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New Plugins and Utilities

I moved the "New utilities" to the second post.

New plugins:

- TPRIVTC (by Kurosu): It uses the IVTC information from Tsunami MPEG Encoder Project Files (some pretentious 'reverse engineering' was needed there), and is able to perform the following deinterlacing processing: interpolate odd field, interpolate even field, double (ie blend fields and nothing. discussion.
- GuiSample (by hanfrunz): The first filter with a gui, it can disable the r, g and b colors separately.
- http://cultact-server.novi.dk/kpo/xstat/xstat.html + thread
- import/export uncompressed file filter (by hanfrunz): import/export uncompressed videofiles (uncompressed Quicktimes, Avid OMFs, cineon, etc ...). This filter can also write vidoedata directly to a given file! A list of supported formats is given here http://www.xnview.com/
- EDIUpsizer (by tritical) Smart resize filter based on NEDI. [YV12]
- Decomb521VFR1.0 (by FalconX and others): Decomb521VFR1.0 mod for automated Matroska VFR. [YV12] discussion
- KernelDeint 1.5.1 (by Leak)
- MPlayerNoise (by bergi): Adds noise to the image using the MPlayer routines.
- MedianBlur (by tsp): spatial median blur filter with a variable radius.
- SmoothD (by 708145): Deblocker keeping high frequency detail.
- BlendBob (by Leak): Instead of trying to directly match fields and then deinterlace what slipped through it does it the other way around by using a smart bobber (KernelBob for example). [YV12]
- PicSubU (by unmei): Puts subs on your video. Supported: USF, OPS, SRT avec noms de fichier en référence à des fichiers d'images (png ou bmp), Fichier statique PNG ou BMP. discussion [YV12, RGB32]
- AviShader (by Antitorgo): It's a sharpener. discussion. It's also the first AviSynth plugin which uses GPU (Graphics Processing Units) instead of CPU optimizations to do the processing. Some further info: General stuff, Doom9Thread1 and Doom9Thread2. You will need to install DX9, and .NET 1.1 framework in order to use this plugin.
- FFT3DFilter (by Fizick): 3D Frequency Domain Wiener filter-denoiser. It uses a Fast Fourier Transform method for frequency selecting an removing. You need FFTW3.DLL in system folder. discussion. [YV12]
- DeFreq (by Fizick): it's a spatial filter removes some frequencies from video frames. It can be used for removal of interference frequency noise (regular inclined stripes) from some TV capturing, and also for additional blurring. You need FFTW3.DLL in system folder. discussion. [YUY2 ?]
- Autocrop (by CropsyX, len0x): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=87602
- Transition: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=69155
- Variableblur (by tsp):http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88645
- MedianBlur 'ML3Dex' CPU/GPU versions (by tsp): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88450: A variable radius spatial/temporal median blur filter.
- fft3dGPU (by tsp): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=89941: a GPU version of Fizicks fft3dfilter.
- Immaread (by E-Male): Let's you import pictures (also with alpha channel and animated stuff) using the ImageMagick libs.
- freeframe (by Fredrik Mellbin): avs plugin which enables you to use freeframe filters in AviSynth. [RGB]
- HDR AGC (by paviko): High Dynamic Range Automatic Gain Control - is a new plugin for our miniDV amateur camcorders to increase its dynamic range.
- ColourizeSmooth (by insanedesio): uses a general colourizing algorithm to smooth a given clip. Algorithm is based on
http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/~yweiss/Colorization. [YV12, YUY2]
- RestoreFPS (by mg262): Reverses the kind of blending generated by ConvertFPS, restoring original framerate.
- MT (by tsp): A filter that split a frame up in smaller fragment that are processed in invidual threads allowing full utilization of multiprocessor or hyperthread enabled computers.
- SClavc (by akupenguin): It allow access to libavcodec's scene-change metrics (don't forget to put scenechange-lavc.dll in your system32 folder).
- Run (by mg262): Runs a system command.
- ColourLike (by mg262): Makes a clip look like a 'reference' clip by adjusting each colour channel.
- ExtendedBilateral (by insanedesio): An extended version of the bilateral filter.
- DCT (by lcld): Performs DCT and its inverse to see the videospectrum. [YUY2]
- ExpSat (by brabbudu): This filter allow to vary the saturation curve exponent of the image or video.
For a finer tuning of the effect, it's possible to select the application hue range and therefore the areas of the image for which the saturation will be varied. discussion. [RGB]
- Alternate (by mg262): Switches back and forth between versions of a clip to highlight the differences.
- PlaneMinMax (by barts(impson...Not!)): Frame-based YV12 Plane Min/Max Functions Without ConditionalFilter.
- MDeblock (by kassandro): Plugin for removing block artifacts. discussion.
- Denoise (by Mohan): This is an adaptive local noise reduction filter.
- Cel foreground (by mg262): It denoises foreground objects in animation. (SSE2). documentation.
- ColorIt (by Mohan): Coloring greyscale images using prescribed colors. discussion.
- Wathershed (by Mohan): If one assumes the image values (0 to 255) represents the elevation in an rectangular area of x and y, then watershed lines and individual basins can be demarcated. Such a segmentation of the image has some applications. (Wilbert: no idea what this means ). discussion.
- GetDups (by Turyst04): Sometimes source clip contains groups of frames duplicates (produced at capturing of amateur 8 mm (Super 8) films for example), separated by intermediate transitional smeared (not-similar) frames. The plugin select one frame per such group.
- Cel Stabilise (by Mohan): For stabalising video. It's primarily meant for animation, especially old animation, although as far as I can see it should work on live material if the background is reasonably still.
- Motion (by mg262): Real-time true-motion motion compensation. Finds and draws motion on the clip.
- SidSource (by Sh0dan): This plugin allows you to play your favorite retro songs. It will enable you to play more than 30,000 songs available for free download produced on the Commodore 64.
- EEDI2 (by tritical): It resizes by 2x in the vertical direction by copying the current image to every other line in the resized image and then interpolating the missing field. An edge-directed interpolation for deinterlacing attempt.
- OMF import filter (by tateu): It handles a small subset of the OMF file format (video only) and can read these formats: 1:1 Uncompressed YUY2 (CDCI), Mpeg2 I frame only, DV25, and Mjpeg (2:1, 15:1, etc.).
- Quicktime Import/Export Filter (by tateu): This filter can read and write quicktime files using an existing installation of Quicktime (6 and 7). [RGB, YUY2].
- Sox Audio Effect Filter (by Sh0dan): Alloww you to run SOX effects within AviSynth. Most effects are supported, and multiple effects can be stacked after each other. discussion.
- AllColorsYUY2 and AllColorsRGB24 (by hanfrunz): VectorScope; the framenumber represents the luma (YCBCR) or the red channel (RGB).
- BassAudio (by dimzon): Wrapper for the BASS library which supports MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV/AIFF/WMA/FLAC/WavPack/Speex/Musepack /AAC/M4A/APE.
- FRFun (by prunedtree): A fractal based denoiser.
- TNLMean (by tritical): NonLocal-means denoising algorithm (based on non-local averaging of pixels using a Gaussian kernel). discussion.
- GradFun2db (by prunedtree): debanding filter (you will get banding if you decrease the number of colors in a frame).
- AVC/H.264 Source Filter: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=122599
- Soundout (exporting sound): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=120025
- autolevels: http://www.zendurl.com/t/ta41/autolevels_en.php
- ffmpegsource: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=127037
- shock filter: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=122443
- Spatial Bob deinterlacer: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=129142
- Importing sup subtitles: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=119390
- RaWav: opening WAVE files (>4GB ; W64) in AviSynth: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=119667
- AVSInpaint: logo removal plugin: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=133682
- BeHappy: http://www.codeplex.com/BeHappy
- Multicore optimization idea: running consecutive filters in different threads: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=139629
- SincResize based on DCT: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...002#post953002
- GRunT: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=139337
- aWarpSharp (SEt): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=147285
- AssRender (TheFluff): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=148926
- dither 1.8 plug-in and scripts (cretindesalpes): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...59#post1386559
- flash3kyuu_deband (SAPikachu): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=161411

- avs2yuv 0.24 fix: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=145912; fix2: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...98#post1527698

Japanese plugins plus machine translated descriptions (010505):

[GPU_001.zip (by thejam79)]: GPU versions of several AviSynth plugins (GPU_BilinearResize, GPU_LanczosResize, GPU_Convolution3d, GPU_TemporalSmoother, GPU_ColorYUY2).
[KillPulse (by 791)]: Pulse noise reduction plugin.
[DePulse (by 790)]: Scratch removal plugin.
[pa (by Chiyo Cro)]: Measures processing time of a particular filter.

more info and download: http://www.avisynth.org/JapanesePlugins

AviSynth64 (based on v2.55): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=87623. Some more info: http://www.planetamd64.com/index.php?showtopic=5013

AviSynth64 plugins:
ftp://squid80.no-ip.com/ (AviSynth, DGdecode, Decomb, Undot, x264, XviD)

free C++ compiler: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=74608 (for W2K and XP only)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) can be obtained here.

Morgan 3.12 beta: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=72332

vcmohan's plugins: http://avisynth.org/vcmohan/

Kevin's plugins: http://kevin.atkinson.dhs.org/avisynth.html

mg262's plugins (including sources and docs):

Fizick's plugins:

Manao's plugins:

akupenguin plugins:
http://students.washington.edu/lorenm/src/avisynth/: hqdn3d, dedup, flicker, avsyuv and others.

Japanese plugins:
excite.co.jp's Japanese translation:

SEt's AviSynth 2.6 builds:
- MT related fixes.
- General code cleanup (for scope, const).
- Project splitted and settings cleaned up. Converting from VS6 is a great way to get strange settings.
- Converted .asm to yasm. If we ever hope to be portable - it'll most likely be yasm for assembler.
link: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=148782

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Mug Funky
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New stuff:

- Gscript (by Gavino): a plugin that extends the Avisynth scripting language to provide additional control-flow constructs:
multi-line conditionals (if-then-else blocks), 'while' loops and 'for' loops.
- AviSynth Tracker plugin (by Shlomo): Let's you track an object. Requires Python 2.6.
- Raw file access plugin (by Sashimi): Let's you import and export raw files.
- PointSize (by `Orum): A collection of pixel scaling filters
- TimeLapseDF filter: http://www.zhitenev.com/avisynth/TimeLapseDF/
- Deathray: OpenCL GPU accelerated spatial/temporal non-local means de-noising. It's written in OpenCL and typically runs on the GPU (only GeForce 8 series or higher, or ATI HD 5870 and higher supports OpenCL).
- ColorScreenMask: A green screen (chroma key) plugin.
- NLMeansCL: NLMeans plugin written in OpenCL and typically runs on the GPU (only GeForce 8 series or higher supports OpenCL).
- RawSource modified by Chikuzen: added mono(Y8) colorspace support to YUV4MPEG2.
- AviSynth port of a certain AviUtl plugin called Cross-Conversion Correction: It's aim is to fix the interlaced upscaling that Japanese broadcasts and Blu-rays seem to use (near as I can tell). This plugin is specifically meant for 720->1080 conversions.
- SmoothAdjust: Consists of - SmoothLevels which allows to change levels & gamma with optional limiting, - SmoothTweak which allows to change brightness, contrast, saturation & hue, and - SmoothCurve which allows to change a plane according to a fixed curve.
- TurnsTile: Turns input clip into a mosaic built from pieces of a user-defined tilesheet.
- AVSMeter: A small CLI tool that runs an Avisynth script without any overhead, displays some clip info and the min., max. and average frame rates.
- HSVAdjust: HSVAdjust/HSLAdjust/HSIAdjust let's you rotate hues, control the strength of color (saturation), or modify the brightness of a clip. The type of brightness depends on the filter. It's value for HSVAdjust, lightness for HSLAdjust or intensity for HSIAdjust.
- MP_Pipeline: runs parts of an avisynth script in external processes.
- Sora: Sora's avs multi-process/multi-thread plugin package.
- MXFSource: imports MXF files with JP2K and PCM essence. discussion.
- Waveform: a plugin to overlay audio waveforms on video clips - useful for identifying sync issues and audio glitches.
- Quad: a quadrilateral transformation filter similar to vcmohan's reform.
- Jinc Resizer
- VapourSource: vapoursynth script importer for avisynth.
- VideoInputSource: grabs video frame from video capture card or webcam in real-time.
- ShapeMask: Dynamically mask out bright shapes.

- Neembuu: streams youtube videos (or videos from any http source). Files are served using a Virtual Filesystem (Pismo File Mount). More discussion can be found here.

- Documentation available on the protocol that Avisynth uses for its TCPServer and TCPSource: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...17#post1402917
- Command line client for TCPDeliver: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=120030

- AvxSynth: a Linux port of AviSynth: Project home. Discussion.

- AVSTP: A library for multithreaded plug-in development.
sucking the life out of your videos since 2004

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AVSlib (by gzarkadas): A new extension library for Avisynth, with support for arrays, mathematical and statistical functions, clip-editing functions and other stuff. Documentation can be found here, and discussion here. For AviSynth v2.56 (or later)) there is a patch (AVSLib 1.0.1) which can be used.

LBKiller (by esby): (1) corrects specifical frames in a video via GIMP or Adobe Photoshop (or any other image editing program) editing of png/jpg/bmp captured frames, and avs script generation, using frame freezing. Thus your favourite image editing program can now be used to edit captured frames with this utility. (2) generate ecf according to scenechange & ssa script. discussion. Esby, when are you going to write documentation about this ?

cfr2tc/tc2cfr and gui (hybrid stuff <-> 120 fps-avi; requires NET framework 1.1):
Discussion. The first utility takes an avi file with a video stream containing null frames and outputs a new avi file containing the same video stream, but with all null frames removed and a v1 or v2 timecode file. It also has timecode file only modes that create the timecode file but do not create a new avi file. The second utility turns an avi file (with each frame present once) into a new avi file with null frames with the specified framerate and a v1 or v2 timecode file specifying the display length for each individual frame.

latest makeAVIS: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=126788

avs input plugin for Foobar2000 (you need foobar 0.9): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=108970


avs/avi to wav:

avs2avi (and gui): http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...898#post482898. Is under development again, it also includes a nice gui. Latest release.
avs2avi (1.40 and 1.40a): http://www.avisynth.info/?%A5%A2%A1%...A5%D6#t952b3b1

http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=160383: avs2pipe is a tool to output y4m video, wav audio or dump some info about the input avs clip.


A command line tool that will calculate the value you need in Amplify() for audio normalized to 100% (audio must be 16 bit).

AviSynth Front:
AviSynth Front is a frontend for AviSynth 2.5. It is not intended to be a full featured editor for AviSynth scripts, but rather focuses on ease of use and simplification of everyday tasks. It uses templates that you assemble into a script and then apply to a video or a list file.

You can download it from: http://users.volja.net/arakar/andrej...avsfront23.zip

AviSynth and Avidemux:
AviSynth is supported in Avidemux starting from version 2.2 both for windows and linux (through Wine). discussion. You will need avsproxy.exe for this (which is based on avsyuv). Avidemux can be downloaded here. More info can be found here.

- Visual Editor for AviSynth (vion11) The sources can be obtained here.

- Avisynth Studio v1.2 Beta (OpenSource Avisynth NLE; teejee2008).

- AvsTimer (by kassandro) A small filter with virtually no overhead, which allows one to measure the performance of plugins or groups of plugins.

- asif.dll. delphi application (and maybe more application) to link with avs 2.55 directly.
- Myrsloik ported avisynth_c to pascal (delphi) which enable you to write plugins in Delphi/Pascal: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=98327, http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=106125&page=3.

http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=126530 which enables you to write plugins in PureBasic.

http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=144663: AvsFilterNet enables you to write plugins in .NET.

Wrapper element for AviSynth filters for GStreamer: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=146518 http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/wiki/AviSynth

JAviSynth is a wrapper library that allows AviSynth to be used in the Java programming language. Through JNI, it provides access to the input and video processing capabilities of AviSynth. Videos and scripts can be opened, manipulated and viewed. Sorry sound playback is not available yet. http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/javisynth

A modified version of v2.55 which support direct stream copy where possible: DSynth.

A (free) replacement of the avi-wrapper Link2 appeared: makeAVIS (by Milan): get ffvfwAVIS.exe from that page; discussion.

AviSynth compatible frameserver (import) for PluginPac frameserver (by Satish Kumar): For frameserving from SonicFoundry Vegas (and earlier Vegas Video/VideoFactory versions), Adobe Premiere or Ulead MediaStudio Pro to AviSynth. discussion. 64 bit version: advanced frameserver.

AviSynth under Linux/Wine (yes AviSynth v2.56 works too): Discussion.

AviSynth Highlighter Plugin (by LigH) for Context Text Editor.

DependencyWalker: utility to detect missing dlls: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...317#post696317

PathCopyEx: A small shell extension that adds "Copy Path to ClipBoard" to your right click menu. Makes it so much easier when you're working on an AVS script and need to point to new files and plugins: http://www.mlin.net/misc.shtml

ShellMenuView: BTW, if you're tired of too many apps stuck in your shell menu when you right click, this app will easily disable the stuff you don't want: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shell_menu_view.html

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great sticky Wilbert.
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limited sharpen dl

can't download limitedsharpen plugin from Avisynth.org. I'm referred back to the doom9 thread. Where else can i find it? Or maybe i'm trying to save wrong?
TIA, danny
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3rd post
copy the text
it's a function, not a plug-in
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there is a new version of PicSubU.

It's still called "test", but i hope the bugs are now all fixed (not counting possible problems in the usf rasteriser as that is a work-in-progess for probably a couple of months to come..)

OT: that's my child, not Kurtnoise's
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My french is very bad, so I didn't bother to read everything carefully

btw, what happened to the french forum unite-video.com ? I can't access it anymore.
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i don't know, i wasn't reading that..
i assume it's the place the link in the list pointed to?
i got redirected when i clicked that today, but i couldn't find the post in the new place (it was there a week or so ago) so i think the redirection points to something completly different(?)..

[edit] in the post there wasn't mentioned explicitly that the filter is from me anyway - that's only in the rar and derivable from the fact kurtnoise quoted a part of the help with "unmei wrote"

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I have authored a transition plugin TransAll(which has over 25 functions) , a Effects Plugin EffectsMany ( having over 25 functions) and a Animated Album plugin HollywoodSq(3 functions) for Avisynth and are available at neuron2 site. Do I need to put up a note here for each of the plugin functions?
my plugins are now hosted here
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Yes, that would be great! Then I will merge it with the first post.
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Originally posted by Wilbert

Yes, that would be great! Then I will merge it with the first post.
You have asked for it! Below is the Transall plugin writeup. I will putin the EffectsMany and Hollywoodsq plugins later.

TransAll plugin for Avisynth. This plugin is available for down load at [url]http://www.avisynth.org\vcmohan[\url] and at www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises web site , without any warranties in a as is state and is free to use. The down load file consists of the plugin dll and a usage description document in word format. This plugin has at the moment 25 functions. Since each function parameters can be chosen over 150 variations of the transitions can be obtained. During the transition the audio of the Left Clip gradually fades away while simultaneously audio of Right Clip fades in.

. The plugin dll file may be kept in the avisynth2.5 plugin directory for automatic loading If placed in any other user directory, then a load plugin call in the script is required. The two input video files, overlap in number of frames are the first three parameters which must be specified for these functions. All other parameters have default values for ease of use.
The names of the functions and a brief description of the action are as follows:

1. TransAccord. Left Clip opens out revealing the Right Clip or the Right Clip closes over the Left Clip in an Accordion Type folding. Single or Twin sections, open or close in vertical or horizontal direction can be opted.

2. TransCentral. Right (second) clip emerges from left clip or left clip disappears into Right clip. While emerging or disappearing the frame is resized to fit and or rotated by desired number of turns clock or anti clock wise.

3. TransCrumple. This function crumples or fanfolds (as one does with paper) Left Clip over the Right Clip thus revealing Right Clip or uncrumples (unfolds) Right Clip over Left Clip thus masking Left Clip.

4. TransDisco. Right (second) clip emerges over the Left(First)clip or the Left Clip disappears into Right Clip as circular Disks and rotate during transition. Radius of discs, Emerge or disappear and number and direction of rotation are options.

5. TransFlipPage. Left (first) clip is flipped
either left or right or up or down as viewing in an album
revealing Right Clip

6. TransFlipTurn. Right Clip (the second Clip) emerges flipping vertically and horizontally and rotating while gradually replacing the Left Clip. The number of times to flip horizontally, vertically and number of turns to effect in clock or anticlockwise are other parameters. Vertical and horizontal flips acan be considered as rotations about x and y axis, while turning is around z axis and therefore this is a 3d rotation transition.

7. TransFunnel. This function funnels out(wraps around a funnel shape) the Left Clip (the First Clip) and reveals the Right(the second) Clip while moving in any of the 4 directions.

8. TransMarbles. Over Left Frame, Right Frame appears as gradually enlarging circular. Magnification in the disks produces the effect of viewing through glass marble. If drop is true the magnification in the discs vary from center to edges, otherwise remain constant through. Radius of discs, magnification and whether drop effect is required can be specified.

9. TransPaint. This function, from pieces of Right Clip frame, builds a fence or a brick wall or paint with brush strokes or draws rings over left clip and completes the build by the end of transition. May be TransBuild would be a more appropriate name. The style of build can be specified.

10. TransPeel. Left (first) clip rolls and optionally pulls out revealing Right Clip. The roll is given a center shading if shade is +ve number, or edges shaded more if shade is a –ve number. If shade is zero no shading is done. If pull is true the roll remains stationary and image is pulled into the roll. Otherwise the roll moves in any of the four directions.

11. TransRipple. A gradually increasing water ripple covers fully the Left Clip by 1/3 of transition (overlap) length. Thereafter the Right Clip emerges in the center as a growing Ripple fully covering frame by 2/3 of overlap length. This ripple then subsides (withdraws) revealing the Right Clip. The wave length lambda and wave height can be specified.

12. TransScratch. Right (second) clip gradually is revealed by scratching the left Clip image, in a desired style similar to scratch cards. Falling rain, tv noise, water fountain, laser beams, dust storm, O Rings, horizontal lines, vertical lines and merging are the styles currently available.

13. TransShuffle. Left (first) clip moves out on top, while Right Clip moves from below in opposite direction halfway, then Right clip moves back to the top position while left clip slides under in opposite direction resembling movement of shuffling of cards. Four directions of shuffling are possible.

14. TransSlantRollIn. Right (second) clip rolls in along diagonals as a carpet over the Left(First)clip, masking it. Roll diameter, style of shading and the direction (four) of rolling are the parameters that can be specified.

15. TransSlantRollOue. Left (first) clip rolls out along the diagonals as a carpet over the Right (second) clip revealing it. Roll diameter, style of shading and the direction (four) of rolling are the parameters that can be specified.

16. TransSlantWipe. Right (second) clip wipes over the Left(First)clip along the diagonal in the direction specified.

17. TransSlideIn. Right (second) clip slides in over Left Clip. If center is selected then leftt clip disappears towards the center of Right Clip shrinking in all directions. Any of 8 directions or center can be opted.

18. TransSlideOut. Left clip slides out in the selected direction revealing Right Clip. If center is opted, then the right clip gradually emerges out from frame center.

19. TransSprite. Right (second) clip squeezes out left clip thereby appearing like a rotating sprite, exhibiting different faces. Movement can be specified as any of four possible directions.

20. TransSwing. Right (second) clip swings in or the left clip swings out as doors hinged at corners, thereby fully revealing or assembling the Right Clip. The number of doors can be one (single door attached at the selected corner swings out or in), two (twin doors hinged at opposite corners swing) and four (4 doors each at a corner swing).

21. TransSwirl. A gradually increasing swirl that covers fully the Left Clip by 1/3 overlap length is created. Thereafter the Right Clip emerges in the center as a growing Swirl fully covering frame by 2/3 overlap length. This Swirl then subsides (withdraws) over the Right Clip thus revealing it. The swirling can be clockwise or anticlockwise. The coarseness of depicting swirl can be specified.

22. TransTwinDoors. Twin vertical or Horizontal doors made out of Left Frame open or those made out of Right Frame close revealing Right Frame.

23. TransVenetianBlinds. In this transition vertical or Horizontal slats open (as Venetian blinds do) revealing Right Frame. Instead of linear blinds, checks or diamond pattern can also be opted. Pattern width can also be specified.

24. TransWeave. Interleaving together thin strips of Right frame over the left frame the transition occurs. The interleaving styles options are horizontal, vertical, jigsaw puzzle and basket weave.

25. Right Frame wipes away Left Frame in any of the possible four directions.
my plugins are now hosted here

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Originally posted by vcmohan
TransAll plugin for Avisynth. This plugin is available for down load at www.neuron2.net web site , without any warranties in a as is state and is free to use.
I can't find it. I don't see it under Hosted or under Other. Where is it?
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woman @ german doom9
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Originally posted by stickboy
I can't find it. I don't see it under Hosted or under Other. Where is it?
TransAll(transition plugins): transall_25_dll_20041113
and my old Test(25.04.04):TransAll For Avisynth
katjarella by Creyskull Visuell Design
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Sorry I made a mistake. The url of the site where this TransAll.dll plugin is hosted is http://www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises I have revised a few of the functions and also modified the documentation and just today sent the new zip file to warp for replacing.

edit Wilbert: corrected url
my plugins are now hosted here

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The synopsis of functions of the EffectsMany plugin follows. The Zip file now is large as I included example images for many functions:-
This Plugin is hosted at www.avisynth.org\vcmohan and also at www.avisynth.org\warpenterprises and is available for free download and usage in the as is condition without any warranties. As on date there are 27 functions in this plugin.. The zip file consists of a usage descriptive document and the plugin dll.
1. EffectBinoculars: This creates twin circular discs with identical magnified image from an area situated midway between the discs.
2. EffectConez: The image is wrapped over either a vertical or a horizontal cone, top and base diameters of which can be specified. The image is either fully wrapped from start to end or progressively the cone takes shape.
3. EffectDiscoLights: Multicolored light spots flash and move over the image. Parameters control the size, direction, type and speed of movement of light spots.
4. EffectLens: A circular area is magnified with uniform magnification or with magnification varying from center to edge. The center of the disc can be moved during the effect..
5. EffectFiguredGlass: number of circular discs with image inside distorted spherically giving impression of looking through a figured glass.
6. EffectLineMagnifier: Magnifies either a vertical or Horizontal strip of image. The magnifier can be moved across image.
7. EffectRain: Adds rain to the image. The rain can be light, medium, heavy, increasing from light to heavy or decrease from heavy to light. The color of rain, their opacity can be specified. The direction of rain fall can be varied during the effect.
8. EffectRainbow: Adds a rainbow to the image centered at the specified coordinates and with a given radius. The center coordinates and radius can be linearly varied in the range. Left and right cut off of rainbow display can be specified and varied during effect.
9. EffectRipple: A ripple is created over the image centered at the specified coordinates and growing up to given radius.
10. EffectRotation: Rotates the image or part of it with given radius through given angle. Can be used to rotate scanned images or as an effect.
11. EffectSnowStorm: Swirling white particles of snow are created on the image. The snow can be either light, medium or heavy or increase from light to heavy or decrease from heavy to light.
12: EffectSnowFlakes: creates big or small size snow flakes that drift in wind and fall down. The dense (ness) of snow, drift %age, the falling speed (%age) and whether big or small flakes can be opted.
13. EffectSpotLight: This function illuminates a specified circular disc area. The illumination (color and strength) can be specified and remains constant. The spot center moves during effect.
14. EffectStream: This function creates the effect of a flowing water stream across the image.. The stream flow can be either vertical or horizontal. Freq of flow, Stream breadth, wavelength, axis (stream axis) coordinate are the parameters.
15. EffectSwirl: Swirls the image centered at the specified coordinates and up to a given maximum radius. The swirl starts from zero and increases to full in the first 1/3 of frames, remains at this size for the next 1/3 and reduces to zero in the last 1/3 length of clip.
16. EffectUnderWater: This function creates the effect of the image floating on a pool of water. Slowness of sashay, number of cells and wave height as %age of cell dimension are the parameters.
17. EffectDistort: This function distorts the image. The distortion can be either vertical or horizontal.
18. EffectFireWorks1: This function generates multi colored light beams in parabolic trajectories from given x and y coordinates.
19. EffectSunFlower: This function generates radially expanding colored light beams in the sky and which finally fall back as in the fireworks.
20. EffectFlowerpot: This function generates multi colored glowing embers in parabolic trajectories from given point, resembling Flower Pot Fire Works (as popularly known in India).
21. EffectSparkler: generates multi colored flashing flowers around a thin pencil like object known as the Firework Sparkler. The sparkler burns from start to end during the range of the effect.
22. EffectRockets: This function generates rocket fire works firing off at regular intervals and displays the glowing embers.
23. EffectFlashes: During the first seconds generates smoke filled area. Thereafter a series of light flashes occur in the smoke filled portion. This effect resembles Ariel flashing fire works.
24. EffectBalloon: This function creates a balloon of desired color and opacity and which hops.
25. EffectBubbles: creates soap bubbles in myriad colors emanating at selected point, that travel in different paths and speeds.
26. EffectTreasureHunt: The image is scanned or fully processed using the code and sieve parameters to bring out hidden features. This is just for fun.
27. EffectFog: Creates fog on the image.
28. EffectTVLook: This function creates an old crt TV set type image from the second clip and places at the specified location and having the specified size.
my plugins are now hosted here

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Reform Plugin:
Available at [url]http://www.avisynth.org\vcmohan[\url] and at www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises a freeware.

When shooting a video of a painting or a photograph if the camera is not exactly centered the resulting image is skewed. A rectangle becomes a quadrilateral. Correction of this distortion is possible with this plugin. This has two functions: Deskew and skew. As the name suggests Deskew corrects a quadrilateral to a rectangle while skew reverses this. It is essential to get the quadrilateral corner coordinates. I managed to get by first using image writer and opening in Irfanviewer. There may be a faster and better way, I hope.
The documentation includes sample images and a quality indication.
As I had to use this to correct my video image I thought others may also need it some time.

edit Wilbert: corrected url
my plugins are now hosted here

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Richard Berg
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Suggested links to add:

Script functions:
- mfToon
- mfRainbow
- LimitedSharpen
- MvBob
- YLevels

- MaskTools
- MvTools
- fft3dGPU / AviShader
- BlendWeight
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Thanks to Richard Berg and me , now we have a mirror of my site with my Avisynth plugins at
My Avisynth plugins are now at http://avisynth.org.ru and mirror at http://avisynth.nl/users/fizick
I usually do not provide a technical support in private messages.

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Grid Plugin a freeware, available for download at [url]http://www.avisynth.org/vcmohan[\url] and at www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises
Grid plugin creates a rectangular grid over the image in the range of specified frames. Grid intervals, line colors etc can be varied. Since in Reform plugin I found great use for this , this is also included as a function in Reform package.

I mentioned in an earlier post on Reform plugin that I needed a tool to measure coordinates on a frame and I had to resort to a round about method. I could not find a simpler route so I authored this plugin Grid. Hope some others may find use.
my plugins are now hosted here

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