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Find30fps - Making YATTA a little less masochistic (2/28/2010)

Please Note: This is BETA software. I have done my best to ensure bug-free operation and prevent any other errors with the matching. But I won't know unless I get feedback from other YATTA users!

This will be of particular (or exclusive) interest to those enterprising individuals who use YATTA to make their AVS scripts. It is my hope that Find30fps will make life just a smidge (only a smidge, I promise) easier. At the least it will save you some time, versus manually finding 30fps sections of video in your projects.

Clearly I'm not the smartest person on the forums, but this is my contribution nonetheless. If your video starts spitting out "CCCCC", however, then rest assured Find30fps will diligently spot it and take note, even if its only a 5 frame section buried between horrible pattern shifts that might cause the lesser experienced to totally miss it as they get bored and scroll by as fast as they can stand...

Usage Instructions are included in Readme.txt, but I will copy it here as well. This is BETA software so there may be bugs, and there may be cases (that I wasn't able to test) where it misses or mismatches a section.. But I don't think it will happen. Please let me know if it does.

Once I get som usage feedback and have more time to finish it up, I will remove the final step as a manual process and hopefully automate it without accidentally erasing anybodies project file

The simplest way to use it is to generate your .YAP project with YMC (Telecide+TFM Metrics), open the YAP in YATTA once and then save it, close, run Find30fps, copy the no-decimate ranges from the output file it creates, then paste them into the [NODECIMATE] section inside your YAP file, with Notepad or something similar. Load up your project in YATTA, save your overrides and run your script. Then mux your final video output with your timecodes file, into MKV.

I don't know how much use this will be for those who make a habit of manually searching every frame and adjusting decimate patterns/ post processing / etc..


Find30fps - A YATTA Companion Utility
By Zachary Bartels, http://www.oldskoolgames.com/contact
osgZach on Doom9 Forums.
Version 0.1 Beta - Feb. 28, 2010

Find30fps is a Python script that was written under
and requires a minimum of Python 3.1.1 (r311:74473)
for guaranteed compatibility.  Python 3 is NOT 
backwards compatible with previous Python versions.


Find30fps is a simple utility made with a simple goal
in mind.  To scan a YATTA (Yet Another Telecide Tool
for Anime) project file that has been generated with 
YMC (Yatta Metrics Collector) and analyze the match
indicators for 30FPS sections of video.

Like YATTA, Find30fps was made with Anime in mind, as
it is common to find both Film(24) and Video(30) 
materials within the same source stream.  Find30fps
is intended to help aid those wishing to make a VFR
(Variable Frame Rate) Matroska file, to maintain the
proper playback speed and view the source as it was
intended, without jerky playback or other anomalies
frquently introduced by trying to process Hybrid 24/30fps

How to use it:

**IMPORTANT NOTES***************************************************
**When making your project with YMC,  select  "TFM+Telecide Metrics"
**If you select either of them alone, YATTA may take a long time
**To open your project file after you insert the no-decimate ranges.
**This is most prevalent with Telecide and I am not sure why.
**It will take on the order of single to tens of minutes potentially.
**TFM by itself is not as bad, but TFM+Telecide Metrics seems to
**Provide the best results so far.

******THE Find30fps  SCRIPT****************************************


Usage is simple, but as Find30fps is currently in Beta
form and not even a week old, there are still some manual
steps involved.

First, extract the script to the location of your choice.
After you have made sure you have the correct Python version
installed,  you should be able to run the file via  double-click
in Windows Explorer, or even by making a shortcut on your desktop.

If you haven't already, then run YMC to collect the Metrics for
your video.  I recommend using TFM+Telecide Metrics for optimal
performance.  You can use any combination you want though,  just
know its not thuroughly tested beyond this.

Open your newly created project in the main YATTA program, and
then save it.  It is assumed you know what you are doing with
regards to your project defaults and other settings. Close YATTA
when you are done and ready to proceed.

Now you can run Find30fps on your project file.
A Command Prompt (DOS Window) will open, and the program will ask
you to input a little bit of information about where to find your
YATTA Project File.

IMPORTANT:  When it asks for the path,  the path is absolute and
MUST have a trailing backslash on the end...

Incorrect:  c:\mydir
*Correct :  c:\mydir\

Next it will ask you for the name of your project file.  All you
need to do is enter the name of the file, including the extension.

Incorrect:  myprojectfile
*Correct :  myprojectfile.yap

That is all there is to it.  A new text file containing the
NO-DECIMATE Ranges will be made in the same locations as your project
file is located.  It will be named "no decimate ranges.txt".

The final step is the manual (for now) part:
Open your  "no decimate ranges.txt" file in Notepad or an editor of your
choice.  Select everything in the file (CTRL-A) and then use your editors
COPY function (Edit menu in Notepad).

Next open your YATTA Project file in your text editor and use the SEARCH
function to find the section header  [NODECIMATE]
Move your cursor down to below the header and paste your frame ranges in.
There will usually be a whitespace included in the pasted data so you
shouldn't have to worry about spacing or anything before the next section
header (not that it matters anyway).

Now save your project file,  then open it in YATTA.   There should be a
brief or very long pause, depending on the filter chain you used in YMC.
Once the video is opened you can scroll around to various parts and will
see that all of your 30fps sections should be marked as no-decimate ranges
now.  You are free to continue with other editing tasks if you like, or
you can proceed to save the project and all your overrides,  and encode.

2010 Zachary M Bartels.
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Thank you for this software.
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