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Signal quality, analog TV & DSS for capture.

This weekend,I tried to capture from DSS and it didn't come out near the quality of a TV capture from my better antenna stations. Has anyone had any luck capturing from satellite? I tried VCD NTSC
and Huffy @ 352x240 and 640x480. I could not get an acceptable file. Am I doing something wrong? I am using a Leadtek Winfast 2000XP card.
Thanks for reading this.
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Neo Neko
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One thing I have noticed with DSS and more often digital cable is that though they may be digital broadcasts the quality can be questionable. They use MPEG2 but most of the time it looks as if they use a very conservative bitrate of about 2Mbps in order to squeeze in as many stations as possible. So for many DSS outfits hyping that everything is "Digital quality" is not nescessarily a plus. In other words digital quality is not synonimous with good. It is whatever they make of it.

With that gripe out of the way more info from your end would be helpfull to provide you with useful suggestions. What types of bad quality are you experiencing? Macroblocks? Banding?
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I went to print out a frame but discovered I had deleted them in disgust. The capture is blurry for lack of a better word. I guess macroblocks are the squares I sometimes see in darker images?.
There is none of that. There is no banding, it is just uniformly blurry. I did the Phill Collins concert a couple of weeks ago and it came out well both 'Huffy'ied and in VCD ntsc. This movie looked ok
but it didn't capture well at all. I realize I am new at this capture
thing and there are tons of settings but I should have no more trouble getting a DSS capture at least as good as a TV antenna capture and I am not. Thanks for reading this.
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I see the same low bitrate encoding on some channels also.
I'm hooked up with Dish network, with a DP501 (PVR) receiver, and it seems that some channels have higher bitrates than others... Channels like MTV and CNN, I find it harder to find blocks. But "off" channels, Cartoon Network, NASA TV, VH1 Classic Rock and so on, I can spot blocks.

Watching on a 27" CRT set, it's very hard to see.
But plugged into my Geforce4 Ti4200 with vivo (Philips SAA7108E) via 50 feet of $10 s-video cable I can spot them out.

Digital Cable on the other hand...
Granted, I don't own it, but I have watched a Pay-Per-View movie (Panic Room) some 3 months ago (relatives place), and I was SHOCKED. It looked like it had a VERY HEAVY temporal smoother over it. Pans over somewhat solid areas would smear like crazy. Downright ugly.
If I remember right, AT&T digital cable (west coast, USA) is some type of MPEG4 (I could be very wrong), and from the looks of it, VERY low bitrate. I would NEVER pay for something that ugly.

If anyone would like some snapshots off Dish, on some of the lower bitrate channels, just ask.
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