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Originally Posted by burt123 View Post
I loaded a x265 4K movie, and it took RB over 30 minutes to do it's thing, and after all that, it did what that capture shows (and this was on 2 different pc's)

Admittedly, RB does a pretty good job on x264 files, but it just takes way too long to do "thing's" with x265.

I would suggest that if you could start from scratch with a RB type program (Ripbot4K) that is basically exclusively for x265, 4K encoding & limited filtering, & DE (of course) so that it only takes a couple of hours to run thru a 4K movie, instead of a couple of days.

For example, if you load a 4K x265 into MKVToolNix, it almost immediately shows everything that that file contains, then you add & remove the tracks you want, and within a fairly short time you have your "new" edited movie.

Like I said earlier, it takes approx. 30 +/- minutes to just load a x265 4K file.
I'm going to defend Atak here. You should not be complaining about the speed of x265 encodes or the amount of time it takes to rip them.

It is your choice to use whatever encoding settings you want. Either x265, x264, or the x264 with all the options it provides. There are tradeoffs. You can choose where you want the tradeoffs to happen. In quality vs size vs speed.

For example, I've tweaked my h.264 settings to this which increased my encoding time 30% but gave me a better encode in quality and size.

With all my servers running, I could see up to 90 frames per second during an encode. Those servers run about 2300 watts of electricity when running full tilt.

Now lets get to x265. x265 is HEVC. High Efficiency does not mean fast. The new codec provides roughly 50-100% better compression. But the compression comes as heavy cost to encode and playback. Just think that it takes 2-3 times the amount of processing power to encode compared to x264. On top of that, a single 4K frame is four 1080P frames. So 4K should take 4 times longer to encode then 1080P regardless of the codec being used to encode. Add your already slow encode just got slower. This does not included turning on MDegrain2.

So my servers can see 10-20fps encoding 4K without using MDegrain2. All the while consuming a huge amount of electricity.

We are at the beginning of general use of x265. Many years ago I had the same speeds for x264 encodes. But as hardware changes, those are now really fast compared to x265. A decade from now, x265 will be easier where we are at now for x264.

So how do you make your x265 encodes go faster. You need to throw money at the problem. Demuxing the streams is much faster on a SSD, but the Terabytes of encodes that I do, I would destroy the SSD in short order and in addition the cost to purchase the large SSDs are expensive. For encoding x265, I don't think there is anything better then the AMD Zen based chips.

So the saying with cars, How fast do you want to go? = How much money you want to spend. Applies in every way to this case. There is no free lunch here. Money = Speed.
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Originally Posted by ReinerSchweinlin View Post
As far as I remember, the machines here with this issue were:

- older Core2DUO over a VPN (Router - Router) with Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit (fairly fresh install, only some tax software is present, too....)..
- Intel NUC with Win 10 S 64 Bit on the same net as the master machine, completely fresh install, only one plex-server present, too.
- i5 Notebook with Windows 10PRO 64 Bit in the same net as master machine

All of them used to work fine in the past, nothing has changed on the machines (maybe some automatik updates from windows which I don`t monitor or keep track of..)
Good news. I found the problem. During authentication instead of client's local computer name I was using ip address.

for example
net use \\\RipBot264temp /user:UserName UserPassword
instead of
net use \\Client-PC\RipBot264temp /user:UserName UserPassword
I remember that someone in the past asked if I could use IP address instead of local computer name. In practice it turned out that it was a terrible idea because accessing shared folder via IP is ULTRA slow. I immediately reverted back my code to old method but I totally forgot about authentication command for server!
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Whoooo Wonderful! Itīs like christmas already
I will try as sonn as I reach my Mastermachine


(now where was this donate-button... lookielookie..)
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