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Current Patches, Where to get them, How they affect speed/output

Something I've noticed is that while we have Cef's repository of patches that he uses on his builds at http://mirror05.x264.nl/Cef/?dir=./patches there is no central place to explain what they do, what their effect on both the speed of the encode as well as Creator/Maintainer: Dark Shikari
Description: the output is, who wrote it/where it originated, and if they aren't on Cef's site where to get them (or where they originally came from in case they are updated and not updated on Cef's site). I have included below a list of the ones currently on Cef's as well as an explanation of the one that I know. I would appreciate if people could fill in for some others, I'll update this post with the explanations as people make posts. Please try to use the format that I use below for the thread pool patch so that I don't have to parse through it for the info. Thanks in advance for all who contribute!

Thread Pool Patch:
Current: http://www.benswebs.com/public/x264/....04c.r680.diff
Other Current: http://mirror05.x264.nl/Cef/force.ph...pool.r680.diff
Origin: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=124557
Creator: akupenguin
Maintainer: morph166955/Cef
Description: Forces x264 to use the same threads over and over again instead of creating and destroying threads as needed. Speed benefits seen on Quad-Core and Octa-Core machines (as much as a 20% speed boost seen on my Octa-Core), either little or negative speed change seen on single and dual core systems. The current revision on Cef's site was modified by him to work with r680, the one on my site is basically the same.

Faster DIA patch:
Creator/Maintainer: Dark Shikari
Description: Tiny patch, 3.5% faster DIA for better first pass.

Subme 7 Improvement
Creator/Maintainer: Dark Shikari
Description: Improved subme 7. Basically no speed impact, small quality boost.

SATD ESA Fullpel Comparison Patch:
Current: http://mirror05.x264.nl/Cef/force.ph...d_fpel.11.diff
Creator/Maintainer: Dark Shikari
Description: Allows SATD to be used as a fullpel comparison metric. Totally useless with any search other than ESA, since the SATD ESA has been optimized so well by Akupenguin.

ME Prepass Patch:
Current: http://www.benswebs.com/public/x264/...epass_ham.diff (use with hadamard patch)
Current: http://www.benswebs.com/public/x264/...ass_noham.diff (use without hadamard patch)
Current: http://mirror05.x264.nl/Cef/force.ph...e-prepass.diff
Creator/Maintainer: Dark Shikari
Description: Runs an ME prepass on the predictors before actually doing the motion search. Somewhat bugged--it can probably be a lot better than it currently is.

IMH Motion Estimation Patch:
Current: http://mirror05.x264.nl/Cef/force.ph.../x264_IMH.diff
Creator/Maintainer: Dark Shikari
Description: A motion search slower than UMH but faster than ESA. Not that worthwhile since ESA is now threaded.

HD HRD/Pulldown Patch:
Current: http://mirror05.x264.nl/Cef/force.ph..._pulldown.diff
Creator: Ian Caulfield/Trahald
Description: HRD and pulldown for HD compatibility.



AQ/BRDO Patch:
Current: http://mirror05.x264.nl/Cef/force.ph...4_aq-brdo.diff
Description: This was added to the source a while ago, fixing a bug with AQ and BRDO.


Second Pass ETA Patch:
Current: http://www.benswebs.com/public/x264/...a.01.r680.diff
Creator/Maintainer: morph166955
Description: Forces x264 to use the frame count from the stats file on a second pass if the frame count can't be calculated for some reason (such as the use of a fifo pipe).

Last edited by morph166955; 30th September 2007 at 22:32. Reason: added descriptions on some patches
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