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Old 5th November 2002, 00:39   #1  |  Link
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"File is not a valid dvd2avi project" - WTF?

Hi everybody!

I've found something that's driving me NUTS (even got a major headache from high blood pressure after swearing at the PC for a long time)

I'm using GordianKnot v0.26.1 Beta. Been using it for months, never had a problem.
But now - I rip a couple of DVDs into VOB files (SmartRipper). Start Gordian Knot. Call DVD2AVI from there. Open the resulting file, fiddle around, encode the sound, done (I'll do the VirtualDub run over night).

Then I try to open the .d2v file again - and get the message "File is not a valid dvd2avi project (v1.76, YUV2)!"
WHAT? It just got opened!
Lo and behold - I cannot open any of the other .d2v files, either.

Yesterday I reinstalled my system (2.1GHz, 512MB RAM, Win98SE), so I restored the mirror of the system partition (a real timesaver). Now it worked. I open another .d2v file, encode the sound, try to open the next .d2v file - same message. Again.

What the heck is going on here? I've never had this problem before, and it's driving me CRAZY.

Can anybody help me? Please? This happened after ripping the germal PAL movie "Godzilla: Kampf der Sauriermutanten". For the life of me, I cannot think of what's wrong - one minute it works, the next (without changing or (de)installing anything at all, it doesn't.

Nope, no virii, no data problems, no trojans - clean system.

Any help would me much appreciated!

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Old 5th November 2002, 00:45   #2  |  Link
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I had the same problem a while ago. All I did was re-install my PowerDVD and it worked again. You could try to re-install your DVD Program and see if that works.
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Old 5th November 2002, 09:11   #3  |  Link
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Still no go


Thanks for the tip - didn't work for me, though. Here's what I did:

* Deinstall PowerDVD
* Reinstalled PowerDVD
* Tried it out - same error

* Re-applied the partition mirror, which has an (unused) full windoze 98se setup on it.
* Deinstalled PowerDVD and GordianKnot
* Reboot
* Install PowerDVD (v3.0)
* Reboot
* Install GordianKnot with all patches
* Reboot
* Installed DivX5.02
* Reboot

Guess what - this didn't work either.

Chaps, I'm off to work now, in a lousy mood. If anybody out there ever had this problem, please let me know.

If nothing else helps, I guess I'll be doing a full windoze install. Again.

Man, if I ever find out that I can encode in Linux, I'll drop this Windoze garbage like a hot potato.

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Old 5th November 2002, 09:19   #4  |  Link
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I don't think I've had that exact problem, but I've had something similar. Try creating a new d2v project from the vobs, this fixed it for me (though I don't know what caused the problem from the beginning).
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Old 9th November 2002, 02:48   #5  |  Link
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I had this problem too once.

I just uninstalled Gordion Knot. Well, before uninstalling it, do that option in the program to reset the registry settings. Uninstall the program then delete the directory from program files. Restart and reinstall Gordion Knot into a new directory, like "gordionknot2" or something. Apply all the updates, restart, and it should work. Good luck.
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Old 22nd November 2002, 09:40   #6  |  Link
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I had the exact same "File is not a valid dvd2avi project" error. Came out of nowhere, have been using Gknot for a year, but I did the same thing Karloz1 did and it worked. Peculiar
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Old 23rd November 2002, 21:37   #7  |  Link
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I would try uninstalling GKnot first. Also, are you using another version of DVD2AVI aside from the one that came with GKnot? You can only use v1.76 (the one packaged with GKnot). I attempted using another version to make the D2V and that produces the same error message you're reporting.
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