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Old 1st March 2002, 18:11   #1  |  Link
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Is ripping the ENTIRE DVD necessary?

I ask this because it's become very obvious to me which files I need to keep, and which ones are definately not the movie. So when I rip the movie I just select the 4 ifo/bup's and the vob's (without the menu), then strip and get vts sectors and I have never had a problem. Why does everyone say to rip ALL of the DVD, I never have seem to need to...?
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clueless n00b
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you would rip the whole dvd if you're unsure about which files to keep. But as soon as you want extras ripping it all is the easiest solution.. it doesn't take too long after all and with 100+GB HDs getting more and more common size is no longer a problem either.
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Old 1st March 2002, 18:52   #3  |  Link
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It happens to me that very often that the copyrights or fbi warnings are in a different titleset.

And if you want to keep the orginal menu, then you will need those title-sets too, instead of only the main movie vobs.

So it's always the best to go to your Video-club, borrow a DVD, rip it completly in backup modus, and return the orginal back to the club.

Now you've got the whole weekend to analyse the ripped files, what will be needed, and what not.
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Old 1st March 2002, 18:54   #4  |  Link
Antonio S.
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No, you don't need to rip all the DVD if you only want the movie.
Just rip "MOVIE" with Smartripper, load ifo file into Ifoedit, check what do you need (languages and subs), Strip it, create new Ifo files, repair VTS sectors, and you are ready to burn or view from your HD...

Antonio S.

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Old 1st March 2002, 19:08   #5  |  Link
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I would agree, that I often just want the movie, and will strip all unwanted audio and subpic from it to get it to fit on a DVD-R.

Doesn't this break down if you wind up with a movie that has multi-angles? If you use SmartRipper in 'movie' mode and have a multi-angle movie, don't you get the 'freakout' opening scenes where it jumps all over the place? This has happened to me on several disney movies and 'the sixth sense', and 'shrek'.

I was under the impression that if you used 'backup' mode on SmartRipper it would somehow take care of this, but I very may well be wrong. Of course the only difference to us 'movie only' guys, is that we have to know which vob's make up the real movie (not too hard), to give to DVD2AVI or IfoEdit AND it takes a little more time to rip the entire DVD. I often find myself watching the extras just to see if there is anything intresting, but I don't go crazy trying to keep them.

Recent notables: The Patriot (10 minutes of showing how a guy gets his head chopped off by a cannon ball), Pearl Harbor (2 History channel specials on Pearl Harbor).
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Old 1st March 2002, 19:17   #6  |  Link
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I always rip the entire DVD if its single layered, thats easiest even though the FBI warnings and all that will be there, but its a perfect 1:1 copy and if need be I can rip stuff out later. My question was mainly for dual layered dvd's. If its dual layered then I'm going to just keep the movie, which is normally very obvious to locate, and therefore dont even bother to rip the other junk, just like you guys were saying. With multiangle movies, the ripping process is the same. The only difference is in IFOedit you need remove the angles you dont need. By trying to use your ripping prg to strip out an angle will not work, it has to be done with IFOedit. Am I right here?
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