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.MTS files, 1920x1080, DGAVCDec, ffdshow, avisynth, coreavc - what to use?

I just got a Canon HF100 and trying to edit my .mts files. They are in 1920x1080 60i

I tried to approach it different ways:

1. DGAVCDec. Everything fines besides strange artifacts discussed here http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...t=mts+avisynth . looks like kind of blocks
2. FfdShow. It plays with MediaPlayer (ffdshow in the tray), but doesn't work in form of DirectShowSource("D:\Video Works\HF100\01\00019.MTS"). There is an error when I open with VirtualDub - can't open. VirtualDubMod is just crashing on launch after ffdshow installation(not on file open, just when launch it). Any ideas how can I make it work (ffdshow + avisynth)
3. CoreAvc + Haali Splitter. Works fine with direct DirectShowSource("D:\Video Works\HF100\01\00019.MTS"). But Win MediaPlayer doesn't work (stuck on first frame). MediaPlayer is a minor issue though. Major issue is, how can I turn off the CoreAvc (?) interlacing, so I can handle it with avisynth plugins? Turning it off in "Configure CoreAvc" with Deinterlacing set to None (Weave) doesn't change a thing. I want to see the same comb as with DGAVCDec (with no artefacts, of course), but it is blended or something.
4... Your suggestons?

Which way you'd do that? Sorry, I'm new to that from old school of DV Video.
Thank you
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Yoshiyuki Blade
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Try the latest Virtualdub and see if it'll load: http://www.virtualdub.org/. Vdubmod is incredibly old and outdated !

EDIT: Also, for playback on MPC, make sure CoreAVC is the filter being used for playback. I don't think it matters what the deinterlacing options are set to if you load it into virtualdub via avisynth.

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You might try the new CoreAVC 1.8, however, I can't get the 1.8 version to playback my M2TS files from the HF100 properly now. 1.7 works fine.

You might check this thread: Video Help Forum - Using DGAVC and MTS
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Old 2nd September 2008, 02:27   #4  |  Link
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Someday (hopefully soon) these video clips will be handled correctly by DGAVCDec. Once they are, this will be your best bet. The reason for the artifacting is due to the PAFF interlacing in the clips, which does not have complete support yet in the open source library used by DGAVCDec.

In the meantime, I am able to use CoreAVC 1.7 in a filter graph along with Haali's splitter to open my clips (also from HF100) in AVISynth using DirectShowSource. However, I cannot do any editing with the Trim command, because CoreAVC screws up the decoding unless it starts from the beginning of the clip.

One thing you could try to do is re-encode the video clip to a very high quality x264 file (use a CRF value of <20) and then the resulting clip would should not cause DGAVCDec any trouble since x264 encodes interlaced video using MBAFF instead of PAFF. It's a bit of an extra step, but at least it will work.

Keeping the audio in sync across several clips will be your next challenge. I have a rather complex Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep things in sync. It works really well, but involves several steps, and several external programs, including DGAVCIndex.

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Your best bet at this moment might be the application that came on a CD with the camera. I haven't found any lossless editor for these files except that silly little app, which is an atrocious editor, but it works.

There are some apps that will edit them, in fact plenty of applications - most of the big NLEs will do it, but they will all try to re-encode the whole clip if you do a cut. I was expecting at least some of them could cut without re-encoding the whole thing (only re-encode the nearest GOP), but so far no such luck.

Also, when processing these files with AviSynth, anything based on libavcodec will fail due to those artifacts. The MainConcept codec works very well for these files with DirectShow, but it's not free software.

I own an HF100 too and am a bit frustrated by this situation.
Florin Andrei

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