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Old 28th December 2007, 20:30   #1  |  Link
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Gradation Curves VirtualDub filter update - v1.45

Version 1.45 is online now (Mar 21 2008)
Major enhancements of the curve editor:
• Enhanced the freehand drawing mode when moving the cursor outside of the curve box
• Added the possibility to edit the curve by using coordinate points:
• Added a point-line-point editor mode
• Added a gamma editor mode + display of the gamma value
• Added a spline editor mode
• Changed the fine tune interface (and dropped the slider)
Other enhancements:
• Added import and export of .acv files
• The .crv and .map import now also reads coordinates and the drawing mode
• Faster filter preview (filter preview window)
• Minimal speed improvement of the RGB modes

More info about Gradation Curves can be found in my tutorial:
and in the readme.
Feedback is welcome
I posted two examples of curve manipulation in Lab space below.
Version 1.36
• 1.36 fixes a bug in 1.35 with Lab space when using jobs or processing settings stored in vcf files
• Added support for the Lab color space!
• Speed improvements for CMYK and HSV color spaces, quality improvement for HSV
• Some code cleanup

Version 1.25
• Added support for the following color spaces: YUV, CMYK, HSV
• Added different formats to the curve import function: Comma Separated Values, Tone Curve File, Tone Map File, SmartCurve HSV
• Added the Comma Separated Values format to the curve export function
• Higher quality color space conversion (YUV, HSV)

Version 1.21
• Added direct mouse filter edit support

Version 1.11
• An import/export function has been integrated to import/export .amp files
• A small bug in the weighted mode is now fixed

Version 1.00
• First release

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Old 8th February 2008, 17:30   #2  |  Link
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Two example images manipulated using the Lab space:

In the left one I used the Lab space to apply some color correction.
In the right example I applied a Lab curves to achive a sort of sepia "300like" look.
More info about the two examples can be found in the tutorial on my site.
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Old 21st March 2008, 21:30   #3  |  Link
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Finally after quite some work the new version 1.45 is out. The possibility to design the curve by coordinates took quite some time to implement as well as implementing the spline interpolation code from scratch/from the basic math.
Redesigned my site a bit as well.
So happy easter in advance...
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Old 23rd March 2008, 23:10   #4  |  Link
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your tool is great!
I discovered it a few days ago ... and today I had some time to play around a bit and to test it. This will become definitely a part of my "main filter arsenal".

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Old 22nd February 2009, 14:15   #5  |  Link
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I'm a regular user of your "Gradation curves" filter.

Two questions:

1. Every time I save a curve, the filter wants to save it as an .AMP file - which is fine, since I'll use the .AMP in my script. But editing an .AMP file later is extremly painful without those moveable dots. So is saving the curve twice. Can you modify the filter to save it in both in .AMP and .ACV format at the same time? It may sound as an insignficant complain, but it's really bothersome when you're editing a curve over and over again.

2. At the present state, I load the drawn curve in AviSynth with GiCoCu. Would it be possible somehow to load it through your Gradation curves filter with LoadVirtualDubPlugIn()? First, GiCoCu isn't prefectly faithful to the given values. It smoothes out the curve or something like that. The end result often slightly different from what I've seen in the preview of your filter, and sometimes annoyingly different. Second, using GiCoCu also involves colorspace conversion if I want RGB at the end. Would be nice to avoid it if the alternate way could handle both YV12 and RGB colorspace.

By the way, I always use "RGB weighted" mode. I only adjust the luma levels.

However, thank you for your great filter. It's very useful.
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Old 23rd February 2009, 22:43   #6  |  Link
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1) at the moment I'm taking a development break - I'm busy with some other things. Not sure if I'll do a export of two format types at the same time in future. Other format types (the corel one) do contain all the data within on file, maybe I'll make an export to this format sometime, but this would not help you for GiCoCu...

2) here: http://forums.virtualdub.org/index.p...ST&f=7&t=15039 i4004 explains how to load the gradation curves filter in avisynth (currently the last post).
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Old 5th December 2016, 22:46   #7  |  Link
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I have switched from using Avisynth to Vapoursynth, I found all the vapoursynth equivalent plugins for my script. The only plugin that I need and don't yet have in vapoursynth is this one. I see that your last post was 2009, but thought I would go ahead and ask if you had any plans to port this to vapoursynth?

I used this plugin like this in Avisynth:

LoadVirtualdubplugin("..\VirtualDub-1.10.4\plugins32\gradation.vdf", "gradation",1)

EDIT: I made a vapoursynth port of Gradation Curves: https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=174096

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