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GUIDE LIST: Stereo-to-Surround Conversion Guides

The following is a list of the various guides and methods posted in this forum for converting stereo to surround sound. It is meant to provide readers with a listing of all the methods posted as well as useful, related information.

Surround discussion and additions
For general discussions related to stereo-to-surround conversion, the methods, or for questions, you can post in the thread specific to a particular method or in the following general forum:

Additions and comments on "GUIDE LIST: Stereo-to-surround Conversion.."

An Overview of Plogue Bidule-based Methods
Many of the methods documented in this forum use a software package called Plogue Bidule, available from http://www.plogue.com. This program is currently free to use because it is still in a beta testing phase. The better you learn to use Bidule, the more successful your stereo-to-surround conversion will be.

For a detailed, step-by-step guide for conversion using Bidule-based methods, see Step-by-Step Instructions for Plogue Bidule-based Stereo-to-Surround methods

A basic overview of the conversion method is as follows:
  1. Install and configure all related software.
  2. Plan your project.
  3. Prepare your source file.
  4. Load the .bidule layout file and make any adjustments.
  5. Load your source file and use Bidule to create a 6-channel .wav file
  6. Process using Besweet
  7. Encode using AC3 or DTS encoding software
Server for surround projects
Most of the software and PDF versions of most guides with step-by-step instructions are available at Daphy and @ndy's server:
http://www.needfulthings.webhop.org/. If you have problems with this server, try ftp://daphy.mine.nu/. You can also check for announcements concerning the server status in the announcement thread, Needfulthings - dedicated 2.0to5.x host.

Daphy has put together a helpful Besweet installation package.

Visual guides
You can also check out some helpful Shockwave-based (Flash) visual guides:
6-wave Bidule-based process by Daphy
Splitting a 6-channel wave file into six single mono wave files by Daphy
Shockwave demo of using SIR Impulse Response Plugin with V.I by UrsaMtl
Shockwave demo of using Nuendo routing with V.I by UrsaMtl

List of methods
General methods
UpmiX: tool to automate stereo to 5.1 conversion (v0.71) by Kpex
Experts multichannel mixing by Arturjose
MaroonMike's Goldwave method by MaroonMike

AVISynth-based methods
BeHappy/MeGUI - AviSynth based audio transcoding by dimzon

NEO:6 methods
Encode 5.1 Wav with Creative DTS NEO 6 in Graphedit by fat0n3s and wonderbra.
DTS NEO:6 upmixing/Audigy 2 by asscore

V.I-based methods
GUIDE: V.I Stereo to 5.1 Converter VST Plugin Suite by UrsaMtl
GUIDE: Using the V.I Stereo to 5.1 Converter in Nuendo and Cubase by UrsaMtl
V.I Stereo-to-5.1 Converter Suite version 1.1 released by UrsaMtl
GUIDE: Converting stereo to 5.1 surround for FREE by UrsaMtl
Creating a Pseudo 5.1 Mix from Stereo Source Using V.I. (uses Sound Forge and Vegas) by videohelp.com forum user guns1inger]

Steinberg Wavelab-based methods
GUIDE: Using Wavelab to create 5.1 files by UrsaMtl
NEW ->GUIDE: WaveLab 5 - Stereo to 6.1 (V.I Suite) by Elektra999

Adobe Audition-based methods
GUIDE: Using Adobe Audition 1.5 or 2.0 to create 5.1 files by UrsaMtl
Adobe Audition My Chosen Method by tlavell
CCE settings by soundz
Stereo to 5.1 AC3 by SurroundBoy and Amnon82
Stereo to 5.1 Surround (NEW METHOD) by DSP8000
My Guide For Stereo to 5.1 by SurroundBoy
Update to SurroundBoy's method by SurroundBoy
5.1 Surround Method for Motown Fans (Using Acapella & Instrumental sources) by SurroundBoy

GraphEdit/DirectX-based methods
Encode 5.1 Wav with Creative DTS NEO 6 in Graphedit by fat0n3s and wonderbra.
Guide: 2- to 5-channel upmix using Dolby Pro Logic II by Bleo
Guide: Stereo to 5.1 upmix using DPLII (2nd Ed.) by Joshbm.

Ambisonics-based methods for real B-format files
Decoding B-format in Nuendo by UrsaMtl.

Stereo-to-surround methods using Ambisonics plugins on non-Ambisonic material
Ambisonic Bidule layout using Panorama VST encoder by Kempfand
Bidule layout using 3_B-Pan and 3rd_order VST plugins by Specise_8472
TrapVector's Guide to switching 2.0 songs to 5.1 by Trapvector
A Guide for Ambisonic processing using CoolEdit and Aurora by Eye of Horus
Bidule groups based on 3rd-Order Ambisonics by Kempfand
All-in-one VST with Ambisonic surrounds and Center by Specise_8472

Ambiophonics-based methods
Ambiophonics by Specise_8472
Ambiophonics version 1.5 by Specise_8472
Circle Surround II to Neo6 by Specise_8472

Miscellaneous methods
LCR Upmix Bidules by Kempfand
SAD5.1 Bidule by Eye of Horus and Kempfand
Mono-to-Stereo by Specise_8472
Voice Center, Voice-Non Center or Instrumental, & Instrumental bidules by Eye of Horus and Kempfand

List history
The original version of this list was proposed by Ursamtl on July 1, 2004 and then co-compiled by Ursamtl and Eye of Horus. The list was updated and put in a new "sticky" thread with moderator approval on October 12, 2004. Updates and categorizations were requested by moderators on October 13-14.

Additions or changes to the list
If you have any questions or comments about specific methods, please post in the forum related to the method. Send any additions, changes or comments concerning this list in a private message or email to UrsaMtl.

For a discussion of this guide list, you can also post in the following thread:

Additions and comments on "GUIDE LIST: Stereo-to-surround Conversion.."

Because the system does not display an unread message icon when an existing message is updated, I'll post a message at the end of the thread whenever there are updates to the list. When it's time to update again, I'll delete the existing update message, and post a new one. I'll also place a "NEW" or "UPDATED" beside an affected items in a different color.

This way, you'll always be aware when there are changes to the list.

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Additional resources
To help improve your surround experiments, the following is a list of additional software tools and surround-related information free on the internet.

Related threads and posts in the Doom9 Audio Encoding forum
Simulate Hardware Stereo to Quadraphonic
Does it make sense to convert a stereo audio track of a movie to surround?
Determining channel order and output monitoring on Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS systems
Guide: Transcoding DTS files in Foobar2000 by Kurtnoise13
Confirmation that SurCode outputs 24-bit files
Stereo to AC3 5.1?
DTS NEO:6 upmixing / Audigy 2
5.1 Surround and 6 channel Gain groups for Plogue Bidule by Joshbm
Update to 5.1 Surround Bidule group by Joshbm
Upsampling before converting stereo to surround?
Prologic II to AC3 conversion? Prologic II to AC3 conversion?
SixWAVE to AC3 by Amnon82
UHJ and Ambisonic equations suited for Dolby Pro Logic material by Sycho
Preliminary version of Cool Edit/Aurora Ambisonics method by Eye of Horus
Best ways to encode output by Eye of Horus
Rear surround reverb suggestions??? 1
Rear surround reverb suggestions??? 2
mono to stereo to 5.1....possible?
DTS surround?
Taking CD tracks and converting to 5.1 audio by Trooper11
SAD5.1 Bidule
from single 6-WAV file direct to prologic?
upmixing mono to 5.1
Simple 5.1>WXYZ>5.1 using AC3 Filter
5.1 to WXYZ and Back
The Dolby Surround Pro Logic II Matrix
2 Channel Stereo WAV file to AC3 5.1 Dolby Digital?
Dolby Surround / Prologic / Prologic II

Real B-format recordings
Tremendous bittorrent-based resource for real ambisonic recordings. Note: these are not really "bootleg" recordings but rather they are personal B-format recordings shared by audio professionals.

DirectX-based Ambisonic decoders
[/COLOR]Wigware Ambisonic Decoder (WAD) DirectX Filter by Dr. Bruce Wiggins for ITU 5.1 and traditional layouts.

VST plugins
Wigware Ambisonic Decoder (WAD) VST plugins for 1st- and 2nd-order decoding by Dr. Bruce Wiggins for ITU 5.1 and traditional layouts.
2-2-3 Center Channel Generator VST Plugin
Circle Surround SRS VST in Bidule
K-v-R : VST DX AU Supporting Open Standard Audio Plugins
Commercial plugin SRS VST and link to an interesting French site

General Reading and Information
Barry Diament Audio articles
Imperfect Sound Forever
Steve Hoffman web site forums
Audio and Three-Dimensional Sound Links
Expert Forums from Gig, EQ, Keyboard, Surround Professional & MusicPlayer
You Are Surrounded
Surround Sound: Exploration of Multichannel Audio
The Recording Academy's Producers & Engineers Wing Recommendations For Surround Sound Production
AfterDawn.com: Forums: High resolution audio
Hydrogenaudio Forums

Impulse Reponses

Sursound mailing list
United States Patent: 5,594,800: Sound reproduction system having a matrix converter
Third-Order Ambisonic Decoder BDec3
First and Second Order Ambisonic Decoding Equations
Conversion between UHJ and B-format

Plogue Bidule - modular audio software that offers endless possibilities for connections, routings, etc. Truly an amazing program.
WaveWizard - excellent soundfile utility that simplifies many tasks
Tranzcode+ TranzGUI - effective decoding/splitting tool for multichannel WAV and DTS/DTSWAV files
BeLight - new up-to-date GUI for BeSweet
ASIO4ALL - ASIO Driver for WDM soundcards
KX Project - Free ASIO driver for most Soundblaster Live! and Audigy soundcards
ASIO2KS - ASIO driver for WDM soundcards
If you have any other good links to surround articles, information, software, etc., feel free to post them here or send them to UrsaMtl in a PM for inclusion in a list here.

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This message is to let all forum readers know that this thread has been updated as follows:

January 16, 2007This message will be deleted and a new one posted the next time an update is carried out. Previous update notices will be removed.
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looks good were did you find that at ? or were did you look that up at ?
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Doom9 rox
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stereo to 5.1 ac3

it easy way from nero wave editor nero v7.XXX.
just call any mp3 or wav file.
edit/ covert sample/ select 48000 and 5.1 channel.
save file ac3 format thats all.

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if you need the old VSt-Plugins collection mentioned in my old guide and the other stuff from Needfulthings take a look here

CYA Daphy

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Maybe somebody knows...
Where could I find algorithm "A real time audio upmixing method from stereo to 7.1 channel audio" ?
Discription of this algorithm in text and graphics.
Warm and fuzzy (white and fluffy)
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Not free. You can buy it here

First 2 pages are here:

You might be interested in PhD Thesis ~ Single sided (5.9 MB PDF) - JAR-Lab.com

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My apologies for the thread necro, but does anyone know if there is a method to use Harman Kardon's Logic 7 for upsampling to x.1?
Read Decomb's readmes and tutorials, the IVTC tutorial and the capture guide in order to learn about combing and how to deal with it.
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Can someone please advice if it's possible to accomplish the above using Nero? If yes, please suggest which version of Nero shall be required... thanks a lot in advance!
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@HaydenField000... it's possible to convert stereo to surround 5.1 via avisynth, using these filters (try them and choose one according to the results on your source):

UpAction() #action movies only
UpDialog() #dialogues mainly

Once you have a 5.1 converted track, you'll just have to encode it using your favourite encoder, for instance, NeroAAC.

Sample script:

video=colorbars(width = 704, height = 396, pixel_type = "yv12")

#using WAVSource for .wav audio files is reccomend
#you can use FFAudioSource as well

audioDub(video, audio)

UpDialog() #it converts to 5.1
Please note that upmix it's not like a real 5.1 audio track, due to potential unexpected behaviours, 'cause it uses filters to detect frequencies and create channels, so you might have a light echo in FL and FR channels during dialogues, when they are supposed to be mute in a real 5.1 track etc.
Unfortunately, there is no magic and I really wanted to upmix audio tracks back in the days, but in most cases it's not worth it and it's better to just make a Loudness correction (Normalization, EQ etc).

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