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BD-R LTH compatibility by model and firmware

Since Verbatim hasn't bothered to update their own LTH compatibility chart * (note: dead link, see footnote) since it was first released, and I've not been shown any other even semi-official listing of compatible devices, I think it might be helpful if we can pool our knowledge here on LTH-compatible/incompatible devices.

Unfortunately, in looking through other generally reliable sites such as myce.com, I've noticed contradictions even regarding the same device with identical firmware revisions. These contradictions, combined with a lack of reliable or detailed information from device manufacturers means that at best this will still be a best-guess scenario. The more information I get from other forum posters here, though, the more accurate we can make this.

Where possible, I'll use information from the drive manufacturers to ensure reliability. BD-R LTW was included in BD-R version 1.2, so where LTH compatibility isn't explicitly stated, version 1.2 compliance will be assumed to mean LTH read ability as a minimum--products marked as adhering merely to previous BD-R versions such as 1.0 will be marked as incompatible.

The below charts use the Verbatim chart linked above as a starting point, so anything marked as compatible/incompatible without accompanying user reports or data from the device manufacturer is based on testing data provided by Verbatim.

* Note: Verbatim has now seemingly pulled that compatibility chart completely from their website, in favor of this terse statement:
"Verbatim’s BD-R LTH complies with Blu-rayŽ Standard version 1.2. Our BD-R LTH is supported by all current Blu-rayŽ burners and most older models with firmware update. Also, Verbatim BD-R LTH is supported by most Blu-rayŽ players including Sony’s PS3™."
As mentioned below by Mariner, there are two charts on JVC's website giving write-compatibility for their 4x LTH media (some drives support 4x burning, others 2x only), and general LTH reading ability--none of that info has been integrated into the below charts as of now.


_________	_______________	_____________	______WRITE______	USER REPORT:	_USER REPORT:_	______________MANUFACTURER_____________
__BRAND__	_____MODEL_____	__FIRMWARE___	______LTH 2X_____	_COMPATIBLE_	NOT COMPATIBLE	______________INFORMATION:_____________
_________	_______________	_____________	_________________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Buffalo__	BRHC-6316U2____	XJ04_________	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Buffalo__	BR-H1016SU2 ___	(initial)____	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible since initial firmware______
Buffalo__	BR-H1016FBS-BK 	(initial)____	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible since initial firmware______
Digistor_	DIG-78102______	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	1_____________	(none found)___________________________
I-O Data_	BRD-UH8________	(initial)____	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible since initial firmware______
I-O Data_	BRD-SH8B_______	(initial)____	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible since initial firmware______
LaCie____	301856U________	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BE06LU10_______	YE05_________	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BH08LS20_______	EL00_________	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BH08LS20_______	EL02-04______	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BH08NS20_______	EL00_________	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BH08NS20_______	EL02-04______	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BH10LS30_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BH10NS30_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	GBW-H10N_______	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	GGW-H20L_______	YL04_________	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	GGW-H20L_______	YL05_________	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	GGW-H20N_______	XL04_________	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	WH08LS20_______	(non-initial)	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	WH10LS30K______	(unknown)____	???______________	1___________	1_____________	compatible since initial firmware______
Lite-On__	DH-4B1S________	7P5B_________	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	SW-5582________	BBF4_________	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	SW-5582 C______	BDB2_________	no_______________	____________	1_____________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	SW-5583________	1.02_________	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	SW-5584________	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	UJ-210_________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	UJ-215_________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	UJ-220_________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	UJ-225_________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDR-101A_______	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDR-202________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDR-203________	1.11_________	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible_____________________________
Pioneer__	BDR-205________	1.08_________	yes______________	1___________	______________	compatible_____________________________
Pioneer__	BDR-S03________	1.11_________	yes______________	1___________	______________	compatible_____________________________
Pioneer__	BDR-S05________	1.08_________	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible_____________________________
Plextor__	PX-B310SA______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Plextor__	PX-B940SA______	(unknown)____	yes______________	1___________	______________	(none found)___________________________
Sony_____	BWU-300S_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Sony_____	BWU100A________	1.0F_________	write,no/read,yes	____________	______________	read-only as of 1.0F___________________

_________	_______________	_____________	_______READ______	USER REPORT:	_USER REPORT:_	______________MANUFACTURER_____________
__BRAND__	_____MODEL_____	__FIRMWARE___	______LTH 2X_____	_COMPATIBLE_	NOT COMPATIBLE	______________INFORMATION:_____________
_________	_______________	_____________	_________________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	GGC-H20L_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Lite-On__	IHES206________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Lite-On__	IHES208________	(unknown)____	yes______________	1___________	______________	compatible_____________________________
Lite-On__	IHOS104________	WL0B_________	no_______________	____________	1_____________	(none found:  no firmware downloads)___
Plextor__	PX-B310SA______	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Samsung__	SH-B083L_______	SB00_________	???______________	1___________	1_____________	_______________________________________
Samsung__	SH-B083L_______	(initial)____	no_______________	____________	______________	not w/ initial firmware:  BD-R 1.0 only
Samsung__	SH-B083L_______	SB01_________	???______________	____________	______________	new firmware available, no changelog___
Sony_____	BDUX10S________	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________

_________	_______________	_____________	_______READ______	USER REPORT:	_USER REPORT:_	______________MANUFACTURER_____________
__BRAND__	_____MODEL_____	__FIRMWARE___	______LTH 2X_____	_COMPATIBLE_	NOT COMPATIBLE	______________INFORMATION:_____________
_________	_______________	_____________	_________________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BD370__________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
LG_______	BD390__________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Magnavox_	NB530MGX_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Oppo_____	BDP-80_________	BDP80-14-0522	no_______________	____________	1_____________	working on a firmware update___________
Oppo_____	BDP-83 (&SE)___	BDP83-50-0424	no_______________	____________	1_____________	working on a firmware update___________
Panasonic	DMP-BD35K______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	DMP-BD60_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Panasonic	DMP-BV100______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Philips__	BDP7200/F7_____	1.113________	yes______________	1___________	______________	PRODUCT FAQ IMPLIES NO BD-R/RE SUPPORT.
Pioneer__	BDP-120________	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDP-320________	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDP-LX70_______	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDP-LX71_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDP-LX80_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Pioneer__	BDP-LX91_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Samsung__	BD-P1500_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Samsung__	BD-P1600_______	2.08_________	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Samsung__	BD-P1600_______	(initial)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Sharp____	BD-HP1_________	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Sharp____	BD-HP21________	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Sony_____	BDP-S350_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Sony_____	BDP-S360_______	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________  per manual page 60, supports LTH_______
Sony_____	BDP-S500ES_____	(unknown)____	yes______________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
Sony_____	Playstation 3__	Ver 2.20_____	yes______________	2___________	______________	_______________________________________
Sylvania_	NB500SL9_______	(unknown)____	no_______________	____________	______________	no_mfg_info,_Verbatim_reported_no-go___
Sylvania_	NB500SL9_______	1.109________	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________
Vizio____	VBR220_________	(unknown)____	yes______________	1___________	______________	_______________________________________

Last edited by A.Fenderson; 10th December 2010 at 21:52. Reason: add footnote re Verbatim chart now offline and JVC chart for LTH 4x.
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Charts can now be searched--sorry they're somewhat less readable as a result.

If anyone has any LTH compatibility information for these or other devices, please PM or post here.

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Originally Posted by A.Fenderson View Post


_________	_______________	_____________	______WRITE______	USER REPORT:	_USER REPORT:_	______________MANUFACTURER_____________
__BRAND__	_____MODEL_____	__FIRMWARE___	______LTH 2X_____	_COMPATIBLE_	NOT COMPATIBLE	______________INFORMATION:_____________
_________	_______________	_____________	_________________	____________	______________	_______________________________________
I-O Data_	BRD-UH8________	(initial)____	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible since initial firmware______
I-O Data_	BRD-SH8B_______	(initial)____	yes______________	____________	______________	compatible since initial firmware______
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Thanks for your post.

Actually, "BRD" is correct according to the product page on IOData's website. In fact, they spell out the full naming convention on that page:
Blu-ray Disc Drive - USB 2.0 Hitachi LG 8
Blu-ray Disc Drive - Serial ATA Hitachi LG 8 BLACK
Also, I don't think you meant to equate both IOData drives to the exact same LG model, but even so, I'm holding off on collapsing/collating/equating entries for clone drives for now, as I've seen some conflicting information regarding which drives are clones of which and I don't have any official sources to fall back on. I may do more research on this and collate the data for the clones, but still leave all models listed separately (data duplicated) for searching purposes.
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Sylvania NB500SL9 plays LTH discs

I have a Sylvania NB500SL9 with 1.109 firmware that plays BD-R LTH discs just fine.

Last edited by Giljorak; 24th July 2010 at 18:07. Reason: change title
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Added, thank you for the information. The "no" was based on Verbatim's original compatibility chart, which didn't list firmware version for most models and is now badly outdated anyway, but I'll retain their "no" entry on a separate line with "unknown" firmware since the initial-release firmware likely didn't have LTH compatibility.
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FWIW I was browsing the Owner Manuals of a couple of Sony BD set-top players today, and I notice that the BDP-S360 (which is already on your list as Compatible) has LTH listed on page 60, towards the end in a section called Playable Discs. Here's what it says:

• Note about BD-REs/BD-Rs
This player supports Ver. 2.1 BD-RE and
Ver. 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 BD-R including organic
pigment type BD-R (LTH type).

I point this out because if a member has a question about a Sony settop player, they can download the Owner Manual and if this note appears, it's likely the player will play LTH discs. The BDP-S360 is from 2009 btw.
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Thanks, I added a note about this in the "Manufacturer Information" column.

According to this article on cdrinfo.com, LTH was added to the BD-R spec as of version 1.2, so any BD-R v1.2-compliant device should read these discs as a minimum, but some burners evidently can read but not write these at certain firmwares.
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LG GGW-H20L YL05 and Phillips BDP720/F7 1.113

Ok, well I got my Verbatim 25GB BD-R LTH disc and successfully burned a 23GB BD-Rebuilder Full Backup movie (Alice In Wonderland) using ImgBurn with my LG GGW-H20L after updating to the latest firmware YL05, thanks to Cynthia at the ImgBurn forum.

I then played said movie on my Phillips BDP7200/F7 firmware v.1.113 and all went well so you can add these two devices to the list as "good-to-go".
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Thanks, I added both entries with a caveat on the Philips player as per an entry in its product FAQ.
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Found this:

JVC Recording Media BD-R LTH Type Write or Read Compatibility
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