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Old 12th March 2003, 04:00   #1  |  Link
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Video stuttering in TMPG, any help ?

I am trying to convert AVI to DVD. I can do this fine in ProCoder with no video stuttering at all. Yet if I use TMPG it always stutters on play back when the camera pans. Now, I found that if I leave the frame rate at 23fps (what it originally is encoded in) then there is no stuttering at all. The trouble is, I am guessing if I encode it to PAL but keep the same frame rate as the source, then the audio wont be in sync (I have only done a quick 2 minute test so far), especially when it comes to a 2 hour plus movie.

Now, what I want to know is, how can ProCoder convert AVI to DVD in PAL with perfect play back with sync audio yet I can't seem to find the right setting within TMPG. Could it be a interlace issue, pull down, etc etc ? Is there anything I can change, settings wise, to stop this from happening ? Before you ask, why don't I just use ProCoder, well I want to suss out the correct settings in TMPG as it is quicker.

At the moment I am encoding a movie using the "Do not convert frame rate" option. I know this will stop the stuttering, I just hope 6 hours later that I can merge the audio with it okay without problems. I don't hold much hope though.

Thanks for any help and advice !!

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best way to convert a NTSC FILM clip to PAL is 4% speedup.

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Old 12th March 2003, 16:38   #3  |  Link
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How do you speed or slow down a conversion in TMPG ? The AVI files I am trying to convert are in 23.976fps and I need to only change them to 25fps for PAL. Or is there any way a 23.976fps movie will work on a PAL system without a frame conversion ?
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Old 12th March 2003, 23:42   #4  |  Link
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tmpgenc template?

i think the problem may be which tmpgenc template you are using to convert. i'm having problems too. but i'm converting PAL avi files (25fps) to NTSC (23.976fps).

a friend and 'guide' said to use the template in tmpgenc that corresponds with your original/source avi files. in your case, that would mean the NTSC template. in my case, it'd be the PAL template..

can anyone confirm this please?? also, in the following guide, why does it not indicate which template to use?? it just states, "load a template". thanks.

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Old 13th March 2003, 01:39   #5  |  Link
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Thanks for the help. It seems there is lots for NTSC but not much in the way of stuff for PAL. I can't seem to win, I can either get perfect smoothness and out of sync sound, or I can get stuttering playback and perfect in-sync sound.

If I could add KDVD templates to Vegas Video then I would probably be fine as that seems to resample every frame, it takes a while but it should work. Sadly it doesn't seem to accept templates. Neither does ProCoder.

I am now having to encode in NTSC and I just hope my friends have a NTSC compatible DVD and TV to watch them on. I know I do, but that isn't much help for others.

Thanks again, and if anyone else can also add their comments, it would be much appreciated.
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Old 13th March 2003, 02:57   #6  |  Link
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Well, seems I have found a long winded way around it. I am encoding it to PAL avi divx in Virtual Dub. This creates a smooth PAL 25fps copy. Then I convert this file to DVD in TMPG, which is then smooth. Lukcily Virtual Dub is fast so it isn't that big a deal, just a but of a minor annoyance.
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Old 16th March 2003, 18:18   #7  |  Link
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Try DVD2SVCD for this. Its available on Doom9 and theres an option to use AVIs as the input instead of VOBs/IFOs.

the numerous tabs and options do confuse at first sight but its well worth the small amount of effort learning how to use it as its very powerful software. I use it, even if only to do a part, in every type of movie conversion i do.

To do 24fps NTFS to 25fps PAL simply tick the box "NTSC to PAL" before encoding. This automatically fixes the audio sync and no horrible jerks in the video. This program lets you use TMPG or CCE to do your encoding

Have successfully converted 3 seasons of southpark using this method ~(all 24fps - 25fps) with perfect results.

Hope this helps,
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Old 17th March 2003, 21:39   #8  |  Link
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just load your avi file via avisynth and "assumefps(25)" in tmpeg.
the problem is that when you feed the 24fps file into tmpeg and select another frame rate (25fps) tmpeg is not just speeding your file up, its converting the 24fps file to 25fps with duplicated frames.
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