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Originally Posted by Zathor View Post
In the HD Streams Extractor got to Settings (upper left) and select "... default to HD option".
OMG! I never noticed that little menu up there before Thank you Zathor.

Another thing:
I use an avs template with DgindexNV and the option to use DGIndex for crop & resize. Works just fine.

However, when I use this template with One-Click encoder, crop & resize with DGIndex are discarded. There is simply no crop and resize information in the DGIndex line of the created avs.

Adding a <crop> and a <resize> line to that script then works again to use avisynths filters. But that's not quite desired as I like to use GPU for cropping and resizing.

Possible bug?

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Also, if you start the job queue, then run another job in a temporary worker, the job queue stops running after the first job.
At least it does if the job in the queue finishes before the job in the temporary worker.

It makes using a temporary worker somewhat less useful.

Originally Posted by Zathor View Post

The temporary worker does not adhere the other workers rule, however the other workers do. So e.g. if you do have the rule that only one worker should be running the temporary one can be started if already a normal worker is running. If then the normal worker finished while the temporary one is running, it will not pick the next job as the two workers would be running. But it should start when the temporary one finishes. Have you seen a different behaviour?
To be honest I'd not seen it through and I didn't realise if the job queue stopped due to a temporary worker running it would resume again when the temporary worker finished.
I think at the time I had the worker option configured to only run one job at a time, and the normal queue just appeared to stop as there's no indication it's waiting to resume. And I think the temporary worker was running a job that didn't tax the CPU much... maybe an audio encoding job or a video job with really slow filtering that barely kept a single core busy.... but whatever the case, that meant the job queue stopped and the remaining cores had nothing to do until the temporary job finished.

Now I know how it works I guess I could change the maximum number of jobs to two, start the job queue again, then change it back to one... or something.... but still, my preference would be for ordinary workers to be completely independent of temporary workers, much like they were before the worker setup changed. That's just me though....

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Originally Posted by LigH View Post
After RC, there is now x265 3.0 Au (Gold)...
Thanks, updated
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