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Any NLEs that can deinterlace to double frame rate internally?

As in what the virtualdub / avisynth filter "Deinterlace Smooth" does - a "Bob+Weave" deinterlace.

Been using the vdub / avs method to do 25i to 50p for years, but I am having increasing problems with PPro CS3 getting the frameserve from avisynth method to work, and rendering em all out at double framerate is a ballache. I used to just edit with normal clips then do a "bait and switch" for AVS files but this is now unreliable and so I am seeking an NLE that can do all this automatically.

In case it makes any difference, I now need to do this with interlaced divx, not just DV AVI. A sample file is here

Does anyone know an NLE that will do this internally?
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Logging NLEs capable of doing this as I test them.
here is a sample interlaced divx which I am using as a test. Should work with miniDV footage too. Unfortunately the sample divx is a bit poor quality as the camera was not set on the highest mode, but it is fine to determine if the smooth deinterlace worked.
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  • Sony Vegas (Movie Studio Platinum): SUCCESS.
    It seems that you must be careful with the "Prerender Video" or it will not work. Before you render, Tools->Clean Up Prerendered Video->Delete All if in doubt...
    To replicate:
    1. New Project, Name it, hit Next.
    2. Tick "Make my project settings match this media file", Point it to deint_smooth_me.avi
    3. Drag deint_smooth_me.avi to the timeline
    4. Right click, Properties, set to 0.5x speed, click OK
    5. Drag right edge of clip until first stop (ie so whole of file is playing, not just half)
    6. Tools->Clean up... as detailed above
    7. File->Make Movie, Select "Save to Hard Disk"->Next
    8. Select (In this case) PAL DV, but change the "field order" to "None: Progressive scan"
    9. Render out. Done! Notice that the 25FPS (interlaced) PAL movie is shown at half speed (but full framerate) with no blended frames. Lovely! +1 to Vegas!
    Unfortunately it does not seem to stretch the audio as well, but I am sure this can be worked around.
    A better route seems to be make a double rate (eg 50FPS for PAL) progressive project but render to a single rate (eg 25FPS for PAL) output. This results in slowmo and normal frames being free of frame blending, whereas I was getting blending occuring on regular rate frames with the above method.
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    Currently I have an issue with it showing the wrong frame every ~ 30 frames, but there is a "Half Speed" option when you right click a clip and select speed. The only parameter is "Top field" or "Bottom field" so I guess this option is specifically for doing the deinterlace trick.

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I imagine Magic Bullet would do a nice job in Premiere. It's a pretty solid deinterlacing / filtering package that's wicked expensive.

Avisynth is free, but does a great job too

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