2SVCD crashes every time I run it with a 'Invalid floating point operation' error. System is P3-800 w/ 128MB, WinME"
A: This has been seen when Avisynth was not properly installed. (putting avisynth.dll in the proper system folder and running install.reg).

Q24: Which version of DVD2AVI should I use?
A: It must be version 1.76 (CLI 1.0.4). You can get the right version on the homepage of dvd2svcd

Q25: ChilliMan - "Anyone know why i get this error message in I-Author?" MPS error head!;Error!!!; fail
A: Q25 is no longer relevant and has therefore been removed

Q26: I'm having some problems with the NTSC conversion when TMPG is in use
A: Q26 is no longer relevant and has therefore been removed

Q27: When dvd2svcd is saving the subtitle timecodes it says file not found?
A: You haven't entered any destination directory for subtitles. (stopped editing here)

Q28: Wah! It don't work. Leap through 10,000 miles, read my mind, take over my body and fix it for me because I can't be bothered to read the basic trouble shooting skills guide and the Q&A.
A: Spend a few minutes thinking before asking questions on the board and title your post wisely. If you use exclamation marks or CAPS we will delete your post. Try basic things like opening the project (d2v) file in DVD2AVI v 1.76 and see if it will preview by pressing F5. Play the AVS file in media player and see if you *see* video (don't worry if it is slow or jerky) or get a red error line in the top of the screen. Read the trouble shooting post, in fact read all semi recent posts before asking a question. Treat us with respect and you will be treated with respect.

Q29: When I attempt to play my my avs file in media player, to help diagnose a problem, it will not play. Other programs can open it. What's up?
A: First, re download the software bundle, or at least the huffy codec on the website. The new bundle has huffy in it and will install it. This should fix your problem.

Q30: In I-Author i get a error message Maximum 2700 bitrate.. But if i click ok in message box it starts to check videostream and audiostream. When it starts muxing, i-author exits without an error message..
A:[fixed in Beta 11]It's because your total combined bitrate exceeds that that IA can handle. It is probably you have 2 audio streams of a bitrate of 224 + Max. Video bitrate of 2400 (not avg. which is ok). Now as I have said before I-Author only accepts standard SVCD values and the max. bitrate must not go above 2600. Simple calculus: 2400+(2*224) = 2848 not acceptable for I-Author. Try lowering your audio bitrate to 160 and the max. video bitrate to 2250 2250+(2*160)=2570 which is acceptable. Or you could use only one audio stream instead of two, but you still have to lower either the audio or video bitstream. I will make a check in (versions after Beta 9) dvd2svcd to warn people if the bitrate is too high according to svcd standard. Now, after Beta 10,there is an option that will lower your audio bitrate automatically.

Q31: I've been trying to make an svcd out of a concert dvd that has PCM audio...but i get an error when it comes to the Conversion tab: "No audio stream matches the selected audio languages!
A:PCM soundtracks are not yet supported as of Beta 9 but the author plans to implement support some time in the future. [now supported in Beta 11]

Q32: When doing NTSC is force film selected in DVD2AVI? (might be a prob for animes, etc)
A: Yes it is checked when it's a NTSC movie. Maybe I could add the possiblity of deselecting that. [auto mode added in Beta 11]

Q33: Can dvd2svcd to a inverse telecine on telecined (not real deinterlace) video sources?
A: RC1 Beta 12 introduce a fuller and more robust auto mode solution that attemps to deal with these type of video sources via the use of an Inverse Telecine plugin. It will not always be successful, but in general, should give good results. Be aware it *will* slow down the encode somewhat.

Q34: Which program does the 48 -> 44.1KHz downsampling?
A: The downsampling is performed internally in dvd2svcd. I have converted the downsampling from dvd2avi and it produces the same result as dvd2avi. Since it has been converted from c++ to delphi and I've even fixed a bug so I don't think I'm violating GPL. Nothing whatsoever has been copied (like vidomi did from virtualdub).[Note: why use downsampling unless you have to? It is *Very* time consuming and wasteful unless your standalone or older audio card has to have it. See other Q&A on downsampling]

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Q35: Everything works fine until DVD2SVCD starts bbmpeg and it comes up with an error. DVD2SVCD stops and bbmpeg will be closed and nothing else happens.
A: This will be fixed in future version after Beta 9 [Fixed in Beta 10]. It occurred because "batch" mode was left checked in BBmpeg.

Q36: When I use EZCD creator ezcd 5.02 my disks don't play
A:EZCD Creator 5.x is junk. Throw it away. Only version 4.x will burn the cif files created by I-Author.

Q37: I want to use the I-Author option [because of subtitles] in dvd2svcd but I want to burn my disks with something other than EZ-CD-Creator.
A: Get one of the later or latest versions of CDmage 1.02.1 B5. It will convert the .CIF file into a .BIN .CUE file which you can burn with Fireburner, CDR-Win, or actually use Nero's *burn image* function in its *file* menu warning: don't use Nero's version 5.3 or later. IMPORTANT NOTE: To use Nero you have to manually enter the name of the cue file in Nero's requestor as Nero does not have a mask for .cue.

Q38: My audio and video are not synced
A: This rarely happens. An instance of this was reported when a dumb user (me, ddogg) subtituted a "beta" version of toolame.exe for the approved version of toolame.exe that comes in the bundle. When the approved version was copied back this problem vanished. Never substitute a version of the approved software unless approved by the author or you will be cursed forever :-)

Q39: I want to know if I can get DVD2SVCD to bypass adding borders as I have an unusual need.
A: Easy, just select the 4:3 option, then no borders will be added. Again, do *not* do this on a 16:9 encode unless you have some oddball need and know *exactly* what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Q40: DVD2SVCD stops at the CCE stage/CCE 2.5 doesn't seem to run on my machine.
A: See minimum system requirements above. PII are not supported. Also, older, slower machines seem to be problematic as well as machines with under 256 ram.

Q41: I have installed the latest DVD2SVCD Software Bundle on a PIII, 1 GHz, Win NT 4.0 and installed Avisynth properly. After extraction of the audio, TMPG stops saying "Extracted Audio Stream 1.mpa cannot be opened or not supported".
A: Install DirectX 6 or higher. And look into the TMPG readme file for other requirements for NT.

Q42: I get this strange Checksum error from CCE when it runs...
A: Please download this patch (Thank's ALI! for hosting)

Q43: The process stops when DVD2AVI is supposed to run
A: Sometimes DVD2AVI has to be run *once* manually to register the vfapi module. This should not be the case if the software bundle is used but try doing this if you have a problem like this. Unless you changed it, the software bundle will have installed dvd2avi in C:\program files\dvd2svcd\dvd2avi. Run the executable manually once.

Q44: I used special characters like ( ) [ ] % in my output folder name
A: Don't use these in pre RCI Beta 12. These characters are not supported. After RC1-Beta 12 these characters may now be used. Don't use the ampersand character & otherwise it'll stop at near the end of the process. Due to sheer number of programs utilized in DVD2SVCD bundle it's better to just stick to your ABC's lest you like to gamble with your time.

Q45: My machine has a Via Chipset and seems slow
A: "Home Skillet" - What motherboard do you have? if you can find out that it has a kt133, kt133a, or kt2666 chipset then you need to download the VIA 4-in-1 drivers ver. 4.32 (latest) from VIAHardware I had a problem with my via chipset where all of my drives were not set in DMA mode. When I installed the 4-in-1 my DVD and CDRW drives used DMA modes and everything was much faster.

Q46: Will adding memory to my machine really help?
A: "mball" - I added 256 Meg of RAM [had 128] to my system and ran DVD2SVCD last night. My system now has a total of 384 Meg of RAM. To say that it helped is an understatement. My encoding time dropped from 40 hours all the way down to 5 1/2 hours. I was astonished at the difference.

Q47: How can I make the background of the Permanent Subtitles Transparent?
A: Choose a number between 0-15 in the background blend column. 0=Invisible 15=Solid. 7 would be a good choice for gray transparency

Q48: Why, does DVD2SVCD not follow the size constraints in the bitrate tab? I.E. My movie is under x time. The size constraints says it should be on 2 cds but I get 3
A: In fact, the min avg is a manual override of the size constraints. It always wins. If you want the size constraints to always function, choose 0 for min avgand leave the max and min at the defaults of 2400 and 300. Versions after RC1, beta 12 will make this more intuitive.

Q49: What do I do if Authentication fails?
A: Install ForceASPI 1.7. Download it here at Doom9. WinXP try these ASPI drivers.

Q50: I am a non native english speaker and I have used language patches on some of the support software that DVD2SVCD uses. It is not working properly now.
A: "Zyrus1" reports, "Please remember that DVD2SVCD works by sending keystrokes to all the programs it works with. So remember that all programs (including CCE) must be in english. Do NOT download any kind of language patch.

Q51: My encoding will not finish. BTW, I have W2k and I "lock" my computer before leaving using Ctrl-Alt-Del, "lock".
A: A "locked" computer will not allow DVD2SVCD to function. Sorry.

Q52: Sometimes I get a crash in the TooLame part of the process
A: Two things. Get latest build 4 or above and make sure you have the newest version of TooLame "i" in the dvd2svcd/toolame directory. That build was released about Aug 16, 2001 and should now be inclused in the bundle released with build 4 8/16/01 - version 1.0.2 build 4 released

Q53:"BeerGrave" - I had the problem, that CCE freezes in several stages. Not only CCE but W2KSp2, too. I have all suggestions done, including the recommend swap-space (now 768 MB). Nothing helps. But now I had read on http://www.asuscom.de that W2k can not handle swap-space on VIA based Motherboards using a Athlon or Duron CPU correctly. For help, they offer this patch:
AMD W2K Patch

A: This has not been tested by dvd2svcd but it sounds like it would "do no harm" as it is an official AMD patch for W2k. Feedback in forum is appreciated.

Q54: What does IO Error 112 mean?
A: It means you've run out of diskspace. No more "IO Error 112" message, instead you get a "Disk is full message"

Q55: Still having problems with CCE. What to do?
A: Try setting the Azid gain on auto 2pass. Doing this has helped some.

Q56: How do I find title pictures for 1.0.3?
A: Right click in the box to the right of the Title pic checkbox. Enter a word particular to the vid. If an exact match is made then nothing will happen except the correct pic will be downloaded. You can check it by opening the file request emblem. If the online database has more than one entry matching you will be given a list box so that you might choose the correct one.

Q57: What is aspect ratio? Is there any problem if the movie is 16x9 and is encoded as 4x3?
A: read this thread to know a lot of things about aspect ratio of DVD, SVCD and TV.

Q58: Could you please explain how dvd2svcd uses the bitrate tab in details?
A: What dvd2svcd do to calculate the avg. bitrate:

1. DVD2SVCD starts CCE and load the avs file and save the project file (ecl) and closes CCE again.
2. DVD2SVCD opens the project file, and it finds the number of frames and the framerate in that project file.
3. Using the frames and the framerate dvd2svcd calculates the number of minutes the movie is.
4. Using the minutes, dvd2svcd goes through each line in the bitrate tab. When it finds the line where the minutes are between X and XX minutes dvd2svcd get's the number of cd's and the cd size it should use.
5. DVD2SVCD then uses minutes, number of cds and the cd size to calculate the highest bitrate to fill the number of cd's to the limit.
6. DVD2SVCD calculates the avg. bitrate, modifies the Project file, runs CCE loads the Project file into CCE and starts encoding.

Example PAL movie:

After loading the Project file dvd2svcd determines that the number of frames are 155547 and a framerate of 25 fps.

Minutes = 155547 / 25 = 6221,88 seconds = Rounded to 104 minutes

Line used in the DEFAULT bitrate tab will be line 4 since the number of minutes is between 100 and 120 minutes. So the number of cds to be used are 2 and the size of the cd's are 800 each.

As you can see from the above I now have all the figures needed to calculate the bitrate to be used to fill 2 cd's of 800 mb.


The Max. and Min. down below of the bitrate tab is fixed values used as is in CCE. Those values are used by CCE to do the VBR calculation of each frame. Hence using many bits on complex frames and vice versa.

The Max. Avg. and Min. Avg. are boundary values. If the Min. Avg. is checked the calculated bitrate will never go below the entered number. And the calculated bitrate will never go above the Max. Avg. bitrate. That means has the side effect that if you have a movie of eg. 77 minutes it will not fill 2 * 740 completely because the calculated bitrate will be above the Max. Avg. bitrate and you will only get one filled CD and one 3/4 filled (or so).

Q59: Can I use my computer at all during the SVCD creation process?
You should NOT, since DVD2SVCD sends keystrokes and filenames and if your in another program you risk interferring and disrupting the process and you'll have to start all over... bummer. However, you can do light tasks (if your careful) like surf the web, etc. during the CCE encoding process. From the time you see the .vaf file encoding until the very end of the .mpv file (usually this takes anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours). Even when the .vaf is done and it switches to the .mpv file it's still safe since no keystrokes are sent. NOTE: disable screensavers, etc. in winXP you can't "switch users" since that won't allow for sending keystrokes either.

Q60: When I get done with the DVD2SVCD cycle I end up with no *.cif or *.bin/cue, why is that?
A:As far as I can see your problem is that I-Author hasn't been patched correctly. You have to patch it to allow it to make images larger than 645 mb.

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Q61: What is a CCE RT of 0.7 or 1.2, etc.?
These numbers means "real time". I.e.: if the movie has 100min of time length, and CCE shows "speed: 0.500 RT", this means that each pass will use 100/0.500=200 min from the begin to the end of CCE work. If you are using multipass, CCE will use (1+numberofpasses) times 200 to end its work. To increase the speed, you can try 1passVBR with Qfactor=1 - or CBR -plus temporalsmooter turned on.

Example: 83min movie with CCE RT of 1.62 (AMD 1600+) video took 4hrs 16mins video encoding portion doing 4 pass vbr. 83min / 1.62 RT = 51.2 mins
51.2 x 5 (4 pass + .vaf) = 256min (4 hrs 16mins)

Q62: Can I overburn on 90 min CD-R discs?
Just put in 900 in the bitrate tab for 90min cd if your cd-burner supports it.

SVCD, VCD, AviSynth, Mpeg2Dec, DVD2SVCD, Doom9, DDogg, SVCD, VCD

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Q63: Where can I see what is being developed in the next version/build?
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Q64: Why is there a Cinemacraft logo in my output file?

A: You're using the demo version of CCE SP. While it is fully functional it encodes a logo into the videostream. To get rid of it you have to buy the full version.
For the web's most comprehensive collection of DVD backup guides go to www.doom9.org
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